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  1. Yep, that is something I've gone into detail in this thread about. I posted a comparison about how the v2 3pc isn't as durable as the v1 3pc. My one year old wedges that have been heavily used cut into the cover pretty quickly.
  2. Yeah that's the crazy part...they claimed false advertising by Costco right? I don't recall Costco ever advertising anything with the ball mentioning Titleist or anything.
  3. Did Titleist not initially file the patent suit? Or maybe that doesn't require a lawsuit. "Five months after Costco filed a lawsuit against Acushnet Holdings Corp., maker of Titleist balls, seeking a judgment that its popular Kirkland-brand balls did not violate Titleist patents"
  4. Did they sue or counter sue? My brain is fuzzy on that...and there was a lot of speculation too.
  5. I'll take a stab at it. Costco produces a 4 piece urethane ball, prices it at 2 for $29.99. Immediately becomes a success with reviews saying it's comparable with a ProV1. Ball sells out every time it gets stocked even with Costco limiting purchases to two per customer. Some sort of lawsuit is filed by a big ball company...4 piece disappears. Costco comes out with a 3 piece urethane ball at 2 for $24.99. Internet determines it's a good ball for the average golfer but it's no 4 piece OG Kirkland. Consensus seems to be you lose distance off the tee mostly and it spins a lot. Costco tries to release 4 piece v2.0. It was a disaster and the cover would cut/tear after minimal use. It was so bad that Costco refunded all purchases and told buyers there was no need to return the balls. Costco releases another 3 piece (V2.0) urethane ball. Similar to the original 3 piece but different type of urethane cover. Still not the 4 piece OG we impatiently wait for. This thread is still alive because we continue to impatiently wait for the unicorn 4 piece urethane Kirkland Signature golf ball for $15 per dozen.
  6. Interesting. Check out my post where I tested the durability. One was a V1 and one was a V2 and both have the same markings but clearly different covers.
  7. The one on the right in the pic is the 1st version and the one on the left is the 2nd version.
  8. I have both balls and I'm almost wondering if a change in font or even making the font on the side stamp a little bolder would count as a change. They do look different in that regard.
  9. https://www.titleist.com/teamtitleist/b/tourblog/posts/how-to-tell-which-year-your-titleist-golf-ball-is-from
  10. Yes, they change the side stamp every single release (once every 2 years). Have you never noticed how the arrows are different on random ProV1s you find?
  11. ZX series irons came out in January 2021 and they have always been a once every two year release. I think the Z Forged is due for a new release, though, but haven't really heard anything so maybe not.
  12. I ship fast. Let me know if you have any questions or want to see additional pics. Not looking for anything specific in trade but it doesn't hurt to shoot me a PM in case something might pique my interest. First up, Christmas release covers from Hatch Golf: Sealed Buddy and Jovie (from the movie Elf) - Asking $120 shipped each or $225 if you want both. One cover from SWAG: Lightly Gamed SWAG Silver Bullet Concentric - $OLD 85 shipped
  13. Yes. I actually pre-ordered one and used it for a while and sold it. I was frustrated with the putts not being accurate mostly. Once they enabled the strokes gained stuff I wanted to try it again so I bought one off here and have loved the strokes gained addition. It made a big difference for me. I also learned to just tap my putter tag to the watch before as I'm lining up my putt and it's been better but GPS is still not reliable enough to really get great accuracy on the distance of putts. Hopefully that eventually comes if those L5 satellites ever go live. I still find the putting strokes gained stats extremely useful.
  14. Wow, I've had good experiences with Stitch in the past but this is definitely a bad look. If you're still looking for a cool golf bag I'd encourage you to check out MNML Golf. I had the V1 Stitch bag and ended up switching to MNML and love it!
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