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  1. Thanks. This is what I found as well.
  2. Thanks everyone for the responses. This is why I enjoy GOLFWRX!
  3. Has anyone heard of a driver with a loft this high? My mother in law had a lesson and claims she hit a high lofted driver and now wants one. I asked her if she remembered the brand and she did not. This is much higher than I have seen in my searches. Maximum is around 13 and maybe a couple at 16. Any thoughts?
  4. These shoes do look good in my opinion. I might get a pair of the blue ones to add into my rotation for next year.
  5. Drives me nuts as well when I see him rooting for Wisconsin.
  6. I recently decided to give this a try. I dropped my 3W for a 5W. When I hit the 3W well it is great, but more times than not I will hit a lousy shot. I picked up an older 5W and decided to give it a try. So far the misses are not that bad and on average I am in a better position more times than not.
  7. I like the small graphics which give it some local flavor.
  8. I purchased a putter from Callaway preowned. No issues.
  9. Use automotive pin striping tape to make the line. Easily removed if you don’t like it. Comes in variety of widths and colors.
  10. Solid set up. I also tested the Cleveland RTX Zipcore wedges last year and still have mine in the bag. It has become one of my favorite clubs. I will not give it all the credit, but it has played a big part in the improvement I have seen in my short game as well.
  11. Great to see a bag with lots of headcovers. How about a photo without the headcovers on?
  12. I had a problem with pair of Bombas socks. They replaced and I have had no issues with the replacement pair. Reach out to them, I am sure they will make it right.
  13. I got practice round tickets for 2014 and the day was rained out. As a result I was guaranteed tickets for a practice round in 2015 and was fortunate enough to go on Wednesday and see the par three contest.
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