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  1. He said that the Instagram account is run by him when he separated himself from Andrew Fischer, and he cussed me out over Instagram message. I received payment from George Gankas in PayPal within a minute of IG messaging him my email for PayPal. I'm quite confident that it was the real George who cussed me out.
  2. So you blocked him but you're still viewing his videos from a friend's account...no offense, but it sounds like a bad breakup. Time to move on. There's no apology coming, and there are plenty of online swing coaches in the sea. Lol. It does. I think we both have each other blocked. I don't care much about the apology nor will I ever give him my business again, but I was stating that to show that he is probably not truly sorry for how his business has been run and is just making this post to save face.
  3. ^He made an Instagram video stating so. I viewed this from a friend's account since I have him blocked after he cussed me out through personal message. Andrew Fischer is a total snake, but George's past actions don't show him in a much better light in my opinion. If he is truly turning over a new leaf and creating a page without deception, that is great. Although I have my doubts, as he hasn't reached out to me yet to apologize for his actions towards me (he has me email address, so he has a way of reaching me).
  4. Judging by the few mins I have seen of him teaching, the d word you mention would be my guess. The guy comes off a bit phony IMO and uses big words to seem impressive. OP why did you post it twice? Can't you delete one? I wasn't familiar with the posting procedure when I made the posts in different forum sections. They are merged now
  5. UPDATE: I received $36 back from the credit card dispute and I have paid George $36, as we had already agreed on $54 as the amount to settle the issue
  6. I ended up getting $54 back, but not without the pleasure of getting cussed out by George himself through Instagram PM
  7. I will not be closing this thread. The eventual resolution doesn't change the facts that he (and others behind ggswingtips) are deceiving people, are very difficult to deal with, and that George himself profanely berated a dissatisfied customer. Believe it or not, I didn't expect to receive any money back when I made this post, and I made it solely with the intention of warning others (although it was a nice surprise to have it resolved). Removing this thread would be very selfish and would defeat my purpose in creating it.
  8. He also sent me money over PayPal and sent screenshots, so unless there is a fake PayPal account in his name, the Instagram account is almost certainly operated by him
  9. You do realize, don't you, that your common sense approach to things is what will eventually get you in trouble....... Just kidding. You speak truths that most people wish to disregard. LOL. I thought you were crazy before I read the JK
  10. I totally agree. I failed to do the first 2 things you suggested. Would have definitely saved me some trouble. Hopefully this can reach many people so that others don't fall into the same trap.
  11. My experience with supporting evidence (and especially the IG comments he made to me today: pm me for details) leaves me very confident that George is low class and dishonest. I can't validate the frequency of this behavior, but judging by the flood of private messages from people who had a similar experience, I think it is a pretty consistent pattern. I try to be as objective as possible and give credit where it is due. I think that George is very knowledgeable about the golf swing and has a lot of amazing players under him. But his character on the other hand.... Don't consider anything ot
  12. Also, have you seen George act in a difficult situation or one where he had to chose between his best interest and that of others. Almost anyone can be nice to hang out with, but I think how someone acts in the face of difficulty or conflict of interest is more reflective of their true colors. Just food for thought
  13. Thanks for sharing yours! I'm sure that under different circumstances, I would think George is a great guy. I'm glad you had that experience with him. My experience paints a very different picture, but it's good to have people like you who respectfully state their different point of view so that readers will get the full picture rather than just one person's opinion.
  14. Ever? Come on. But, this episode should be a case study. Why they wouldn't just give you back the $54 at the beginning is beyond me. To let the situation degrade like this is just pure incompetence. I haven't had a lot of negative confrontations and my use of EVER is no exaggeration. I will happily provide specifics on the conversation if you send me a PM
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