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  1. Recoil 95 F4. I like them. Feel is very comparable, they fly higher and spin a touch more than the Nippon. I don’t have data to back that up - it’s just using the eye test. I wasn’t convinced by them about a month ago as I’ve been having trouble really dialling in the shorter irons. But I think this is the club head and not the shafts. When I moved from the Nippon in the 765/965 to the Recoil I put them in some 785/Z Forged. I’m not hitting these clubs as well as my old set. I thought it was the Recoil but I now think it’s the difference between the 785 and the Z Forged - th
  2. Excellent shafts. I had them in my Srixon 765/965 irons and the only reason I moved away from them is because I wanted graphite to help me deal with osteoarthritis issues. I would still use them otherwise. I would love for Nippon to make graphite iron shafts with a similar profile. I didn’t find them weak to flex, I just found them incredibly smooth feeling. Much more so than say the Modus 105
  3. Cool. Gotta let me know how that works for you
  4. Found it. Page 9. Approach wedge looks good at address. Might go with that bent to 50 and then the Cleveland wedges at 54 and 58
  5. Does anyone have the ZX7 AW? Any pics? Would love to see if from address next to the PW and the Zipcore or RTX4 wedge. My 50 degree RTX4 and I are not getting along at the moment. Considering alternatives
  6. Also his performance at the Super Bowl was just mind blowing
  7. He was one of the greatest. His guitar playing is underrated because he did so much other stuff at a high level. I love the anecdote that emanated from this performance. Apparently a journalist asked Clapton what it was like to be be the greatest guitarist alive and he responded “I don’t know, ask Prince”. RIP
  8. Not sure if you’re prepared to stretch this to live performances but here’s the first 2 that come to my mind:
  9. That's not surprising to here that, because I've heard the XT are not the most forgiving utilities
  10. Whenever these types of questions come up for me I always think about the 24/38 rule. It’s old but I think it’s still valid. And when you consider creeping lofts it really doesn’t make sense for the average golfer (with an average swing speed) to play anything less than a 5 iron (used to be a 4 iron for me but I haven’t played one of those for a while)
  11. Yes I have the 85 currently. It’s very forgiving but I must admit they have done a great job with the looks of the ZX. But I suspect it’s at the expense of forgiveness which is really what I’m after with a long iron replacement
  12. I have a hunch that the current ZX utility is less forgiving than previous models. I’m basing this on the thinner sole and placement of tungsten in the centre, which I believe would reduce MOI. Can anyone confirm?
  13. Yes, try the Srixon. I use the ZU85 between my 19 hybrid and 5 iron. It’s my 4 iron replacement really. Works fine off the deck, but some people may not like the wide sole. The new ZX Utility has a thinner sole, as does the Callaway I believe
  14. Replace the 3 iron with a driving iron
  15. I’m not a engineer but I’m going to have a crack at this. The tungsten does 2 things. 1. Moves the COG away from the hosel and closer to the middle of the face 2. Works in conjunction with offset to promote face closure. I think this is where the draw bias might come from
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