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  1. Looking at ordering some “traditional” style clothes. I love the footjoy look, but historically their shirts are huge!!! I’m 6’ 155 pounds, fairly slim with not a lot of muscle. How do their athletic fit clothes sizes compare to brands like adidas and Nike? I wear a medium in Nike Shirts and think maybe a small athletic fit will work in the footjoy. If you have any other brands you recommend for a good slim fit shirt that has at least three buttons (and a pocket if at all possible) let me know. Bonus points if the shirts have a “matte” finish (cotton?) and aren’t shiny like most synthetic materials.
  2. #5 trade is gone. Only tensi protoype and kura Kage left. Make me an offer. Open to cash or headcover trades.
  3. It was hard to get the laser engraved proto and serial, but the CK’s are proto’s with Boron on the tip. Here is the last picture of the Fujikura since the file was too large
  4. I have 5 shafts for sale or trade. All shafts have a Nike tip and lengths are from butt end to the end of the tip. The grips are worn so they will need to be replaced. Every shaft is in good condition but the Kura Kage has heavy scratching. The pictures are not the best, but I can always send more. These shafts are older so I may be off on my prices but I’m open to offers and trades. 2-Kura Kage X7-70 tx flex. $100 3-Tensi CK white 60 TX prototype $200 5-Fujikura Precursor Shiro x $100
  5. Do the RAD drivers have a welded face insert? Or do you use a different manufacturing technique in the drivers?
  6. Hey guys I have a very rare Nike vrs driver with the bonded hosel. We all know who gamed one of these ;) The club has hit maybe 50 balls. The head has some minor blemishes which I will capture with my camera. The shaft does have some big scratches. Head is around 11 degree and I have no clue what the length is, but Its least 44.5”. Shaft is a old school ion plated flower band Mitsubishi white board 73 stiff. I need something more forgiving. Looking to trade for a g400 max, g410 plus, or lst in great condition, Or the new cobra speedzone. Not looking to sell outright because I don’t know how to price it. Feel free and pm me any questions. edit: I Guess I overstated the value. This is the tour issue never released to public tiger woods model. Let’s lower the price to $200!
  7. Send it to slighter or someone similar. If you know a machinist they can do it on a drill press.
  8. http://www.usga.org/rules/equipment-rules.html#!rule-14620,non Please read the surface area roughness and grooves. If you read the rules as well you will notice that there are limits for depth of the surface treatment and limits to the surface roughness that they produce (the usga and manufacturers have equipment that test surface roughness). In short, the usga set limits into place so that most wedges will put similar spin on the ball in all condition. The groove limits also limited what a manufacturer can do to achieve more spins but different finishes, groove patterns, and the radius of grooves will affect the performance of wedges. FYI chrome wedges are “junk” when you add moisture. If anyone wants a more detailed answer you can send me a message. Ps: a rough face doesn’t effect a full shot much, but it’s everything on a short chip or a shot from wet rough. Edited to retract my incorrect info
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