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  1. That's strange. It's probably the highest spinning ball out there. Maybe you were having an off day or something else contributed to that. Here is the snippet about the ball from the huge test at MGS: Kirkland Performance+ V2 Always a curiosity because of its price point, the Kirkland Performance+ V2 was surprisingly consistent but easily qualifies as the spiniest ball in the test. It’s an inexpensive though decidedly niche offering. Golfers often want more spin but probably not this much.
  2. For those that got the Kings Brand combo, just curious how you used the combo? I got both and I've read on their site to wait 30-45 mins after ice to use BFST but I've noticed lately my elbow will mostly feel fine then I'll use the BFST and I'll feel pain. Not sure if that's normal or what. Also, did anyone else experience some pain in their pinky finger along with golfers elbow?
  3. Are you talking to me? I'm not the one taking range balls and using them on water holes lol.
  4. First, a range ball is the worst ball you can use on the course no matter how bad of a player you are. Second, range balls still cost the course money and not sure about that place but courses don't typically drag water hazards for balls. How would they even do that? I've seen divers go in to water hazards here and those guys are the ones that find balls for the resale sites (assuming they pay the course to be able to dive on their property).
  5. But...you did steal their balls if you sent them to the watery grave.
  6. Don’t think it works that way. Poshmark shipping still only covers up to a certain size and weight doesn’t it?
  7. It's not really going to be accurate enough to do anything under 2 ft. I typically tap the tag to the watch on anything outside 2 ft and then I just don't worry about tap ins as I know they'll be recorded as 2 ft putts when I use pin collect.
  8. Yep, in auto mode you'll see the Pin Collect screen and when you get done putting right after you pick your ball up out of the hole you select how many times you used your putter. This would include off the green as it should get mapped to off the green and not count in your putting stats. But even in auto mode it doesn't end up picking up your putts all of the time so you may see a bunch of 2 ft putts. If you had 2 putts on one hole and they show up as both 2 ft putts when you're editing, that means the watch didn't pick up when you made a putting stroke. The easiest way I've found to ensure most putts get tagged is to literally tap the putter tag on the putter to the watch strap.
  9. https://support.shotscope.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001052678-What-is-Manual-Putt-mode-and-how-do-I-change-from-Automatic-putting-to-Manual-Putting- To record the position of a putt press the top right button (+) whilst standing above your ball before each putt. Continue this process until you have holed your ball. A maximum of 4 putts can be recorded. Before removing your ball from the hole you would stand over the hole and press the bottom right button (Pin icon) to record the pin location on that hole.
  10. In theory auto mode should detect the putt but it doesn't work well for me all the time. So I just try to remember to tap the putter sensor on the watch right before I putt.
  11. I haven't used manual mode in a long time but I think that's right. You're basically tapping the button every time you putt right? I'd recommend just trying auto putt and remembering to actually tap the putter tag to the watch before each putt. Easier for me to remember that rather than actually pressing a button each time.
  12. I'll say if you weren't hitting the Pin Collect button then that is probably why it would show shots on other holes. Basically that Pin Collect ends that hole and moves to the next.
  13. I may be mistaken but I believe the V3 can also run both bands...it's just that one of them isn't really working so there's no signal for it to pull?
  14. I don't understand what the question is? It's advertised as a fairwood head only and that's what is in the pictures.
  15. What exactly should we talking about? We've covered about every Costco product in this thread. Once the 4 pc comes out again it will go nuts again.
  16. I have a M5 3W and it takes the standard tool.
  17. Just FYI - it's against PayPal terms to have buyers pay the sellers fee. Just need to build it into your price.
  18. TaylorMade SiM Max 3 hybrid in good shape. Shaft is Ventus Blue 7S (stiff flex) and grip is MCC Plus 4 (black and orange). Includes headcover. Looking for SOLD $120 OBO shipped. Stitch Leather Headcover Set includes driver, 3W and hybrid/utility covers. Not looking to separate at this time. I've had these a few years and used off and on. The 3W cover has had the most use and has a small crack above the white stripe but I had to look hard to notice it. Covers are in good used condition. These retail for $78 each I believe so I'm looking to get $105 shipped for the set.
  19. I think the issue is too much backspin which leads to shorter shots especially with driver.
  20. Great combo with the shaft and head. I got fitted for these in the winter and have been playing them all year. Excellent setup! GLWS
  21. They do the same thing with their most wanted clubs. The winning club has a strokes gained of like +.15 or something and there isn't even a full stroke between any of the clubs.
  22. I'm going to go with no. While those are a certain cost for all clothes I believe they only cover like 5 lbs. They have an option to buy additional shipping. I hate the way they do shipping...screws the buyer when you're trying to buy one item.
  23. This is what I always do as well. Sucks to pay the fee but it's worth the piece of mind.
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