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  1. I don’t have enough rounds with the ZX7 to be definitive. But coming from the 745 I think you will prefer the shape of the ZX7 at address. It has a toe that more closely resembles the 745. The sole is also similar with the notch on the heel side, although I’m not sure it makes that much of a difference. At address the top line is thicker on the ZX7 which makes the blade length appear shorter than 785, but it’s really not that much. 785 are probably more forgiving, but I don’t have enough shots to be certain. It’s close either way. I think the feel
  2. Anyway, my point is that probably a lot of people ha don’t really had them long enough to really give you the info you’re after
  3. Would love to help you out but I bought mine in February. And have a grand total of 2 rounds with them! First it was the shipping delays, now in a COVID lockdown. f***.
  4. I just find it interesting that this seems to be the final straw for some people. I mean there’s been a yahoo element in golf crowds for a long time now. The Tour has even encouraged it at certain events. I think the genie is out of the bottle at this stage.
  5. Counterpoint: the PIP will encourage players to be more honest to the media and on social media. We might actually find out who the real a******* are...
  6. I think Srixon are trying to tell you something. UH = You Ho
  7. You’re saying trackman showed you hitting up on your irons?
  8. Thanks! Going to look even nicer with this...
  9. I just acquired this black TM Spider. I have been using the red version for a while but I noticed some differences and wanted to see if anyone could place this? This has a serial number, my red one doesn’t. This has the black face insert and sole plate. I think the original DJ version had grey for both? While this has the red grip, the shaft band is black. If I were to guess I would say it was a custom My Spider built to be a black version of the red original. There was always a difference in firmness of the face insert - this one doesn’t feel fi
  10. The R580/540 XD’s were wonderful drivers. Fond memories
  11. If I’m not mistaken this is the first time the Cleveland has cost more for the raw version. I think it has more to do with the special grind options available with the raw, rather than just the finish itself
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