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  1. Way to go on the improvement!!! Sounds kinda like you’re shilling for someone tho
  2. Looking for a used one in stiff but may be open to an x. Tm or titleist tip preferred
  3. Looking for stiff with either a Taylomade or a Titleist tip. May be open to an x-stiff if not tipped
  4. Looking for one in good shape. Please let me know what you have.
  5. Duval is one of my all time favorites. Glad he plants it a couple of times a year but that scorecard yesterday...??
  6. I heard Dana say this a while ago and for “my” driver swing I found quite a bit of extra pop with a faster BS (not transition). Yesterday I noticed Bryson absolutely CRUSHING the ball with a backswing that appeared to be much faster compared to his Tour swing of previous years...granted he was on the range so may have just been doing some neurological training...who knows with him. While I realize such advice could irreparably harm infinitely more swings than it helps, I was wondering anyone else had seen an increase in clubhead speed & distance with the simple intent of a faster backswing?
  7. > @2bGood said: > > @"rich s" said: > > take the same cart > > I walk win I golf. I play better that way. I considered carting to protect myself, but I figured if I comprised the way I like to play golf and the way I play my best golf, then I already let the cheater win. > You dodged a bullet! It’s nigh impossible to keep an eye on he cart-aheaders. You must have the mental grit of a Nicklaus having to deal with those shenanigans for 4 hours.
  8. Looks like that one was edited...I found the original:
  9. Dana is big time!!! One of the very best around. Check out Brady Riggs too. Mike McNary and James Jordan are excellent. None of the guys I’ve mentioned will have you chasing feels from day to day.
  10. > @Roadking2003 said: > > @freeze16172002 said: > > Kuch is a J-off > > Quite the opposite. Notice that he is able to laugh with the other guys even though it was a big-time put-down. IF he doesn’t laugh he gets owned even more. Kuch is one of the biggest ball busters out there on Tour. Glad to see him take one on he chin, esp. one that absolutely hit home.
  11. Keep the driver in the bag since it is more forgiving.
  12. An early triple combined with a grueling pace of play can do strange things to a man...
  13. > @grantc79 said: > > @milesgiles said: > > Not sure what you meant by 'uptick' on the backswing? > > I think most reasonable golfers would have a similar opinion on what you need to work on, since you've made it clear you don't require that input, like I said, fine.. but just tell us again who you are modelling your swing on, the two or three things you are trying to change? > > If I had to pick one it would be Koepka but really only his backswing. > > Things I'm trying to change: > 1: Keep knee bend throughout backswing dont straighten > 2: Not allow my right hip to rotate backward at all in backswing at all > 3: Get my shaft higher up at the top of the backswing. I'm good with the plane angle, I just want it up more through the shoulder as opposed to the tricep. Wow! just discovered this thread...in the heat of it and can't wait to keep reading but couldn't refrain here from commenting on #'s 1 & 2 above...
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