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  1. You are right to be worried about the distance gap at that end of the bag. When I had my 545’s there was a 20 - 25 yard gap between the AW and my 54 degree SW. When I was looking for a new set closing this gap was important. Inevitably I ended up with 765’s and a 50, 54, 58 wedge set. Was much more consistent. I did lose one club of distance throughout the set but consistent yardages are important
  2. From a percentage perspective I think the added forgiveness in larger irons is massively overstated. A high toe hit on a 460cc driver can result in a playable second from the fairway. There’s no iron in the world that helps with similar contact. I have no scientific evidence to back this up
  3. Only heard about them. Not seen them at all. Apparently a hollow body iron
  4. This is fast becoming an all time GolfWRX thread. Pass the popcorn
  5. He has said he’s not retiring, so I suspect the decision was taken out of his hands. Seems a strange move by the powers that be - he is a great caller. I hope this is not a sign of things to come (if they move Tony Johnstone there’ll be riots!). Maybe we’ll see him resurface on the PGL broadcast?
  6. ? I might have to. At least at the 54 slot anyway.
  7. I’m in Australia. We can play all year round so my course will swing between wet and soft in winter to hard and fast in summer. So unless I want to buy multiple bounce options in each wedge the mid grind seems to be a good compromise. I wouldn’t say I’m overly steep into the ball either and the mid grind is a good option on full swings (it’s pretty similar to the sole of the Srixons which work well for me)
  8. Waiting for the black and raw to become available and then I’ll be going for 50, 54 & 58. Probably all in mid grind, unless someone can convince me that I need a full grind for iffy lies and the sand. If so I’ll probably get the 54 in full grind. Just concerned that it will then be too much bounce for the fairway? Conversely, does the mid grind have enough bounce for the sand?
  9. The stock graphite shaft would probably be the Miyazaki. But I’m sure the Recoil and the SteelFiber will be available for an upcharge
  10. That’s cool but knowing Hideki he’ll be using another driver by next week
  11. Counterpoint: players love guaranteed money more than they love autonomy. And, if the money is indeed suspect, it can be made to look less so.
  12. Don’t mean to thread jack but I’m interested to know why you think the PGL is silly
  13. Neither. You want the forgiving versions of these clubs - that would be the M2 or the Rogue
  14. I’m a firm believer in covering all bases at that end of the bag, so I have one of every type - a driving iron as a 4 iron replacement, a hybrid at 19 degrees, and a fairway wood at 16 degrees. This set up gives me options. As a rule the driving iron is a straight 4 iron replacement, but I have found that it doesn’t perform as well as a hybrid from rough or iffy lies. You can always choke down or fake something off a hybrid to hit it the required distance
  15. I play the 23 degree Srixon as my 4 iron and then have the 765 5 iron (25 degrees) as my next club. Works well in terms of gapping, but the U45 does go longer than my 4 iron would. That would be due to loft, design and shaft length. I also have the H45 in 19 degrees and I find that having both a standard hybrid and a utility iron works well because it’s gives me options. One thing I think the utility iron doesn’t do well is work out of rough and dodgy lies. It’s great from the tee and fairway though. Vs a 4 iron for me it’s a no brainer
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