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  1. I love this tournament... and if u get sick of Arnie tributes then get off wrx...
  2. FYI, Bryson’s “new” body is almost identical to Nicklaus in the mid 60s... It’s a fantastic build for hammering the ball if u can maintain flexibility... ‘jack often talks about losing 20-30 yards in 71 when he lost 35 lbs Bryson’s build is currently jack circa 1965...and I’m 100% on board
  3. Doug sanders... 20 pga tour wins 13 top 5 finishes in majors 4 2nd places in majors... he was an absolute gamer....won canadian open as an amateur and his swing was allen doylesque.... yet he won 20 pga tournaments....
  4. Neimann is my favorite swing since Johnny Miller i can’t wait till he starts winning and takes his rightful spot in the the top 10... His reverse C is a work of art
  5. His 4th at the 2020 PGA and win at the 2020 US Open makes me think his game is doing ok... Currently 9 human beings on a planet populated by over 7 billion people are ranked higher than him...think about that...9 people on the entire earth.... it’s astonishing how flippant the wrx community is with great play... -chris
  6. great post...trevino, btw joined the marines at 17 and didn’t officially become a pga pro until he was 28 if memory serves -chris
  7. JB Holmes and finau have an amazing ability to generate speed from a not-parallel backswing... They are all time imho at this profoundly rare skill love both their driver swings btw... -chris
  8. Jack 1975-79 he made a small change to his chipping to lock his leading arm after watching a young Spaniard names Seve.. Jack has often credited Seves wrist “lock” style around the greens with a few of jacks later majors.... anyhow, when jack decided to focus on his short game from 75-80, it really wasn’t a fair fight...it was glorious sorry for the odd order but I am not very skilled with the new wrx site
  9. Tiger wearing a badge is all time awesome... great pics -chris
  10. 1977 masters... watson held off Nicklaus who was absolutely on his heels... Watson would hold off Nicklaus [and miller] again in 1981..Miller should’ve won 81 by 10 shots if he could’ve made a single putt Friday or Saturday...81 masters still too painful for me to post ha anyhow, im glad everyone got the note in 77 to wear brown/rust/orange for at least one day dang, watsons swing was so effing cool...so was crenshaws
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