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  1. Selling my custom built left-handed Titleist 716CB irons, 4-PW with Project X 5.5 steel shafts. All clubs are in very good condition with almost new Golf Pride MCC+ blue grips. Only bag chatter wear, no gashes or rust. Length = 1/4" long (ie. 5-iron = 38.25") Lofts = 2 degrees strong (7-iron = 33 degrees) Lies = standard Lofts and lies may be adjusted per request. SOLD
  2. I did a Club Champion fitting last week. Hitting only 6-irons to fit for an entire bag of irons doesn’t seem like the best way to fit someone for clubs. There’s no option to determine how/if a split set works for a particular golfer, and personally, I was blown away by the cost estimate for a new set. For example, a new set of T100s irons with graphite shafts was quoted at $2031, while I can buy these through any online club seller for $1600. I will say that the fitting experience was decent, but as an educated golf enthusiast, I could have fit myself just as well with access to the
  3. Yes, the least offset of any CB irons I’ve played. These are amazing. I installed SF i95’s and they feel great. Offset chart attached (P-4i)
  4. Titleist 714CBs or 716CBs. I’ve played both for the last 6 years.
  5. Does anyone know if CC pays their fitters a commission of their club sales resulting from fittings?
  6. I hit them the other day. Similar to my Steelfiber i95 stiff shafts. These were the best performing graphite iron shafts I tested.
  7. Looking for Titleist T100S 4-iron. Any shaft (or just head), must be in excellent condition.
  8. I agree, the butt of the grip doesn't require much to stay in tact. I'd put a wrap of masking tape over the area, then double sided tape and add grip.
  9. Sure, I have $850 burning a hole in my pocket..lol
  10. Has anyone seen or tried the Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec Black 5X shaft? I see one selling on eBay, but I can’t find this shaft listed on the Fujikura website. Is this a real shaft sold by Fujikura, or is it fake? I’m interested in a 55-60 gram X-stiff shaft and currently play the Motore Speeder Tour Spec 6X shaft (68 grams).
  11. I had the M1 driver. When I switched to the M3 I was much happier. I have the SIM now, but think the M3 is just as good.
  12. I play the m1 3-wood. Love it. Haven’t found anything that looks and plays better, and I’ve tried the Epic, M3 and SIM fairways too.
  13. Tip weights will have a small hole to allow air to vent through. If you don’t want to remove the tip weight (or plan to reuse it), use a very small drill bit to drill the old epoxy out of the vent hole so you can reinstall the heads.
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