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  1. FWIW Adrian Meronck can play… -chris
  2. I shoot low 60s, high 50s… guess it’s back to trying to break 100 -chris
  3. i used to love watching tiger and Steve Williams putt and chip over and over again to a [seemingly] random placed tee from every conceivable spot…sand, gathering area and every manner of putting locale… they are given a general idea of where the pins will be but when u have played Torrey and won a gazillion times u get to know the “general’ idea.. It was very cool…. he did the same at Firestone…most other haunts he did the usual putting and chipping to a spot… also, no one ever called out tiger or jack for being meticulous….nor did they ever call out Gr
  4. U don’t have to be “big” to be great…period It helps in some sports but is not necessary in other sports imho -chris
  5. I’ve read every post…and would love to see them paired… but let’s be honest…we are golfers We are more like one than the other
  6. 50 years ago, Trevino won the US Open in an 18 hole playoff against Jack….but that’s just part of the story from that time…. From 1970-1972, Lee Trevino and Jack Nicklaus won 7 of 12 Majors. Here’s a glimpse into the 2 man race that was the PGA Tour circa 70-72
  7. I like picking 1 person…though rarely correct it should be noted Ancers putting is ridiculous on fast greens… -chris
  8. chambers bay deserves another shot imho now that it’s grown in -chris
  9. Ryo Ishikawa qualified from the Ibaraki section….can’t wait to see his swing again in a major… Ancer is who I think wins -chris
  10. luke was an amazing player…while I only discussed his sand game, it could’ve been argued that his iron play was unmatched as well for a time… he was fantastic.. -chris
  11. it was really amazing he lived after having been mauled by a plane propeller…. Lost an arm [at the elbow I think] But he was an Australian hero imho and received the medal of the order of Australia for his golf contributions pre and post accident.l he was a shooting star on the pro golf scene and still made huge contributions to the game after his pro career ended… hate that he’s largely forgotten outside of the Aussie golf world… But to beat Nicklaus, Graham, oosterhuis, Miller and trevino at an open then lose by a single shot in a playoff
  12. Aussie legend Jack Newton is often forgotten… he dang near won the 75 open but lost to watson in an epic 18 hole playoff… he did beat Nicklaus and Miller(who would win the next year) at the height of their power… And he was again runner up to Seve in the 80 masters…granted Seve’s win was a runaway
  13. I enjoy the mixed doubles format. wish they would do a male/female team event… id watch that -chris
  14. rule of thumb in life: never run from legal proceedings no matter his initial innocence or guilt, Cabrerra’s subsequent behavior [and flight] has created a huge series of legal hurdles… he will likely spend time in jail for fleeing….let alone the charges which initiated this whole nightmare -chris
  15. the reverse c was more about a big hip turn and MASSIVE weight shifting… footwork was of paramount import…jack and Monty would often “bounce” back to their back foot as a reflex from the weight shift and completion of swing… johnny Miller and Greg norman had the most aggressive reverse c swings which saw zero weight on their right leg after impact which often saw their right foot glide forward and their left foot, taxed by torque and weight, would slide open… look at Johnny’s foot work….it’s marvelous
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