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  1. [quote name='Noyes26' timestamp='1377703246' post='7759193'] So you didn't say - "My feedback is solid so when I am committed, I am." "As I said I am committed to buying your irons and won't back out" Sorry man thats not right. I can honestly say I would have been a buyer on this driver too but can't bring myself to do it now. [/quote] that's fine, but my feedback does speak for itself, this was just a deal that didn't work out. I had a buyer for my irons who backed out, which left me hanging, but i wasn't going to raise a stink about it, like the thread that was created, because we all know on this board it's first come fist server. Had he said he had another buyer, i would have told him to take the deal since i didn't have the funds at the time.
  2. [quote name='mullidan' timestamp='1377700895' post='7758893'] Oh snap, are we about to see a fight?? !!!! punctuation !?!.,'" !!! [/quote] no fight, i kept in constant communication, as i told him i had to sell my irons first to get his, and as it turned out my Irons didn't sell for what he wanted for his set. So if everyone wants to make a big stink out this, go for it.....
  3. Price Drop - Nike Covert VRS Tour Head only, with adapter and matching HC Head only 165.00
  4. 1. Mint Bettinardi BB34 - 34" with Red/White Super Stroke Grip. Could easily pass as new. Traded 2. Assorted Putter Head Covers. Selling as a bundle. 75.00
  5. Titleist 913 FD 13.5 Head . No Chips or Dings, used 1 round and a few driving range sessions. Comes with Matching HC and Adapter. 165.00
  6. 1. Cobra Amp Cell Pro Forged 4-PW KBS 90 Regular shafts. 3-6 Cavity Back, 7-Pw Musclebacks. Sweet set-up, and very smooth hitting irons. 5 iron measure 37.50. Loft and Lie are Standard. Grips are midsize MULTI COMPOUND WHITE GRIPS. 550.00 Heads Only - 450.00 2. 4 TM 1.5 R11-R11S-R9-RBZ driver and 3 wood Adapters. 3 are 1.5 and 1 is 1.0 All 4 for 60.00 3. Mint Cleveland Classic Blade Putter. 33" with a Super Stroke 5.5 Grip and White Cleveland HC. 75.00
  7. Mint Cobra Amp Cell Red Driver, Fuji Fuel 60 Stiff plays 44 1/2. No HC or Wrench.Adjustable loft model. 140.00 2. Ping TOUR S 52-58 TS-64 Wedge Set Black Dot. These are heads only. Takes .355 Taper Shafts. gone
  8. Mint Callaway Razr x Muscleback 3-Pw heads. Take .355 Taper Tip Shafts. 425.00
  9. 1;. New Nike Covert Tour Driver with KK Reg Flex Shaft-HC-Wrench included. 400.00/obo
  10. Mint Nike Covert Tour Driver with AD DI 6s plays 44.75. Comes with Matching HC, no Wrench. 500.00
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