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  1. I would highly recommend hitting one of the Titliest series equivalents. Hit 3 iron for T200 with ventus 95TX and it was a rocket.
  2. I’ve been able to play several more rounds and have a few more range sessions with these. There is an observation for missed shots towards the heel in the longer clubs. They just stay on line and cover better than the Mizunos. Gotta be the off set. I’m enjoying the forgiveness. Was able to quickly and confidently phase these in. Great clubs.
  3. I had the exact same experience. TX reduced the left curve.
  4. Thankfully I don’t know the up and out toe but I can sure neck one with the best of uhm.
  5. Great question. No noticeable difference yet on full shots. Do chip with a 9 iron as well. Seems fine.
  6. Got the call from my pro that mine came in yesterday! Luckily have Wednesday’s off. Booked early tee time today to try on range and 9 holes on the course. Play at a +2…former college golfer who played Mizuno Mp 32,67,57 and ping s56,55, iBlade, currently gaming mp 20 with $ taper 130. I59 are same set make up and loft. Although I made a mistake getting standard lies in ping because Mizuno standard lofts are flatter. They ran out of six iron shafts so I don’t have a six iron with this set yet. Ping says will ship mid December. Yikes. We are coming into our prime season in southwest Florida. Driver SS 112-115 for reference. LOOKS First impression is the finish of the pings compared to the chrome Mizunos. Man these look pure! And modern for what it’s worth to my 20s that are basically the same ol’ blade Mizuno had 15 years ago (love them). Pings are also “boxier” and visually less intimidating. I am not a fan of the toe screw. The extra grooves are not that noticeable. Love the familiar white bottom groove. The design on the back is slick like a sports car. Very sharp. FEEL Of note, the fitting club felt like crap compared to today with the actually epoxied set. Maybe this explains why the feedback has been meh. I’m really not sure why there is so much hate on the i59…(price??). The goods are in the feel. It’s that familiar S55 “click” when flushed. I was skeptical about an aluminum insert. These feel great. Mizuno no doubt buttery…these however have a nice solid click without any clunkiness. Mizuno feels softer, these are more solid. You can judge by my club history that I flip back and forth. Sometimes I feel numb to the soft Mizuno and a ping gives me that thwack I’m looking for. FORGIVENESS Obviously, most clubs are going to be more forgiving than a Mizuno blade. The strongest part of my game is my irons. My miss tends to be smidge toward the heel and thin…which leads to a short right shot. I’m judging forgiveness on back to back shots I hit today. The first was from 208 with a 4 iron. The thin heel miss came out. I’ve had this second shot so many times at my club I was certain it would be in the green side bunker, but it covered. On the next hole I had 190 into the win, water short right and hit basically the same shot with a 5 iron…the ball covered again. The verdict is still out, but no surprise these have more forgiveness. DISTANCE I’ll get on trackman the next couple weeks. In the fitting, we didn’t see a change in distance. Lofts we’re all virtually the same. The fitting club did not feel well as mentioned before. On the course, I was hitting 2-4 balls from same distance alternating Mizuno and ping…no major difference noted at this point. Of course there is distance to consider on mishits as judged above. I love knock down PW, 9, and 8 irons…these deliver on maintaining the same trajectory as the mizunos. Was surprise out of the wet rough how these flighted as well. Probably some hydropearl placebo . OVERALL/FIRST IMPRESSION I’ve played the MP 20s for almost 2 years. Just had a run with some of my best golf in a while the last 2 months for Florida Mid Am, club championships, and other small events. I have 2 months off to get these figured out. Im 35 and get ragged quite a bit by my old college teammates about still playing Mizuno blades. Pride I guess…I think the forgiveness these have to offer compared to them will place them firmly in the bag come tournament session in Jan and Feb here in Florida.
  7. Looks good. Would love to launch that 9 wood!!
  8. Ordered I59 4-PW with $ Taper 130. Played S58,S56,S55, and I-blade. Currently playing Mp-20 with $ Taper 130. Will update with review and Trackman numbers with MP-20 comparison.
  9. The Concession Winston Collection, Stitch, Putters: Scotty, Bettinardi, Piretti Prices include shipping from Florida Used for a Couple Rounds - Winston Collection Driver Head Cover Navy - $75 Used for a Session - Stitch Driver and Fairway Headcover Pair - $75 Used 1 Round Bettinardi Arm Lock 43 inches $250 Used for a 1/2 season Piretti 37 in $250 Used for a 1/2 season Piretti 38 in $250 Used for a 1/2 season Scotty Cameron Select Golo Mid Dual balance 39 $200
  10. $OLD shipped Used set of 919 Tours with KbS 130x at standard lie, .25 inch long. 3 iron is standard length. Z Grip Align grips.
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