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  1. Not to mention the course is a year old and the Bermuda is beginning to go dormant. That aside the course is in excellent condition and I’m very impressed with what they’ve been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time to get it ready for this week.
  2. Was out there today following Scott and DJ. Scott was absolutely bombing it. He was 20 yards plus past DJ
  3. Yes it does appear to be a bit wider than most of the other Newport 2 shapes. I haven’t validated that so not positive.
  4. I converted a Newport 2 for my 12 year old. There’s no hidden weight once you remove the detour insert. I love the shape and finish of this putter.
  5. This is a great cart. I’ve had one for a little over a year and prefer it to the Clicgear.
  6. Great write up. I’m in the market for a personal LM so this will be very helpful s I do some research.
  7. They run really big. Similar to footjoy.
  8. Bought these on eBay and they’re too big. Brand new never worn other than testing size. Sold out at retail. $150 shipped
  9. Thanks for that. I’m still fiddling around with it and haven’t found a way I like yet. I’ll give your suggestions a try. Thanks! Btw I love this bag and get so many compliments on it.
  10. I can relate. My club has two courses that have both hosted PGA tour events for the last 20 years and they each have course ratings at 76.5 and tips out around 7,500 yards. Just an absolute brutal test for us mortals.
  11. With my setup wrist lock has been great. I use a left hand low claw grip and anchor the shaft into my left forearm. Works best with a 38” putter.
  12. User error. The jolt functions by identifying the nearer object. So you need to start by scanning behind and next to the flag and move it towards it and the jolt will activate. This has been discussed quite a bit in other threads about this unit.
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