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  1. to me, blades are the ultimate gi irons. you get all the feedback you need on bad swings, and that will require you to practice to make better swing, wheres as the real gi clubs just band aid a bad swing.. imho
  2. How much larger heel to toe were they then the baby blades? Miura says they're the "longest blade" they've made but I'm hoping they're still relatively compact. Anything else you can compare them to? I play BBs, and I've hit these. They are definitely a little longer heel to toe than the BBs, but not a lot. They play very much like a typical blade, set up small behind the ball. One thing I didn't like about them was the very thin topline; I like how the baby blades have a bit of a thicker topline than these. Thanks! I bit the bullet and ordered some heads.... will post my thoughts after I get them. just wondering where you were able to just purchase heads
  3. Fat blades need love too. Funniest comment yet
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