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  1. The PXG Cyclops. Bob's always watching you.
  2. I thought TaylorMade pretty much stopped that. I think Titleist took up that mantle and that's why their driver numbers on Tour started skyrocketing a year or so ago.
  3. If PXG gives $2 million for a full bag winner, what does Swafford get for PXG irons and wedges? Man still uses Ping i25 3W and 5W too.
  4. Rahm not a fan of the course set up. NSFW clip.
  5. I’ve never had the right ball speed numbers there and I’ve been there 100 times
  6. My ball speed seemed to go up and down as my distance went up and down, as it normally should. I know my ball speed on Trackman and at Top Golf is 165-175, but it’s hard to even crack 160 at the PGATSS on GC2. How can GC2 be that off? It’s not a cheap device. Is it just not calibrated correctly?
  7. Quite the production ESPN+ has. Is it normal to have all of the production coming out of semis instead of buildings? They want it to be mobile or they didn’t have time to build buildings?
  8. Why are the ball speed numbers on GC2 in the bays at the PGATSS so off (10 mph usually), but they usually get my distance correct?
  9. I think they were waiting to put him in at St Andrews. Happening this year.
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