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  1. I live close to St Andrews and there’s a good amount of snow left. I guess they let you play with a foot of snow on the ground.
  2. How could you play with so much snow still on the ground?
  3. Does a top-10 get you in the next event if the event is an opposite field event?
  4. I was reading this Golf Digest article on this week’s Puerto Rico Open and older players filling out the field. Where does a mid-ranked Korn Ferry Tour player rank in status compared to a PGA Tour player outside the top-125? A former PGA Tour player that has racked up enough career cuts will have more status in an opposite field event than someone on the Korn Ferry Tour? “Which raises a question: Shouldn’t these spots be used on Korn Ferry Tour players, a platform to showcase fledgling talent, instead of those no longer active? Sources associated with tournaments contend that that opportu
  5. Tiger has said he’s not interested. Golf is going to be painful to play for Tiger if he plays at all, cart on the Champions Tour or not. Why would he play for small purses, inferior competition, tournaments and majors that don’t count towards the numbers he cares about, and to play in pain?
  6. Pardon my crude drawing, but if you hit from A, ball ends up in muck or mud or some nasty spot in the penalty area but not in water B, because the ball didn’t cross over any area from A to B not in the penalty area, you can’t drop laterally at B, correct?
  7. Course conditions: one foot of snow and dropping
  8. So if you are hitting over water but the ball doesn’t cross the outside of the penalty area, you have to drop where the ball last entered even if the ball crossed land inside of the penalty area?
  9. Dan Hicks said Tiger was in surgery for the better part of 10 hours
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