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  1. Can It be done? I would like to put the shaft in a G400 head. Thanks
  2. > @liveagua said: > Both are Taper from the factory, so you should be ok. > > Here is a great resource > https://www.golfworks.com/oem-shaft-replacement-guide/a/376/ That link does not work in Spain, but thanks anyway
  3. Hello there. I have the pulled shafts and the heads only so i have thought, why not? The problem is that I do not seem to find the information about the tip sizes, and i do not what to screw It up. According to Srixon web site the graphite shafts are 0.355 but i have not found info about the Cobra heads. Any help, please?
  4. I do. Weird enough but I do. Put the ball on top of a tee peg and It is a disaster. If you are like me, which 3 wood are you playing? Thanks
  5. I also think that the Baffler is noticeable heavier but ,to my surprise, my local shop "clubmaker" weighted my Baffler and my F7 3 wood (half an inch shorter with no extra weight) and said both were D1. Frankly, i do not know if i should trust him or not.
  6. > @Kingcat990 said: > Cleveland CBX Launcher This
  7. I am loving my F6 Baffler so much that I am considering buying another one. Either for a spare or for lofting down to 16 and use It as a 4 wood. The one i have now is set at 19. Or there is a Cobra 3 wood model that I should consider for It performs similar to the Baffler? Maybe f9 tour? Thanks
  8. > @Jeff58 said: > Do you have the Alta CB in S flex currently? Actually, I got the Alta in senior flex cut to 44 inches thinking that It would play like a regular. Added lead tape to the head but did not work. It is a noodle
  9. > @DaveMc82 said: > Where are you based? Madrid, Spain
  10. Hello there. I have to replace the shaft because It is too soft. I was thinking about ordering the stock Tour 65 which is 100€, but firstly I wanted to ask you if there is a better, cheaper option. Mid spin and Launch. Thanks
  11. Thanks everyone. I also think that the dude had no idea what he was talking about and all was BS, but I just wanted to ask the experts
  12. I went to the range the other day and there was a Callaway demo/fitting day. I overheard one of the fitters telling a costumer that you eventually have to replace shafts because they wear out/ loosen. He said 2 years for steel shafts and 5 years for graphite aprox. Is that any true? Thanks for the input
  13. Thanks everyone. I will also look at the G400 5 wood. Can be set to 16 degrees also.
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