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  1. Rogue still available. Playing length is 45in. Sorry for delay - pulled into non-stop work these past few days.
  2. Hi All - While I've purchased things from BST in the past - this is my first for-sale post. Please let me know if you need any additional photos or have Q's. All prices are shipped within US & OBO. Here goes..1.) PXG Gen1 0811x 10.5 = $150. Excellent condition. 45 inch playing length with Fujikura Pro 2.0 shaft (stiff)2.) Cobra LTD Black = $150. Excellent condition (Cobra sent me a completely new set up end of last year after breaking the old one on a cold day). 44.5 inch playing length with Project X HZRDUS Black 6.0 (stiff). PXG 0211 = $650. IRONS SOLD. Irons are 4-GW in excellen
  3. Agree on playing the right tee box. Spyglass and Pebble are nearly the same on yardage but Spyglass plays like an entirely different animal. For me (moderate distance golfer) - Spyglass played MUCH longer than Pebble. Played both course one in from the tips (gold I think) and want to say they were 6,500 or 6,600 yards but Spyglass felt closer to 7k for me. Some big par 4's on that course which make some holes feel really long and were requiring 5 or 6 iron into greens. Probably struck the ball better at Spyglass than my round at Pebble but my scores were 85 and 80 respectively.
  4. should be all good to bend. They are more upright than most stock irons i've seen as of late (ping, etc.)
  5. big snell fan. hate the logo but the ball performs great.
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