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  1. I can’t get a good photo of these, the photos all make them look weird. But the traction is still fantastic so I’d be surprised if you’ll be disappointed.
  2. Howdy friends! A handful of items for you today, all are OBO, including shipping. 54 Vokey is the only item I’d be interested in for partial trade. G425 LST (sold) Rogue White 70x at standard 45.25, tipped 1 inch at factory sold Tensei White AV Raw 65 TX, tipped one inch. Plays just over 45. $175, now $150 shipped. 2 Pair of Ecco Biom shoes size 47 (roughly 13) I bought these on here a while back, but didn’t quite fit perfect. Lots of tread left on these. Let’s say $110 for both pairs. Now $80 Brand new pair of Cuater Pheno
  3. If they're free, they're for me. But if they're not, it might be helpful to know what shafts are in them, how long they are, maybe a photo or 2 of the faces.
  4. I’ll offer another vote for Red at Streamsong. But I’m also a Black course apologist—I think it’s a blast to play now that I know the course. I live nearby and played it a bunch last summer and grew to love it. But if you’re only playing one, go with Red.
  5. This is a great itinerary. If I can chime in, the only thing I’d change is scratching Providence, and begging to get on Winter Haven CC. If they say no, shoot me a PM.
  6. If you can get on Winter Haven (it’s private) it’s an underrated golf course IMO. It’s more challenging than the yardage indicates and there are a number of holes right on the lake that are gorgeous.
  7. Personally I’m partial to Palma Ceia. It’s just a cool experience out there.
  8. I live in between Tampa and Orlando. Unfortunately, the best bang for your buck + big wide fairways is a course with terrible greens right now. Cleveland Heights (Lakeland) is a pretty muni with low rates $30 ish and wide fairways. It’s always busy despite the greens, and when the greens are good, it’s one of the best deals around.
  9. You know, I would have just moved along except that when I PM'd this guy, his response "been on my feet once" was a second untruth based on his own past ad. His flippancy in response to his mistake is the most concerning thing. Just own it man, and people will give you grace. I'm really temped to troll this dude by creating my own ad that just says... GOLF CLUB FOR SALE : $5000. (Never been outdoors.)
  10. Respectfully man, you did list them as “never seen the outdoors.” I was sincerely interested (I’m a 13 and think these are cool) but I personally don’t appreciate members who aren’t forthcoming about their stuff. I have bought thousands of dollars worth of stuff here in the B/ST and see the community as incredibly valuable, specifically because they don’t do things like this.
  11. Well, maybe they’ve been outdoors, in the backyard, once or twice. Let’s go with twice.
  12. Add another vote for Eaglebrooke. I think it’s an underrated layout, with only a couple mediocre holes. The price is solid, and the backnine feels like a mini Bay Hill. Southern Dunes is another good suggestion. Streamsong is the type of place you plan a trip around, not bounce over for an 18.
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