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  1. In principle, I hate to support the scammers who claim their selling authentic grips. I wouldn’t use them just for that reason.
  2. Correct guys, the left ones are real, right ones are fake. The smell was the first thing I noticed too (like cleaning fluid). The tread on the fake grips were much deeper than the real ones, as well as the length being shorter and the color being a lighter orange. The fakes also did not show ‘60R’ on the inside of the grip opening.
  3. I recently bought some Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grips on eBay. Seller had a good rating, so I gave it a shot. When the grips finally arrived (late), it was obvious that they were fakes. I ordered another set from Carl’s, and it was even more obvious when putting them side by side. The seller refunded my money and told me I could keep the grips. An obvious move to avoid negative feedback. Good try buddy. Can you tell which ones are real?
  4. Selling a lightly used TaylorMade SIM Max 10.5 degree driver head with matching SIM Max head cover. Head is in pristine condition, with only light scuff marks on the sole from careful use. No scratches, chips or dings on the face or crown. $270 OBO w/ free shipping CONUS.
  5. Just a quick update. Ordered a custom T100s 4-iron from Carl’s Golfland on 4/8/21. Got it yesterday, 4/19/21! (Even though website said it would be back ordered until June).
  6. Thanks for the info Jeffrey.
  7. FWIW, I ordered a new set of Steelfiber i95s recently and the shaft graphics are higher (like your pic) on the new set of shafts vs my older set of SF shafts. This specific difference does not mean they are fakes.
  8. If I ordered a T100s custom 4-iron through Carl’s Golfland and it claims early June delivery. Has anyone been able to get status updates through Carl’s or by calling Titleist directly?
  9. mylesb21

    ZX7 vs T100

    I did a full iron fitting and it came down to ZX7 vs T100s. Although the ZX7’s were about 1 yard longer than T100s, it came down to looks. I much prefer the cleaner look and minimal offset of T100s, so I pulled the trigger. I picked up 5 yards of carry over my 716CB gamers (1* weaker loft).
  10. Selling six like-new True Temper AMT Black Edition S300 shafts. These shafts were pulled from a brand new set of standard length Titleist T100S clubs and have never been used. Installed shafts will result in the following standard length clubs: PW 35.75" 9i 36.00" 8i 36.50" 7i 37.00" 6i 37.50" 5i 38.00" Includes brand new Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips. Asking $115 + shipping CONUS (OBO).
  11. Anyone have good suggestions for tip weights for graphite iron shafts (ie. Steelfiber i95 taper tip)? I’m looking for 4+ gram weights that will fit flush to the tip, eliminating the need to trim the tip with traditional lead tip weights.
  12. Selling my custom built left-handed Titleist 716CB irons, 4-PW with Project X 5.5 steel shafts. All clubs are in very good condition with almost new Golf Pride MCC+ blue grips. Only bag chatter wear, no gashes or rust. Length = 1/4" long (ie. 5-iron = 38.25") Lofts = 2 degrees strong (7-iron = 33 degrees) Lies = standard Lofts and lies may be adjusted per request. SOLD
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