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  1. thanks. Make any difference brand or type? Guess I could do some sort of pully system to keep it out of the way when not using it.
  2. Haha. Yeah try to avoid that. I do some speed stick training in there so comfortable making full swings. Although a net would cramp it up so want to keep it as close to the garage door as possible.
  3. Nice. So you just put some hooks in the ceiling and hang it? Did you have to weight it down on the ground or use any side netting? I’ve already got some foam tiles in the garage so think that should work for the ball not bouncing all over the place.
  4. Trying to find a decent net that I won’t blast a hole in for the garage. Net Return seems the best but Haack and Amazon Basic have decent reviews. A little worried the nets on those aren’t sturdy enough though or the ball/ net bounce around too much. Not too crazy about the pop up nets but Spornia could be an option. Could put some padding behind if it came down to it but seeing if anyone has any experience with these. Or seen some stuff on archery netting/ DIY if anyone’s done something like that.
  5. Definitely. I got so many clubs in that area of the bag lol. Pretty much given up on a 3 wood liking the mini driver there. Usually have that 18* GAPR and a strong 4 utility iron then 5 iron. Put the 4H in the bag recently and kinda liking that. 5 Wood probably be good on a more long open course where I won’t need the another option I can hit 240ish in play but wanna be able to get after a couple par 5s in 2 possibly. Maybe a 2H gimme the best of both though definitely don’t need something spinny just something I can get up in the air a little easier off the deck. Have had my eye on the new ping 2 hybrid but their 5 wood has a strong loft on it. Or maybe some other 5 wood with a lower spin profile.
  6. Yeah starting to like the idea of a 5w. I’ve got a mini driver in the 3 wood slot and put a 4h in the bag over the 4i. 5 Wood might be the play in between gimme a better option from the fairway/rough than the 2H. Might even be better off the tee too.
  7. Which do you prefer in that spot in your bag? Haven’t carried a 5 wood since I was probably 10 but seems more popular than the hybrids with the pros these days. Would primarily want it to be a reliable option off the tee that I can flight down a bit but also an option from the fairway/ light rough. Got a GAPR mid 18* in that spot now which I like off the tee but toying around with a new 5 Wood or 2 hybrid. A little more distance/ forgiveness be nice.
  8. Probably gonna be a must that my next iron set has a matching gap wedge. I’m playing it much more like an iron than a SW/LW. Use the same shaft as irons. I really don’t want it to play like a wedge even though I use it around the greens sometimes. Basically the problem is it spins too much on full shots and even the shots around the greens I’d use it for are run outs don’t want the extra spin characteristics of a wedge.
  9. Time to unload a few things. Pretty much all still in great shape or mint condition. CONUS included. Canada + shipping. 1. Scotty Cameron Del Mar 34". Includes headcover. SOLD 2. Odyssey Toulon San Diego 35". Strokelab shaft. Includes headcover. SOLD 3. Evnroll ER2 34" 355g. Includes headcover SOLD 4. Callaway Apex '19 18* 2 hybrid. KuroKage 80hy R. Includes headcover. $175 5. Callaway Apex 18* 2 hybrid. Diamana 90x. $105 6. Callaway Mavrik Max 3 wood. HZRDUS smoke black 70g 6.5. Includes XR headcover pictured. $180 7. Callaway Epic Flash 3 wood. HZRDUS smoke black 70g 6.5. Includes headcover. SOLD 8. Callaway X2Hot 3 deep Pro 14.5*. Aldila Tour Green 75 S. SOLD 9. Titleist 816 H2 23*. Diamana 100 X-stiff. $75 10. Ping Tour 75 X-stiff Driver shaft/ w RH adapter. SOLD
  10. For me and I think for the original post the question is specifically about a gap wedge. Agree SW/ LW you want the extra spin for partial shots and around greens. Those also naturally wear out more quickly I think. Try to hit a full shot with a fresh GW just spins too much and doesn’t perform like every other iron I use almost exclusively for full shots.
  11. Yeah this would be ideal but most don’t and even less do in lefty. Will be a consideration in my next set though. As far as switching balls that sort of solves one issue and creates a new one for all my other clubs/ shots. Oh well maybe I’ll just take some sand paper to it see what happens lol.
  12. I’ve gone to soft stepping my wedge (SW/ LW) shafts 1x with same shafts in my irons. Works better than any other option I’ve tried. Add swing weight to the club head to your preference.
  13. Only thread on the internet I could find about dulling grooves so thought I’d give it a bump. Maybe there’s been some technological advancements in groove dulling over the last 5+ years lol. Basically same issue described gap wedge spins off the map on a full swing. Want it to perform more like an iron than a high spin wedge. Not that interested in working on my GW bunker game for a few hours. Maybe just put it in a sand bucket and give it a brush for a few mins? Metal file seems like I’d damage the club.
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