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  1. wow, I have all Jordans golf shoe in my collection except the AJ11 masters. But wow this is the 1st time I will pass and not buy a Jordan release. I might consider if they put a spike on it. :)
  2. is just random, i been a nike member for a long long time and buy most of the reservations they offer me. i got lucky on travis high and low,. so far this year i got the black cat, AJ3 CHI, and the AJ1 pine green but not the aj5 golf. i got the reserve for the aj3 white and green glow, the aj11 concord and the white gum. but like i said is random, my mom who i told last week to join upload the nike app and sign up. she just sign up last week and got the reservation for AJ5 and got the AJ1 pine green reservation today.
  3. just received my order today, half inch over. Does anyone still waiting for their order?
  4. Got me intrigue and order a 3H with AD-DI, it will compete and test it against my P790 #1 Iron.
  5. I don’t mind paying double the price for a brand new DS TW13 because they are my fav shoe. But for a used one that’s a no no.
  6. We know Sergio have bad temper on the course sometimes, but he is not a bad dude. Met him many times and he always have time and try to please fans. One time at the Augusta masters, i saw one of the big name snub a kid for autograph because he just finish and have a bad round. He was playing with Sergio, and also have a bad round but he stop and approach the kid and sign the kid Flag. Good luck to him this week, I am sure his got more golf in him and I don't think his worry about another clubs contract. Callaway clubs did not really work for him, kind a like what Rose when he sign with Honma :).
  7. I loved yellow match my Viper :), the only thing i don't like about the den caddy was the top cover is not removable.
  8. Are you available January 16th-18th for this event? Yes!Current driver setup? King Cobra F9 Fujikura Atmos black 65 Stiff.What excites you about the new TaylorMade SIM woods? increase my club head speed, never been fitted before.Are you willing to document your experience in the GolfWRX forum as well as on social media? Yes!tThanks
  9. bought the staff bag and driver cover. there was no mallet putter cover :(
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