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  1. I had someone cancel on me today. Anyone want to play with me today at Mt Prospect at 2:10? $20 plus cart.
  2. Rahm’s putt to eagle 18 and win in 2017? Phil asking for the pin to be taken out on 18 from 100 yards? Snedeker’s incredible round in the wind in 2016? Kyle Stanley puts one in the water on 18 in 2012 and lost a three stroke lead?
  3. But the tournament was an all-timer which is why Torrey got another US Open
  4. How was the 2008 US Open?
  5. Great news. Learn by experience, a good caddie, and being good at reading greens.
  6. Golf Channel is completely stripped down. They aren't risking anything. It sucks, but Golf Channel is a shell of itself as far as non-PGA Tour programming.
  7. People watch the PGA Tour currently for about 10-15 guys. Most viewers don't care about the rest. I can't see why it would be any different with the PGL/SGL.
  8. They had years to do that and it didn't work to the level that they wanted to continue with it. I liked Big Break, but it's not happening.
  9. Big Break was very expensive to produce and they can make more money showing old tournaments during the week. Feherty had a good run but he was running out of interesting guests.
  10. Primetime golf in today’s world gets crushed by most everything else. There’s better programming available.
  11. People only come to watch the stars. Viewers won’t know the difference between the 30th and 130th player in the world. That’s why the PGL is trying this.
  12. If you get 10-15 of the top 30 and fill the rest in with scrubs, it will work
  13. That’s probably what players and their agents are figuring out now. The PGL will have to compete for TV time with the PGA Tour and that’s only going to result in watered down exposure.
  14. The Masters has said that for now they are recognizing the current major golf tours and OWGR. It would be tough to keep out the top players if they aren’t awarded OWGR points and fall out of the top-50 in the PGL, but who knows. If the PGA Tour can keep players from playing X amount of European Tour events because they supposedly own PGA Tour players’ tv rights, who’s to say they wouldn’t try to keep players from playing in majors if they to play on the PGA Tour and PGL. This is not just about the PGA Tour. The Tour has sponsorship agreements with many of the biggest American and n
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