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  1. Works better on mobile, that’s for sure.
  2. I played in one with Tim and Joel (who don’t seem to post much here anymore) at Raccoon Creek last summer and it was a blast. I’m pretty sure we were only 1 or 2 shots out of first too. Personally I generally enjoy scrambles more than individual stroke play. Not saying I only want to play them, but the ones where people don’t come with like a 46 are pretty fun. I have one coming up on Saturday for our couples league where if you birdie you move back a tee box and up to the reds if you bogey...
  3. That was us one time on #13 when it was still #4. We would still be playing the hole today if we didn’t all pickup. Instead of repeat 5 footers it was repeat 30 footers from the fringe/apron
  4. stop pretending like you know how far your clubs go ?
  5. So glad I canceled my tee time today given how crappy the weather was. It was better to watch millionaires play in the rain than do it myself. game is also not good right now. I doubled 3 straight holes in league yesterday without a penalty
  6. Yes the fact that golf is one of the few things to do right now is not good news for our wallets
  7. That was more of a “extreme hangover” quit. And yes I needed to make that call 2 holes earlier
  8. Yeah I’ve walked the front there but never the back. I haven’t played Black Bear since it was Canterbury but I remember thinking this thing would be horrible to walk. Some of the green to tee gaps were huge.
  9. Walking any of the courses south of Lincoln would not be fun. Red Hawk, Plum Creek, The Ridge, Bear Dance....no thank you.
  10. I feel your pain. I’ve had to play the black tees at Colorado national too many times. Played there one box up yesterday and still lost 5 balls. Not a great day for the score but it was gorgeous out at least
  11. Todd Creek in decent shape these days? I haven’t played since the $25 deal days either. Used to always be windy when I played up there
  12. I refuse to use Golfnow any longer. Their strict no refund policy is crap. It was snowing out but the course insisted they were “open”
  13. The Links is opening their range tomorrow. Don’t have any details other than that but it will be grass. I think they will just have dividers
  14. Found out today that Broken Tee cant open Monday-Wednesday next week due to lack of staff who are willing to come into work.
  15. I heard some courses may just put dividers up on the range far enough to be compliant. Are they really going to disinfect the range ball each day though? At some point this stuff just isn't sustainable. I saw Jacob have some interesting back and forth with some crazies on the Denver subreddit who thought that golf courses should all be paved over since they are only for entitled rich elitist A-holes....SMH.
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