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  1. You lost me at winning the PNC
  2. Bryson’s irons might be long, but he’s an average at best iron player. The only thing out of control is Bryson’s ability to control them. Don’t forget that his irons are also delofted a club to take spin off.
  3. Phil and others have said he needs more traditional wedges
  4. But he won The Match Best Abs Contest. The poor guy can’t work on that AND his game.
  5. They’re on the air for 35 more minutes, but no more golf shots can be hit. TNT quickly transitioned to Wonder Woman.
  6. “I love the driver [that I’ve been hitting all over the map]”
  7. “You’re just taking this all in, aren’t you Brooks?” He’s just electric, isn’t he?
  8. He talked over the Mannings on MNF too. It’s just Phil.
  9. He’s good, but yes he needs to moderate himself. Don’t know if he has it in him.
  10. Both these guys are trying to outdrive each other. No one can find a fairway.
  11. With that said, I’m watching this and it’s entertaining
  12. There’s a reason why most Srixon staffers play someone else’s driver
  13. It seems easy to trash talk in these type of events, but so far only Phil and Barkley have been able to do it
  14. Phil could play a limited schedule and still broadcast. The bigger issue is whether he goes the SGL route. $50-100 million vs the couple of million CBS would pay. But Phil loves the limelight and his ego might be better soothed being on TV.
  15. For all those who say, “announcers don’t matter,” I tend to agree with you in most cases. But Phil is a total natural at this. He will bring some viewers if CBS picks him up. Gotta have the ability to call out good and bad shots, be funny, know your sport, be respected, and give the viewers great insights. Phil has all of it. Not too unlike the Manningcast.
  16. These guys are going to talk trash sometime, right? Phil is the only one doing it.
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