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  1. The 20xi-s from 2011 spins so much around the green and with short irons. Honestly I think the 20xi-s would be a great ball for a guy that doesn't swing over 100 mph but wants the playability of a tour ball.
  2. Very nice item. Seems like a good deal for something limited to 10 copies!
  3. How do you get rid of the paint fill? I dislike the orange.
  4. [quote name='DVD35' timestamp='1373334845' post='7413486'] Great gear, dude! [/quote] Thanks! Now make an offer on something! [size=6][b][u][i]PRICES SLASHED ON CLUBS. NEED THIS STUFF GONE BY FRIDAY!!![/i][/u][/b][/size]
  5. [quote name='xerpro' timestamp='1373314773' post='7411180'] cant see pics except for the first metal X [/quote] Should work now, refresh.
  6. Hey everyone. Welcome to my thread. All prices are OBO and include shipping in the USA. I need to ship all of this stuff out to you by Friday, so don't be shy! EVERY CLUB COMES WITH ORIGINAL HEADCOVER! Mods, if there is an issue, please don't delete. Spent a ton of time on this. PM me, I will respond very quickly. Everyone else, if you have questions, PLEASE PM ME. Thanks! 1. 34" Odyssey Metal X #7 in outstanding condition, with Super Stroke Fatso grip. The grip alone is extremely nice and makes putting super easy. I just don't like the Metal X insert and have gone back to a blade
  7. [quote name='Nessism' timestamp='1373305824' post='7410048'] [quote name='Paully' timestamp='1373220801' post='7403410'] Rockbottom has callaway tour i(z)'s for $45 for 3 dozen. Comes out to about $17 / dozen after shipping. [/quote] How are those? I can sometimes feel a difference between premium balls, but they typically perform identically for me. [/quote] I can't speak for the Tour i(z)'s but I do use the i(s) frequently. Those balls are extremely soft and don't launch too high. I really like them.
  8. [quote name='scotthur' timestamp='1373150547' post='7399676'] money sent for #4 and #5. Thanks. [/quote] It says above that I purchased #4... Jamboy can you make sure you didn't sell the same shaft twice?
  9. [quote name='High Draw' timestamp='1373149542' post='7399620'] For those who have not done this yet.... Stop everything, Do not go past go, do not collect $200, go straight to the garage and cut your driver down. You will not regret it. [/quote] HAHA I'm thinking of heading to the PGA Tour store to get one of my shafts cut down.
  10. What is the best article/video you guys have found to help explain the "new" ball flight laws? Many examples would be great.
  11. I bought an Adams barely used Super S hybrid for $70. Thing was barely even touched before I even tried it out. I was hitting the damn thing farther than the Super LS driver I tried out. Pretty strange...
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