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  1. Why are the comparisons to the 19 TP5x and not the new version? Is the general consensus that the new TP5x has changed dramatically in feel and performance? I tried the new TP5x and didn’t like it. It felt too soft and spinny, but I have no data to back that up. Been playing with the CSX LS but I’m not in love with that either. I think I’ll go back to the 19 TP5x but give the new version one more chance before I do. Looking for a higher ball flight with medium spin
  2. As always it depends. You’ll get people telling you to all sorts of things. I have the same shafts throughout. I just like the consistency. I have Recoil 95 F4 and the wedges feel fine too. Not too light and I can play chip shots just fine. I would add that I’m no short game maestro and I don’t have a variety of shots that I play with wedges. I understand why some people would want to have heavier shafts or play around with different weights. To be honest I don’t think I’d feel the difference.
  3. Them or Fugazi. LOL Guessing no one has ever said that about Tool
  4. I play the AW. I too replaced the 50 degree RTX4. Works for me. The AW is a full swing club for me. For that it serves its purpose. Slightly easier to hit than the Cleveland. I rarely use anything other than 54 or 58 Zipcore for chipping. I don’t like the AW for chipping, it doesn’t seem to interact with the ground as well as the specialty wedges. It’s true the AW doesn’t math the design of the ZX7s but it’s a good transition from the irons to the Zipcores
  5. Same height as you and play a 60 gram shaft at 44.5 inches. Theoretically I should’ve added weight to the head but never did. Not sure what length and weight your playing now but there are ways around it without adding that much weight to the head - heavier shaft, counter balanced shaft, grip weight etc
  6. Can’t talk to the 4 iron but I have the ZX7 from 5 iron to AW. I think playing the ZX5 in the long irons is not so much about forgiveness, but more about launch, spin, height, carry etc. I had a track man session to understand my gapping and it was borderline for me. The 7 is OK at 5 iron but I suspect I wouldn’t be able to play it in the 4. I suspect you’ll be fine in the 5 and 6. You might want to consider staying in the ZX5 at 4 iron or playing a 23 degree ZX Utility
  7. So anyone want to have a stab at why? Not disputing the results - just want to know why the centre of one design would produce such different results with Iron Byron testing. What’s happening, scientifically?
  8. Do you mean the COG? Because the centre is the centre. But if you mean the centre of gravity then that will vary depending on the club design. Many things can influence the horizontal COG in an iron - blade length, hosel length, design (cavity, blade, hollow?) etc. Generally speaking the horizontal COG in an iron is closer to the hosel than you think. In order to move it closer to the centre of the face manufacturers will try things like putting tungsten in the toe or hollowing out the hosel
  9. I don’t believe twins have ever won back to back before but siblings have. Korda sisters. (I don’t know this for certain- the commentators on the broadcast mentioned it)
  10. I’m a Srixon guy so clearly biased. But if yardage gaps at the bottom of your bag are an issue you need to look holistically at your set up. I used to have a 25 metre gap between AW and SW when I was playing the Z545 - the AW was a Srixon and the SW a Cleveland RTX 2.0. That big a gap is no good and it was one of the reasons why I moved to the 765/965. Given the ZX7 are as “player” as they come from Srixon if you still have big gapping issues I would suggest there might be other things at play eg. shafts, length etc. If there’s not, and the Titleist don’t give you those gapping issues, then the choice is clear
  11. Let me ask you this question. If you swapped the performance of the clubs around, would that make your choice easier?
  12. Driving iron as a 4 iron replacement. Can be used off the tee, off the fairway, and is more forgiving than a standard 4 iron. You will also add lots of variety to your bag and options for every lie. I play a 16 degree fairway, 19 degree hybrid and 23 degree driving iron. All bases covered
  13. This is how I avoid chatter without headcovers
  14. There’d be no shaming if we all just stuck to the rules of golf. You’re allowed to play blades once you break par
  15. Yeah it’s all Cobra’s fault that they can’t make a 5 degree driver that’s forgiving on mis hits when being swung at 130 mph at the end of a 46” shaft. That’s absolutely not on the operator at all
  16. Have they flipped the profiles of these again? I loved the original TP5 but found the 2019 version spun a lot off the driver and that cost me distance. Not 50 yards, but definitely one club less. So I switched to the TP5X in 2019 which I was not a fan of from a feel perspective. But it performed - lower spin and higher flight. Was really looking forward to the 21 update because I knew they would address the feel issue. 21 TP5X definitely feels softer but not in a good way in my opinion. It feels mushy and I also feel like it spins too much, and coupled with high launch it did seem to get affected by the wind. Is it possible I would fit better in the 21 TP5? Currently use the Chrome Soft X LS - feels great, but spins too much around the greens for me. I prefer a lower spin ball. Might just go back to the 19 TP5X until I run out…
  17. Play my driver at 44.5 and always have because I’m a short arse. If I go longer I lose control. Weight is also very important if you’re going to play a shorter shaft. I find that a 60 gram weight works for me, but 50 grams feels too light and I lose my rhythm. But 50 grams at 45.5 inches probably feels better - I just can’t control it
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