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  1. I'm torn on this one. When you turn professional, you play for prize money and sponsorships. Pro golfers know what they are getting into, so don't get into pro golf if you are worried you can't make it financially. But my softer side thinks that it should be a little easier and less stressful for the ladies who are barely scraping by. The LPGA Tour is giving stipends to those who don't make the cut this year, but the financial issues some ladies are up against has been going on for a while and will continue to occur. I don't know the best solution. Earlier this year, Randall Mell argued that c
  2. Not a bad idea to try to get non-golfer eyes on the tournament, but it seems like a very untraditional ANGC thing to do.
  3. Why would they cut off TT? Isn’t Rex at every tournament already?
  4. Rahm, did you not see Lanto’s misread there? Ball isn’t moving left.
  5. Club Pro Guy did point out the 20 MPH head wind that is shown on Bryson’s Instagram, but that isn’t going to get you to 211 ball speed
  6. Could the long drivers even do any better than 211 with a standard length driver?
  7. If he scores like he did today, that’s pretty good for a washed up player. Why would he want to play balls to the wall in the Zozo and try to hammer it?
  8. Might be some of it. Tiger isn’t the player that used to be a factor every week anymore. He’s also playing shots he normally doesn’t just to get ready for Augusta. He’s not primarily trying to win this week.
  9. Looks like Golf Channel might have mothballed the Tiger Tracker. Some people think that Golf Channel got too big, but what the PGA Tour is doing to that channel due to the new TV deal isn’t good for the Tour or golf in general.
  10. When all the players are tightly grouped in scoring, the difference between an average and a great ball striker is hugely important. 5-10’ feet closer or farther on the greens is everything.
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