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  1. I know this thread is kind of old, but I'm so glad I found it! I have been going crazy for the past month, struggling to understand how I went to a Ping demo day, tried out the G30 driver, and literally bombed (almost) every single one straight, and 240+ yards. Naturally, I just HAD to buy one! I've been using my G30 for the past month, and have not hit it with even remotely the same consistency as I hit the G30 I used at at demo day! Seriously thought I was going crazy... Today, I got 3/4 of an inch cut off the shaft, because I thought it would help with consistency. Doesn't seem to be helping so far... Maybe they use something at demo day that changes the weight of the club? Whatever allows them to just quickly switch out the heads & shafts? I'm going to try experimenting with some lead tape to see if that helps...
  2. I was at the driving range the other day, minding my own business, working on my swing. This guy comes up and starts hitting in the bay next to me. During this particular range session I was mostly working on swing mechanics; not necessarily hitting ball after ball after ball. I was working on my takeaway, taking practice swings (not even full swings, mainly just the takeaway), and then every once in awhile, hitting a ball. I noticed the guy next to me kept standing back, watching me. At first I was trying to figure out why he was watching me. I eventually realized, hmm, I think he is waiting for me to hit. Well... I was just practicing my swing, not actually intent on hitting (anytime soon at least). I was hoping he would figure that out and just go about his range session and forget about what I was doing... but he didn't. It's like he WOULD NOT hit unless I hit. Like we had to "take turns" hitting or something. I mean seriously, it became like a stand off. No matter how long I spent taking slow-mo practice swings, he would not go up to his ball and hit, until I actually hit a ball. I could tell he was getting annoyed spending so much time waiting for me to hit. He eventually left the bay and went to a different section of the range (thank goodness for me!) But what the heck? Was I being an a-hole, simply by not-hitting in a predictable manner? I was just minding my own business! In hindsight, I probably should have just told him, "look, I'm just taking practice swings here, why don't you go ahead and hit" But, my introverted self just kept on doing what I was doing... I personally think it's ridiculous if this guy seemingly expected us to "take turns" hitting on every single shot! I'm at the range to work on my game.. not worry about what the people around me are doing... As long as I'm being respectful, not being loud and obnoxious, or doing "happy Gilmore" hits, I don't believe I owe the people around me anything else, especially at a public driving range... Am I wrong here? Should I be "taking turns" hitting with the people around me? Or is this guys expectations for a public driving range a little too high...
  3. I put so much into my golf game... Was getting weekly lessons for awhile Go to the range after work or play after work AT LEAST 3 days a week.. Play at least 18 holes/day on the weekends Let's just say, besides my 9-5 job.. Golf is my life... And no matter how hard I try.. I have one common frustration; week after week... Let's start with Monday... I go to the range. After a long day of work, I hit a large bucket of balls. By the end of the large bucket, I have found my groove! Then Tuesday, after work, I go to the range. I try to replicate what I did on Monday that had me hitting so well. Doesn't work. Keep trying. Finally by the end of the bucket, I have found my groove again! ... same thing during the work week ... it's like a 24 hour gap between swinging the club means that I need to completely '"re-figure out" my "groove" And then playing over the weekend, it's like I get better and better (since I'm playing all weekend long!).. Oh wait, then I have to go back to work on Monday, and that whole 40hr. week thing ruins what I had working!
  4. I will play in any amount of heat. Don't think heat has really ever prevented me from playing. Rain is fine as long as it's not down-pouring. I can't play in the cold! 50's and sunny is the lowest temp I can typically tolerate. I usually ride in a cart. Maybe this winter I will see if walking might help me tolerate lower temps.
  5. This reminds me of an experience I had last weekend... My friend and I got paired up with two gentlemen. I am a female and typically play from the men's tees... on the first hole, I had an okay drive, and then hit a pretty solid approach shot, but it was an elevated green so I didn't see exactly where the ball came to rest. I walked up to the green at the same time as my two playing partners. There was a ball 6 inches from the cup. I had no idea whose it was. I found out it was mine when I heard the guy I was playing with telling his partner, in a tizzy, "We can't play with her! Did you see that? She landed the ball 6 inches from the cup. Just tell her to go ahead of us. No way I'm playing with them.. there's no way" I was actually confused. I'm like a.) Was that my shot? and b.) Why isn't anyone telling me "good shot"? Gee thanks! LOL My friend insisted that my shot was just "lucky", and to play a few more with us. They ended up warming up on the next hole when I missed the green completely on a par three, and we had a good time playing with them. It was rather eye-opening seeing someone so intimidated to play with me. I'm typically the on that's intimidated! I feel expectations are very high when I play from the men's tees. Always feeling like guys are thinking "Playing from the men's tees... she better not slow down the round". If I have a bad shot, I'm thinking that they are thinking "why isn't she playing from the red's (ladies at my course)?"
