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  1. Ordered these direct from TM back in April and finally got them. Delays are ridiculous right now. In the meantime decided to go in a different direction so these either need to go to a new home or back to TaylorMade. These irons are still backordered thru August I believe if you order directly from TM. Project X 6.0 (stiff flex) shafts and GolfPride ZGRIP in black and baby blue. Asking $1200 $1150 OBO and will ship quick via UPS.
  2. Costco has these bags that are made by Sun Mountain for $129.99 online and I believe they are $119.99 if in stock in your local warehouse (if you have one). https://www.costco.com/pebble-beach-cart-bag.product.100753452.html https://www.costco.com/pebble-beach-stand-bag.product.100753430.html
  3. I was just in Costco in KC North the other day and they had plenty of 3.2 balls.
  4. This putter has been used but babied. It's in excellent condition with just some minor brush marks on the sole that you'd see on any used Scotty. Asking $300 SOLD shipped. Not really looking for any trades right now but shoot me a PM with what you have...just never know what a hoe might be interested in lol.
  5. ZX7 irons weren't released until January, 2021 so it will be a long wait. I wouldn't expect new release until the end of 2022 at the earliest.
  6. If you've played both you should be able to tell which is which.
  7. It's easier when you have the two side-by-side. Another way to tell might be if it had any cuts from wedges. I don't recall 3.1 ever having that issue when I played it. I found the cheap plastic looking version to be very durable. Also, the text appears more crisp on the 3.2 and maybe more bold on the 3.1.
  8. There is a absolutely a way to tell. They have different covers. The 3.1 has a shiny plastic looking cover. Resembles other cheap urethane balls.
  9. The very first 4pc was the ball you're referring to but it wasn't recalled. Just disappeared.
  10. The only Kirkland ball that was trash was 4pc V2 and Costco admitted that refunded them because they were essentially defective. Both 3 pc balls are great balls for the majority of golfers out there.
  11. I may buy another double dozen to try, but in my case it wasn't just one ball in the bunch. It's every one that I have tried. I've only purchased one double dozen so it's possible there was a bad batch and I got some of those. Typically I'm happy if a ball makes it 18 holes. I feel like I got my money's worth on that one. Usually with a ProV1 if the drink, trees, or cart path doesn't get it first I can play it 36+ holes easily.
  12. When I'm not playing ProV1 the next best thing for me is the most recent Vice Pro. I've had great luck with durability and it's hard for me to tell a huge difference between it and the ProV1.
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