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  1. Every time I go to my Costco in KC North they have loads of balls, wedges, putters and gloves.
  2. A couple things to sell tonight. I ship fast and use UPS to avoid USPS delays and such. I don't ask for anything extra east or west of the Mississippi. Shipping and PayPal fees included in the price. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to see additional pictures. First up, Shot Scope V3 GPS watch with black band in great shape. Includes all 16 tags, charger and original box. Looking for $OLD shipped. Next up is a Tour Issue Callaway X Hot Pro (TC serial) with Graphite Design Tour AD DI 85x shaft. Club has been heavily gamed and has the wear
  3. I hit a few full wedge shots with one in the first 3 holes I played with a ball and it was scuffed. No cart path or anything. That's where my comparison comes from. It's not anywhere near as bad as 4pc V2...just not as good as I found the V1 3pc to be in terms of durability.
  4. Unfortunately, in my experience, the cover has worse durability than V1. Closer to the failed 4 piece V2 than the V1.
  5. I remember people always complaining about how "cheap" V1 looks and it turns out that cheapness seems to make it more durable. V2 has not been durable at all for me. Almost like the failed 4 piece relaunch but not on that level where they are cracking or anything. A few full wedge shots have scuffed the covers for me.
  6. Click that follow button on this thread to receive alerts when people post here...probably the best source for Costco golf ball news haha
  7. I hope you’re wrong because I ordered the quarter zip I will also note I get emails from proozy.com and they have been selling a lot of TM stuff for cheap.
  8. I've never seen TM at the KC warehouses. Only Greg Norman...meh
  9. Does the ZXU launch a lot higher for you? I've tried a number of 4 iron (U45, U85, etc) replacements and they always launch too high for me.
  10. They also have some Travis Mathew apparel. They need to put "golf" in this listings. That's usually what I type and TM never came up.
  11. From my experience I'd say if you need higher launch then the ZX5 should be a consideration. That seemed to be the biggest difference for me...I hit some 6 irons with certain shafts where the ball traveled off the screen (the ball flight line from Trackman) lol.
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