  6. [quote name='Timanator' timestamp='1379302118' post='7857845'] Can you repeat the sequence above with a ball in place. Most people I've seen can get mechanically correct without a ball, but when the ball is introduced, they revert to their hitting tendencies. [/quote] Agreed... that's what I'm afraid of... I'm going to either go to the range or play a few holes today after work, I'll try to get another one with actually hitting a ball. If not today than Wednesday. (I have a company tournament tomorrow... Everyone knows that I golf all the time, and they have their expectations set very high for me lol. I gotta get somewhat used to this swing by tomorrow, so I don't completely embarrass myself!!! I was definitely starting to get more consistent with it after 27 holes yesterday, so I have hope)
  7. I tried to create more width in my swing. My two main thoughts were: I tried to imagine being on home plate, and bringing my club back as if I were trying to hand it to the catcher as sblack suggested in his reply. I also tried to keep in mind the "x-factor" as I read in one of Monte's articles "What is a full turn". I think this may have helped? Check out the new (and hopefully improved?) swing. No more "flip-type" move at impact. (Keep in mind, I wasn't hitting a ball this time). Also, my consistency was very poor today! Still trying to get used to these new swing thoughts. Does this look any better??
  8. [quote name='Paul E' timestamp='1379131966' post='7848453'] Monte's article on what makes a proper backswing (in the golfwrx instruction articles section) will get you to the top properly. Lv hack's observations about that top of swing position and advice is solid. (I hope he expands on it, I'd like to hear more). A good thinker and can walk the talk. [/quote] Thanks! Do you happen to have a link to this article by any chance?
  9. Thank you for all of the responses. That definitely helps... I think I have read everything there is to read about "firing hips too fast"... now I see that I probably should investigate how to fix "stuck arms"...!
  10. Searching for the perfect swing ruined by time at the range today! Was playing amazing golf last weekend! Hitting all my drives straight, accurate approach shots, etc. Then I had to go and start video-taping myself at the range this week.... I noticed some flaws. Tried to start fixing those flaws at the range today... not only did I NOT make any progress on fixing my swing flaws, but now my normal swing is messed up too!! I coulndn't stop pull-hooking everything! Hopefully I'll be able to forget all of that, and go back to good swings on the course tomorrow, and not worry about whether my swing is mechanically perfect.... But i will say that overall, I think my swing does need improvement, and I am committed to improve upon my swing until I am the best golfer I can possibly be (lol I'll admit i'm a bit obsessed...)
  11. Looking for some help with my swing... I'll start by saying that I am a 5 handicap and usually hit my irons pretty consistently and get a good amount of distance (relative to other competitive female golfers). Just trying to improve my swing and my game, so I decided to start video-taping myself at the range. Wow, I was shocked to see the video/photos of my impact! Looks like my hips clear well before impact, and that causes me to have to do some sort of "flip" type of move around impact. Check out frames 9&10. I imagine that I am losing power with this little "move".. I am not an expert at analyzing the golf swing, so I wanted to get another opinion, do you concur with this analysis? Or is there some other problem that may be causing my impact position to be off..? And any ideas on how to fix this problem?? Any advice would be much appreciated!
  12. Thanks, I'll check that out. I read "The Golf of your Dreams" by Dr. Bob Rotella and thought that book was very helpful, so I'm sure "Gofl is not a game of perfect" will be too...
  13. Does anybody else find it hard to play well?? I know that is a very ironic question. But what I mean, is that I can not play well for an entire round. It's like the pressure of playing well builds up in me, and after a few holes of playing phenomenally, I psych myself into a mega blow up! Take yesterday for instance... I looked like a pro golfer for the first 4 holes. Had makeable birdie putts 4 holes in a row (guess a real pro would have actually made those birdie putts...). But it was like I couldn't miss a shot! Then, like I said, I felt sooo much pressure to continue playing well that I just blew up. Three holes in a row! I went 7, 7, 6 until I started playing decently again! It happens all the time... I have had far too many instances where I have shot close to even par on the front 9, and then on the back shot like 10 over! It's like I have the physical ability to play well.. but there is this mental barrier. I typically shoot in the low-to-mid 80's... and anytime I am on track to shoot better than that, I psych myself out of it. Does anybody have some advice?
  14. I love the fact that the GC is addressing this problem, but agree with many who say that most of the slow players out there probably don't watch the Golf Channel. The ones that slow down the course are the once-a-month golfers who don't really know much about the game and ettiquite. Having said that, I personally think: 1. TEE IT FORWARD!!! If I had a dollar for the number of times I've seen people consistently slicing, hooking, and shanking from the tips... Or my favorite - if you are unable to hit past the ladies tees when playing from the tips, you should probably be playing the ladies tees. 2. Some people should consider going to a driving range. If you are taking 2+ tee shots per tee, every tee, you would probably get more for your money if you just went to the range. You gotta learn how to crawl before you can walk. 3. If you literally are hacking your way through the course and have a group waiting on you... pick up and drop in the middle of the fairway. Too many weekend hackers try to play every hole out. If you pick up your bad drive and drop on the fairway, you might even have time to play a few extra practice shots. If I was trying to work on my game, I would rather hit 2 practice shots from the fairway 100 yards out, than to hack one from the woods, two from the deep rough, three from under a tree.. and so on and so forth. 4. I am extremely biased and passionate about this topic, because my home course has recently gone public, and our 3.5-4 hours rounds have now turned into 4.5-5 hours rounds
  15. It's hard for me to say how playing with bad golfers affects my game, but I will say that I feel much much better playing with good golfers. One time I was just looking at some guys teeing off on another hole, watching their swings. They had beautiful swings. I then teed off, and felt I swung much better after watching these guys swing, I ended up hitting a beautiful shot. I also have gone out to play with this 14 year old kid at my club who has an amazing swing. I feel like I swing the club much better when playing with him.
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