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  1. I'd like to see Duff man go on a tear. shrug / yawn
  2. I think it's a great all around ball. It stays under control. I played the B330-S for a long time and it's better, but at times, especially with wind, can get a little up there and out of control. The regular B330, I'm not man enough to compress it and it would duck off to the right almost every time. The RX seems to be the 'right' ball for me, though I should probably have another look at the S line again. I just picked up 12 dozen AAAA from lostgolfballs.com for a little over $100 shipped. I have gotten so many boxes of bridgestone balls from them over the last several years, I play too much / lose way too many balls ... couldn't imagine going to the store and paying $50 a box. Right into the woods...
  3. I got a 7 wood in the mail the other day. I immediately felt like an old guy when I took it out of the box. But ... I can't hit my 3 iron worth a damn and I already like this one better than that club. It's way easier. I think ... I am going to pull the shaft out of my less than reliable 3 wood, chop 1/2" off of the tip, and put it in this one. It should be a banger.
  4. I've tried to use guitar strings before - Ernie ball makes a 0.40 gauge A string. The problem was sometimes the tape didn't stick well down the full length of the wire and it would move, AND it was super hard to get the position of the rib right in the first place. Instead, I found some hard to come by reminder versions of my preferred grips (crossline cord), and blew them on with air, which was very easy to make slight adjustments and get the position right. I'd highly recommend just getting reminder grips to start with (and air) over messing around with foreign objects and tape.
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions ... I'm leaning towards a CB2 or VSTEEL right now. It depends on what I can find in the wild. Lots of senior flex. :) In all likelihood I am going to have to buy a new shaft (TBD..) and build it up ... maybe I can tear apart my 3 wood and use that shaft, which would probably be ok in a 7 wood, tipped a bit. I like it in the 5 wood more than the 3. I need a stiffer shaft for the 3 wood anyway. I haven't really been keeping tabs on the state of golf equipment, I wasn't sure if a certain manufacturer was killing it these days. If I wanted to go newer perhaps the Callaway woods would be a good move. I've had previous bad luck with Ping and Titleist woods.
  6. Alright ... I'm changing the bag a bit this year. The 3 wood is OUT, I can't do anything but hit it left. As such, the 5 wood that is mostly point and shoot is also out, both consolidated with a 16.5 tour edge CB5 FOUR WOOD at 16.5 degrees. So far I am killing this thing. A 60* wedge is added .. experimentally. The 3 iron, which hasn't been hit more than twice since 2015 is also out. And a nice 7 wood will sit in it's place. I'd prefer another Tour edge CB5 .. but I can't really find one. Any suggestions for a low cost, slightly used 7 wood that comes with a good shaft? I'd like to find one for ... 40-100 bucks or so. To the thin crowd of 7 wood players .. what are you using? TIA
  7. Once you've endured a 7 hour round, not much gets to you anymore. I'd have stayed.
  8. The CB5s will be in my bag until they break ... which sometimes I hit them so damn hard it feels like that may eventually happen. :) So solid.
  9. I'd send them back .. that is ridiculous.
  10. no man, it says "Tu Muscle" right on the back of the golf club! :haha: Did you mean "W muscle"? I'm not sure what periodic table you're looking at.
  11. I haven't changed anything for 3 years .. ok except this year I build an identical driver, just with 2* less loft. A small tweak if you will. I had to do something...
  12. i think that's a pretty good setup as it is. I do need one of those 7 woods. Maybe a driving iron .. it is late August, you could probably get that to run further than your driver on certain holes.
