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  1. My wife is an MD and when I asked her about Tiger Woods returning to golf she gave this breakdown: ”Return from where?” I think that tells us everything.. close the thread…all our medical mysteries are solved -chris
  2. the old folks tiger wagon…. or as the Germans say, “volks” Volkspanzerwagen -chris
  3. Chuck Berrys reaction to yokos “singing” is awesome…
  4. Lee Trevino also sang…
  5. flew his own plane to Augusta, had a brand new 73(I think) Cadillac waiting at the airport to drive to magnolia lane like a boss! that pic can’t be posted enough -chris
  6. As for bags, the GOAT is Doug Sanders… when your bag matches your outfit on the day, you win..
  7. Joaquin Niemann has my favorite swing since Colin Montgomerie… He swings it like Miller and Jacklin…coolest move on tour As I’ve said so many times on WRX, he will be the become the best player in the world and world #1…imho -chris
  8. Why do they insist on spelling it wrong…it’s spelled with an “S”
  9. Go NIEMANN!! hope he’s in the mix on the weekend
  10. Jason Day and Joaquin Niemann paired together… would love to follow that group… -chris
  11. Mandatory military service hurt Bae Sang-Moon’s game… It will likely hurt Kim Si-Woo and IM Sung-Jae’s game… But this service is a societal imperitive… The North Koreans, especially when aided by Mao’s Red Army, were [and remain] a worthy foe. MacArthurs master stroke landing at Inchon(Seoul) notwithstanding… but I digress Without mandatory military service, the South’s defeat would be a fait accompli. And without a vast military and somewhere north of 33-50k US and Allied auxiliary forces, North Korea would invade… The bloodlust of the North is insatiable and they remain a highly lethal force despite the plight of The PRK’s citizenry. So while we in the West find it somewhat archaic to require military service, the necessity exists for South Korea to show force in perpetuity to keep the PRK’s forces in stasis. I feel for Bae Moon-Sang, Kim Si-Woo and IM Sung-Jae…..but it is their duty to protect their people and they would consider it dishonorable to shirk such an important task. -chris
  12. Phils swing is timeless…and every bit as beautifully violent as bobby jones -chris
  13. 1984 Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass Freddie was paired with Seve on Sunday and beat him by 3 to win…at age 24 Pretty amazing…. trevino shot a 76 on Thursday and still dang near won… great tourney and lots of players who go on to be commentators on tv had excellent weeks… freddies 120 degree shoulder turn was and still is bananas hus follow thru is maybe the coolest…well, second to Monty…but Freddie’s is awesome too -chris
  14. hes doing really well imho figured he wouldn’t do this well gotta hand it to him https://dknation.draftkings.com/2021/9/29/22700172/bryson-dechambeau-long-drive-tournament-live-stream-start-time-date-how-to-watch-tv-round-of-64 -chris
  15. No one will ever be as good as Johnny…
  16. American colleges are full of brilliant european players… the world amateur rankings are full of euros.. I wouldn’t start re-imagining the Ryder Cup just yet… -chris
  17. Peter Oosterhuis he was incredible in ryder cup… u don’t have Jacklin pick u for a partner in the early 70s unless u are awesome… check out the wikipedia summary of his Ryder cup below…it’s bananas
  18. 1981 ryder cup nicklaus, Nelson, and trevino went 4-0-0 thats insane -chris
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