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  1. Indubitably, old boy. One must keep one's chin pointed, one's top hat shined, and one's cigarette holder pointed lazily near, but not at, the ceiling. Appear to be disinterested, but not bored. Money is vulgar but poverty unforgivable. US Steel up 3 points, I see. GARCON! More brandy, if you will.
  2. Explosive power! In three swings! With every purchase of the Tour Logic Perfect Swing Trainer, you get our personal guarantee that within three swings, you will be swinging with explosive power. Why waste your time on those "other" swing trainers when you could be literally destroying the ball, within three swings! Call now, and if you're one of the first 100 callers, we'll also give you, free of charge, a ball retriever that also cuts perfect potato wedges every time!
  3. The thing about Gallagher, is that although he's a player in complete command of the instrument, his solos (such as in this song) are really a sequence of small 4-bar solos one after the other. He plays a mini solo which lasts 4 bars .. .starts on the first beat of the first bar and finishes on the last beat of the 4th bar ... then he does it again ... then he does it again .... his long solos are a bunch of small 4 bar solos in a row. It's not that interesting. Now compare with (eg) Hendrix. Hendrix will do that exact thing when it fits the song, like in Wind Cries Mary. In other
  4. It's a good solo, to be sure. Builds and builds.
  5. Always preferred Money & Time to Comfortably Numb. Gilmour is a wonderful guitarist though. Never rated While My Guitar Gently Weeps. It's competent playing but doesn't hit me "there". Hideaway (not solo but just whole song) and Little Girl (same) from Bluesbreakers are fantastic, masterful playing. From a 21 year old!! That's why Clapton has the reputation he has. A 21 year old in such command!!! I'm So Glad from Cream also excellent. The End is a Harrison masterpiece. So short and concise but so beautiful. Anyone can play it, but who could come up with it in the
  6. So many golfers make unathletic, controlled lunges at the ball, compounded by all the swing thoughts and external shoulder rotations, etc. Why make things 10x harder by switching sides? A gifted athlete could do it but then those people are probably already scratch with whichever side they chose at the start.
  7. 3 Reasons Why You Struggle To Take Your Golf Game To The Course
  8. "How deep is that pond over there, in case I toss my clubs in it?" "I haven't seen the cart girl once today." "Shoot, I think the bar in the clubhouse is about to close." "If I collect all my divots, could I re-turf my backyard?" "Blonde or brunette?"
  9. I'm a single digit capper in having A HA moments. In playing golf, not so much. If all my A HA moments had worked, I'd be a better golfer than Kim Jong Il. Fortunately I realized years ago that an A HA moment is a false dawn and now indulge in the weird idea that golf is a game to be enjoyed and not gnawed on like a dog with a bone.
  10. Hmm ... sounds like that piece of wood supinated. Have you tried a one-plane piece of wood?
  11. Get one club changed, say the 7 iron, to match the old one (say the old 6 iron) and see what happens. If your theory turns out to be correct, get the whole set done.
  12. Try the Florida Baseball Ranch web site. It's about baseball of course, but nonetheless you will find it a mind expanding experience. Also Adam Young's web site is very good. Lots of stuff about learning ,effective learning, external focus v internal focus (most golf instruction is heavy on internal focus, as is this very sub-forum on wrx), and more. Most golf instructors have very little idea about how people learn. (Some notable exceptions on, guess where, this very sub-forum!)
  13. We’ve all heard of the 10,000 hours rule. It was made popular by author and Malcom Gladwell in his 2008 book, Outliers. In this book he alluded to research by Anders Ericcson suggesting that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to master a skill. I read the book and it sounded legit. I even wrote about it in the first “book” I ever published. It was an awful piece — more of a manual — called Building the 90 mph Delivery. It sold approximately 4 copies and included a section that referenced Gladwell’s 10k rule, and I truly believed it made sense.That was before I met Frans Bosch and gai
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