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  1. Super stroke Traxion Pro 1.0, no taper. I like the counter balance on my putter.
  2. Congratulations on going out! Many things come to mind to advise. First, enjoy the time and don’t obsess over every detail. Second, smile at everything he does. Third, ice cream after the round. I wish I had followed this advice. Enjoy and have a good time.
  3. Add me to the impressed category. Love the effortless transition.
  4. I just received an email saying they have been shipped! Fed Ex shows delivery will be Wednesday of next week. Fingers crossed!
  5. Called to cancel my order and was told no cancelling, per their instructions, on personalized orders. Fortunately, I have a decent supply of other balls to draw from.
  6. My daughter is now too old to participate in YOC ?. It is agreat program, as has been mentioned before. I now give an annual contribution to help keep the program going in my area. It’s my way of giving back.
  7. I hope I get that option. Definitely the way to go.
  8. First, I know Titleist was closed down for a while due to COVID-19. I placed an order with Golf Galaxy during the buy 3 get one free on March 19, the date scheduled for receiving was April 29. Yes, I had two lines of personalization on each ball. I have made numerous calls to Golf Galaxy and have been told personalized orders have been put at the end of the line and it may be another 6 weeks before delivery will be made. Has anyone else experienced this situation?
  9. Have similar stories regarding my daughter and attitude from other golfers and club pros. Two stories stick out. The first, my daughter is 10 y.o. And Grandpa invites her to play in his money game with his friends, $.50 a hole. The group isn’t crazy to let her play so they have her play In the group behind them and report her scores at the end. She ran the table taking the entire pot. The next week they had her play in front of them so they could watch her play, she took most of the pot. Finally, they let her play with them and was accepted. I’ve never seen more mother hens, than these guys wh
  10. Just played a two man best ball tournament with 190+ entrants. Foursomes went out every 10 minutes. Total time for 18 holes was 3 hours 53 minutes. Pace of play was consistent, got to the tee and go. There may have been a few moments of waiting but nothing too bad. I was pleasantly surprised how smoothly it went.
  11. My father has one! Two forks going into the dog, bun on the back of the head.
  12. Salt Lake County golf courses have all closed until 3/30. Reassess the situation after this date.
  13. College events are cancelled. Was planning on watching my daughter next week, now we’ll have to wait until next season.
  14. She is indeed playing in the Purgatory Intercollegiate. It is a deep field, at least four top twenty teams participating ( all from a Indiana). I’ll be pulling for the orange and back of Indiana Tech.
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