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  1. Middle of July and the Majors are over. This needs to be changed back.
  2. I agree I still have my MacGregor Muirfields in the basement and they sure do look like them.
  3. I guess this is over my head, none of the answers I can understand. Thank you very much.
  4. Can someone explain to me what springing the shaft means?
  5. Question for you speedster, related to the above quote. Would you say that the right shoulder working up would be be equal to the left shoulder working down? Reason I ask is I was messing around with the feeling of keeping the left elbow pointing down through the backswing. In order to keep that elbow pointing down(ish) without independent arm movement it seems to make my left shoulder go down more and thus my right shoulder is higher than my left. I can't remember from when I read the book if Jimmy would classify left shoulder down as bad and if left shoulder down was different than right shoulder up. The right shoulder works up, but the left shoulder DOES not go down.... that would lead to a reverse pivot. The left shoulder moves level as the right shoulder works up and the body coils into the brace of the right leg. Could someone explain this to me? I don't understand how the right shoulder works up but the left shoulder does not go down? How can one go up other one go lateral?
  6. A lot of high school golfers in my area are playing this ball.
  7. Can someone explain to me what causes the grip end of the club to come into the downswing very steep? The grip end almost points at my right food coming down and I hit behind the ball or hit it thin.
  8. That's not true at all. Titleist is known for NOT paying players to use their equipment. DO really believe that Titleist doesn't pay their players to use their equipment? Besides being a great ball if you win a tournament with a titleist ball my understanding is you are paid a good sum of money. I suppose someone is going to come on here and say just the opposite.
  9. Called the store in Michigan and sold out in a hour and a half.
  10. If you can see a picture of a tour pro at address they do not flare their left foot at all. It is 90 degrees to the ball line. I know this is hard on the knee but I have tried it and it firms up the left side at impact. This is different from the old days where they used to tell you to flare the left foot to help you get through the ball better.
  11. And the award for most encouraging and uplifting post of the year goes to... Very good, I thought I was the only one to question the encouraging post.
  12. Ok all you Ballard students, I read his book when it first came out and bought his first video. His wife told me to hang on to the video because it is the first golf instruction video every made. I have asked this questions many times but still confused about it. What does springing the shaft mean? Jimmy Ballard's wife tried to explain it to me but she went over my head. Can someone else take a shot at explaining what "springing the shaft means"?
  13. Looking to buy practice round tickets from on point. Anybody have any experience with them?
  14. In the video the instructors says the arms come off the body. What happened to the idea of big muscles moving the small ones?
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