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  1. Koepka just doesn't care anymore. He has some Reed in him - he needs to be the bad guy because that jacks him up and gives him something to play for. He likes to be the villain. I just wonder how that is going to work this week playing on a team. Take his most recent Golf Digest interview. Golf Digest could have made this question seem worse than it is by putting it at the front of the interview even if it was at the end of the actual conversation, but it's all we have to go off of. Your bag doesn’t look like the standard tour-player setup—no big logo and an eclectic mix of clubs from several companies, including one that doesn’t exist anymore. I’m not a guy that switches. Dustin [Johnson] says he doesn’t switch, but he switches the most out of anybody I’ve ever seen. You might not think it’s a switch, but he’ll have, like, five drivers with him for the week. He’s always switching putters, or a 3-iron and 5-wood combo. I still have a Nike 3-iron. That’s five years old. I still play an SM4 Vokey wedge. What are they on now? SM8? My putter has been in for a year and a half, but I’ve had the same model since 2008. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/brooks-koepka-poolside-interview-ryder-cup-masters A fairly benign question by Matthew Rudy gets turned around to be a potshot at DJ from Brooks. For what reason? Does this go back to the 2018 Ryder Cup fight that DJ and Brooks had? Do we know anything about that other than it happened? DJ switches his putter out, regularly, but he's been with TaylorMade forever. He played his old TaylorMade 3 and 5 woods forever. He had the same driver shaft forever. Brooks is the one that had made far more switches in my opinion. Even if I'm wrong there, I don't see the need to attack DJ when the question was about your eclectic setup.
  2. Guess that was the 2020 field. Cabrera won't be playing this year.
  3. They weren’t too bad. A little slow, but I didn’t get any terrible bounces. Healing up nicely.
  4. Call me Mr 400. On the 10th at Blackstone, I hit the cart part that cuts across the middle of the fairway. The ball rolled up on a foursome ahead of me after taking a gigantic bounce. 400 yards, my first ever400 yarder! I had a SW in, but missed the green left. Ended up with a par . I shot 71, my best ever at Blackstone. I can’t seem to ever birdie the 18th hole. Blackstone was rock hard and fast. Lots of brown. The retention ponds were very low. I wonder if they ran out of water for everything but the greens.
  5. Would the PGA of America be able operate without the Ryder Cup? The Ryder Cup is said to be a $125 million event.
  6. Very few snubs are in fact snubbed. If you should have won something, your body of work would insist that a snub not be given.
  7. If enough people complain, it will get made. Nike did it with their Rory putter. Ping did it with Blueprint.
  8. You aren’t as likely to win when the team hates each other. There's ways to say you wish you were on the team. This isn’t one of those ways.
  9. Don’t tell Brooks. US Opens are easy .
  10. What would this site do if we couldn’t whine all day . That’s what it’s here for.
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