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  1. What exactly should we talking about? We've covered about every Costco product in this thread. Once the 4 pc comes out again it will go nuts again.
  2. I have a M5 3W and it takes the standard tool.
  3. Just FYI - it's against PayPal terms to have buyers pay the sellers fee. Just need to build it into your price.
  4. TaylorMade SiM Max 3 hybrid in good shape. Shaft is Ventus Blue 7S (stiff flex) and grip is MCC Plus 4 (black and orange). Includes headcover. Looking for SOLD $120 OBO shipped. Stitch Leather Headcover Set includes driver, 3W and hybrid/utility covers. Not looking to separate at this time. I've had these a few years and used off and on. The 3W cover has had the most use and has a small crack above the white stripe but I had to look hard to notice it. Covers are in good used condition. These retail for $78 each I believe so I'm looking to get $105 shipped for the set.
  5. I think the issue is too much backspin which leads to shorter shots especially with driver.
  6. Great combo with the shaft and head. I got fitted for these in the winter and have been playing them all year. Excellent setup! GLWS
  7. They do the same thing with their most wanted clubs. The winning club has a strokes gained of like +.15 or something and there isn't even a full stroke between any of the clubs.
  8. I'm going to go with no. While those are a certain cost for all clothes I believe they only cover like 5 lbs. They have an option to buy additional shipping. I hate the way they do shipping...screws the buyer when you're trying to buy one item.
  9. This is what I always do as well. Sucks to pay the fee but it's worth the piece of mind.
  10. Yep...right in line with what a lot of people have been saying about it. Great ball for the right person but not a great ball for most people. Hopefully the new 4 pc will be the ball for the rest of us (less spin and comparable distance to ProV1).
  11. Lenexa Costco in KC area had full pallets of all golf related stuff.
  12. I dislike the word mint with golf listings...one person's definition of mint can be different from another's but that shaft shouldn't fit anyone's description of mint.
  13. Are they still advertising that 30cm accuracy? I was thinking they took it out but that definitely pissed me off when I did the early preorder expecting better accuracy. They didn't even include an asterisk or anything to note that it required satellites that wouldn't be fully functional for years.
  14. Club is in great shape with clean crown. There is a minor paint chip right above the "FWY 3-4" label on the bottom/side but it is not visible at address. I do not have the head cover but can include a wrench if you need one. Grip is MCC+4 and in great shape as well. Looking for $125 OBO shipped.
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