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  1. I love fajitas(Tex mex style) and if you don’t like milkshakes then I don’t know what to tell ya
  2. Christosterone

    Bad look

    little known is that dolly wrote this to him when she quit porter’s show...
  3. Christosterone

    Bad look

    his open championship outfits when he used to let the public vote on clothes were beyond awesome... these pants were my favorite....the stitched jug on the pant leg is epic
  4. Christosterone

    Bad look

    I like the days when the socks matched the outfit...
  5. If Bryson wins, he needs to embrace the troll life... serve protein shakes at the champions dinner... I would become his biggest fan -chris
  6. I love the masters.... Especially with Johnny, Weiskopf and Nicklaus battling for the green jacket...
  7. fly to Augusta on your own plane and have your new Cadillac shipped to the airport and drive it up magnolia lane... arnie was a straight up badass....
  8. Rickies swing in 2011 was my favorite... the match he played against Phil at dove mountain was spectacular... rickie was awesome with a fluid swing...like this -Chris
  9. Vijay Singh did it in the early 2000s for almost 6 straight years became number 1 in the world and won over $10M in a single year -Chris
  10. Bryson birdied 7 of his first 10 holes...wow Wow wow -chris
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