  13. Grip size is very trial and error, mostly error. As Socrates suggested, try a bunch on course at the same time. I will sometimes revisit this with varying tape setups in the short irons and see what affect it has. Putting a different grip on the 3 iron isn't going to be a very good experiment... Graphite shafts may help your arthritis more than grips. A few years ago uncle had some type of arthritis running wild in the fingers (it really was a sad thing to watch unfold...). I built a set for him with the PX graphite and jumbo grips. He still can't play, at all :(
  14. Lifting has nothing to do with it. It's all about torques that you place on muscles and joints; not the amount of muscle you have. Besides, unless JT starts taking roids, he will NOT get big and muscular because A) his genetics will not support that type of body and B) he is not lifting/eating to gain much mass. One can be strong without being huge. Tiger chose to get big, and he had massive torque being placed on his back and knees due to his restrictive swing. Almost every single pro golfer lifts weights or trains in the gym in some fashion, even the guys who look like all they do is eat twinkies. There's been at least 1 extremely popular thread about this entire subject. You may want to go read it. good to see that some random person knows all about "his genetics"... :rolleyes:
  15. I have that one ... but I don't trust it at all as I cannot calibrate it. I am SURE it is off by a point or two from an absolute numeric standpoint. But it's good enough to at least tell me that the delta from club A to B to C is the same amount. I had to find the numeric starting point by feel anyway. In other words, on this scale I think* my driver is D4, but it may in reality be D2 or D6 for all I know. But I at least know when I build a driver, I like the feel to be about where this scale claims D4. And on up through the set. Point being, by a good scale you can calibrate to an absolute, or buy a cheap scale and be prepared to do lots of trial and error to get a 'feel' and then rely on it only for delta measurements, no absolute. Same with loft and lie really. Club building isn't hard ... but club measuring to a good standard can be quite expensive.
  16. 10' is enough, except maybe driver. I had 9' and nicked the ceiling twice with a pitching wedge... :( I have a net return simulator series for sale if anyone wants it, PM me. My golf game doesn't need much practice and my body needs too much rest ... so I don't really need it anymore. It takes me about 10 minutes to disassemble, about 30 to assemble, though probably way less if I were to do it a handful of times regularly. You pretty much need 2 people to raise and lower it.. The real problem with an apartment is going to be the noise. It is very loud....
  17. I have no plans to change away from the CB5. The 5 wood is just so versatile and reliable. 10/10. I wish I could share some protracers from Sunday with you, some great stuff. And I somehow hit it 310 ... again ... :)
  18. I use the lamkin crossline tour cord .. 580 reminder. 2/4/6/10 wraps in progression to get the taper out. I run 60 grit sandpaper over them somewhat often and occasionally scrub with soapy water and a good clean towel. Rain gloves are a must in the rain, otherwise in just humidity, no glove.
  19. Left handed? Lol .. no. Mine are both just gold plated and hand ground by Karsten Solheim. Hand delivered by unicorns. Good luck finding one left handed ... they must have made .. what 5 of those total.
  20. Yeah, that club is hard to find. I for some reason sold mine, and then realized that was a bad idea. "Wait a minute .. that club was awesome." I looked for about two months and overpaid for TWO of them that showed up in the same week out of nowhere. I don't plan on letting them go (one is currently being rebuilt), but for ... $500 or so we could start the conversation. :) :) Rare limited run ... you just have to wait and eventually one will turn up.
  21. (First off the guy above stole my picture .. That's fine I do need to find a different one) I own a set of the 63s and they don't hold a candle to the 32s. Better through the grass but that's it. I had a demo 62 and liked that over the 63s. I've never hit the 64s or 60s all that much unfortunately. The 15s are a fine choice, they're on my list of ones to try. Along with those JPX 900s ... they seem to have quite a foothold and must be pretty good... The 14s I think are too different to compare, different lofts etc. 33s would be a bit closer to try.
  22. I had the same thing with an ebay set ... wrong epoxy used, 6 iron twisting, lengths slightly off on a couple, weights all over the place. Garage hack job. That set is just sitting on the rack waiting to be torn down ... I opted to buy another set for the heads only and did them myself from scratch. If they can't glue them together, there's almost no way the weights were even considered or looked at... what you thought was a good deal is suddenly a project / money pit. :censored2:
  23. I bought the small rack from fowlowl on ebay and have it in the basement halfway under the steps. If you have a growing collection the rack is well worth it. It's a nice conversation piece and quite cool to have a full one. You could easily make one too ... they are very simple.
  24. I bought the CB5 3 wood on an impulse buy years ago and still game it. It wasn't long before I got the matching 5 wood. It's a 3 wood and I can hit it well .. what more are you going to look for in a 3 wood. :) It feels great and has a nice ting/thump sound when hit well. There's no better feeling in golf than the smoked 3 metal. I then bought the 4 wood, which has a 'diamana kalili' or something .. it's an interesting shaft. At the range sometimes I hit these .. we'll call them 'medium stingers' that just go forever, almost as far as my driver. If I have good energy that club is something else. But on course when I'm half drunk I have problems getting it to launch. The plan is to rebuild that with a better fitting shaft (quite possibly the fubuki tour or similar), and swap 3w/5w with 4w/60* day to day.
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