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  1. Do the RAD drivers have a welded face insert? Or do you use a different manufacturing technique in the drivers?
  2. Hey guys I have a very rare Nike vrs driver with the bonded hosel. We all know who gamed one of these ;) The club has hit maybe 50 balls. The head has some minor blemishes which I will capture with my camera. The shaft does have some big scratches. Head is around 11 degree and I have no clue what the length is, but Its least 44.5”. Shaft is a old school ion plated flower band Mitsubishi white board 73 stiff. I need something more forgiving. Looking to trade for a g400 max, g410 plus, or lst in great condition, Or the new cobra speedzone. Not looking to sell outright because I don’t know how to
  3. Send it to slighter or someone similar. If you know a machinist they can do it on a drill press.
  4. http://www.usga.org/rules/equipment-rules.html#!rule-14620,non Please read the surface area roughness and grooves. If you read the rules as well you will notice that there are limits for depth of the surface treatment and limits to the surface roughness that they produce (the usga and manufacturers have equipment that test surface roughness). In short, the usga set limits into place so that most wedges will put similar spin on the ball in all condition. The groove limits also limited what a manufacturer can do to achieve more spins but different finishes, groove patterns, and the radius of gr
  5. Plus anytime you bend a club stronger you will increase offset and vice versa when you bend it weaker.
  6. Tollbros is correct. Sp is used because it is stronger and can hold up to the faster club head speed of tour players while producing a high CT. A production spec head will not hold up to the high ball speed of players like DJ and would likely crack. The faces aren’t any hotter, but they are more durable.
  7. mussgolf Nike vapor fly pro at 11.5- graphite design gp 7s 44” Handicap is Around 5 Right handed I would love to win this! As an ex-nike oven employee it would be awesome to see how the old competitors fit, get a tour of their headquarters, and maybe see their machine shop! Thanks for having this contest!
  8. Most of these post crack me up. Some guesses may be closer than other, but one day the truth will be revealed...until that day, I will keep my mouth shut.
  9. The club had to have been bent upright in order to crack that way, but everyone has missed what happened. The club probably had a bad bore. When you pull out the shaft you will notice that the bore was not centered and drilled at an angle. This will also cause the club to have less/more loft and be more upright/flat than it was designed. That's why often times you will see two identical production clubs on the rack that look different. One will have less offset than the identical model club. The adjustment is made before polishing is done, but it is hard to hide a very bad bore. A great polish
  10. What did you used to clean out the hosel? My guess is you didn't clean out the hosel all they way so they won't go in. Also make sure you clean out the inside tip portion of the shaft. If it's not clean out to let air escape the head will just pop off.
  11. I would like the range finder. I had one before and it was such a good practice tool. Sadly someone wanted it more than me and I have no clue who that someone is. The laser would really benefit me at my new course since I don't know how far anything is, plus the funds for golf purchases now buy diapers.
  12. He is not a player for sure. He may know a player or two, but a lot of the stuff he post is bogus.
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