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  1. Peter Oosterhuis he was incredible in ryder cup… u don’t have Jacklin pick u for a partner in the early 70s unless u are awesome… check out the wikipedia summary of his Ryder cup below…it’s bananas
  2. 1981 ryder cup nicklaus, Nelson, and trevino went 4-0-0 thats insane -chris
  3. ha, I love that we have similar sensibilities… Carl Anderson could also kill it….he would occasionally sing “heaven on their minds” as he became more of a popular star… I love the way Webber used odd syncopated melody over music, often at a different tempo… heaven on their minds was bananas and Carl killed it every time he sang it… -chris
  4. gethsemane in Webber’s original performed by Ted neeley blew my mind… I would forever become a fan of Tommy fleetwood if he came out to this ha… start the track at 2:30…Ted was a high alto with a range unequalled…I’ve seen this show on Broadway many times and Neely was literally god…
  5. The bass takes away from the vocals but this would be my entrance song…
  6. If bruce and Bryson play together I will give her $10k to play this song…. also, Rick roll every euro
  7. *** disclaimer: I’m not a teaching pro and many of y’all will notice my golfing vernacular is that of a lay person…but hopefully my point comes across although the iPad can’t understand my [hick] texas accent so grammatically this will be ugly *** I know I’ve talked about the reverse c all throughout this topic but why was it such a ubiquitous move for so very long??? Well, it was 2 fold. The first and most obvious reason is kids and tour players wanted to swing like jack… but why(other than the obvious) well, the reverse c offers 2 critical factors which affect the swing at impact position… the first is the long flat spot created by hanging back…this was more necessary than most wrx members can imagine because shafts were so very whippy when all physics came into the equation back in those days… in order to create conditions thru impact u had to hang back and wait(heck, hold on with all u could) before releasing…. Miller often brags that in copying jack his swing was faster after impact because his hold off dictated the conditions that led to this.. The second is that it allows u to lengthen or shorten the swing with little change to the lower body. The hips will always move so ur distance is simply a matter of length…and whether u hammer it or feather it, the hands never release before impact… hanging back allowed u to turn ur hips [which increased shoulder tune if needed]while still being able to square the face at impact… most of the hyper aggressive reverse c swings like Miller or Norman saw stacked feet, ridiculous shoulder turns and crazy [way] past impact release that would literally twist their left shoe free despite wearing metal spikes… ***bryson has adopted this left foot slide thru impact… anyhow, the hanging back and long flat spot allowed for a high ball flight and shafts in those days would kick much later/longer swinging like this rather than a swing like palmers that had to be timed perfectly… When shafts stiffened up in the late 80s and wound balls went away a decade later, the reverse c faded… here’s a montage of the man that made many of us swing like this way…which is how I always [tried to] swing…and never had so much as a back ache ————— monty or vijay saw the swing into the modern age and niemann may usher in a new reverse c era….it still is, imho, the most consistent way to have the face square/straight/repeatable at impact.. ————— Anyhow, here’s to ya jack…and obligatory Johnny pic to set the pics off because his shoulder turn and stacked weight was a nicklaus move he put on steroids SIDENOTE: Seve said he watched Johnny hit more drivers before their sunday round at birkdale in 76 than seve hit on the range…he said it was the coolest swing he ever saw but this is a post about jack and why he did what he did…it was glorious…and the consistency in form is insane…this is how all the great reverse c swings were It’s crazy that u could lay a silhouette of Jack’s 1966 swing over his 1982 swing and they are indistinguishable…. **again, Sorry for grammatical errors…im not editing my “essay” -chris
  8. 1975 PGA Championship at Firestone After breaking Weiskopfs [and millers] heart at Augusta, Jack did it again… jack wasn’t going to lose in his home state of Ohio… this may have been the absolute height of his power… poor crampton finished 2nd to Jack in 3 majors in 3 years if memory serves… dang jack was on fire… -chris
  9. Told y’all Mito Pereira was good -chris
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