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  1. Prior to my health issues, I Played regularly with and against a guy who along with Bob Jones is one of two male Ams to EVER Play this game in this country and win the same USGA event FOUR times. Oh, and for sh*ts & giggles, he grabbed a Partner and won his fifth USGA title(The inaugural US Amateur Four Ball). He also won two state Ams, The Sunnehanna Amateur, Played on THREE Walker Cups(2009, 2011 & 2013), was invited to FOUR Masters(2004, 2010, 2011 & 2013) along with qualifying for one US Open(2004), along with 6 exemptions to both the local PGA event, the Pennsylvania/84 Classi
  2. In answering the OP's question and after crawling out of the woods after like my 2nd-3rd thread derailment, yah, after watching him loosen up and seeing these wild *ss practice swings, even though I was well familiar with both him and his accomplishments, I was beyond awestruck by Moe's ability to strike a golf ball, or more accurately, place a golf ball on target Stories do not do it justice, videos do not do it justice, because if you did not witness that man, that swing and that outcome belly to belly, you cannot fathom just how amazing that he was. It's not an exaggeration when
  3. Bro, we were down in Pinehurst to Play with Harvie when I met Nate, not up in Pittsburgh, when Harvie was the Pro at Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club. For you younguns, Harvie Ward is an All-Time Iconic Am, easily in the Top-10 and Pete and Sam had him in their Top-5. He was THE Man and ranked #1 ahead of good friend and Playing Partner Ken Venturi in most of the USGA events that they Played in. He was on top of the world, having the rock star good looks, personality to match and golf Game destined for money and fame. The guys loved to roll with him as did the Gals, lol. He &
  4. Hahaha, small world!!! I met Nate down at Pinehhurst when Pete took me down to meet and Play with Harvie Ward, who was close to both Sam & Pete as Sam had helped Harvie out when the USGA screwed him over, banned him and he was a pariah. Even though his ban was only a year or so, that crushed him and took him years to get over, though Pete said that while he did turn his life around, he was never the same and never got over it. Anyways Nate had been in town to Play some money games and on his way out when we met(he was leaving with $3k+ more that he hit town with). Har
  5. My BB Partner that I've spoken of above and elsewhere Played the Spalding "Bird on Ball(1967-1969)" Professionals(Internet image) and d*mn were those sweet. He also had a back-up set as those were not easy to come by. When we showed up for the money games guys looked at us sideways cuz he was Playin the "BoB"s(there's that d*mn word again) and I was Playin a set of Mizzy TP9's that I'd picked up in Europe, as Mizzy did not hit Pittsburgh till the following season when Bob Ford picked em up over at Oakmont, lol. Stay Well Brotha RP
  6. The other thing is that I came to learn was that Mike was a Hogan Staffer as was our Pro at the time. He had this group pic in his office behind his desk taken down at Ft. Worth with Mr. Hogan and about a 12-15 other mostly Club Head Pros, with Hogan seated center, front row, though Tom Kite was standing on far left of the second row and Gary pointed to the last guy on the far right and though I'd seen the pic before, I'd never noticed anyone but Gary, Hogan and Kite however that guy on the far right was Souchak, lolol. The pic was taken in the early 80's and though Hogan had sold the
  7. Maddie actually found the pic of us three at Pete's driving range and I posted it after the initial post. Yep, he was one bouncing balls into traps on the short side and then I didn't know this either however he was intentionally choosing the distance outa the trap that he wanted his next putt to be and I asked him how close he was to where he was aiming and he said "close," lolol. I mean I had Played against and with Tour Player level guys along with my Best Ball Partner being one of two Players that Sam ever backed for a run at the Tour(due to his off course lack of discipline, he flamed ou
  8. Yah, the last time that that happened was in the late 80's and to make a long story short(well, short for me), I'd won a couple of Clubs, had won just over $4500 for the year in the inter club SWATS and thought that I was a Player(capital P. Those that know my posts know the significance). Well, my Teacher/Mentor, Pete, knew that I was just another *sshole kid who's ego was bigger than his game though Pete, unlike his younger Bro, wasn't big on talkin, though at that stage I wasn't big on listening, so when a good Bud of his and Sam's from the other side of the state passed through town on hi
  9. This doesn't have much to do with lefty girls/Ladies, however since a few mentioned some lefty Tour Boys that played from the right side and I can't believe that Cards & Maddie didn't mention this cuz I know that she knows at least one of em are natural southpaws, and I'm speaking of Mr. Palmer and Ben Hogan, lol. Natural lefties both Excellent thread and some superb responses!! Stay Well My Friends, RP
  10. "He's a can't miss Prospect," Having Played football though college(D1), I lost count of the HS "studs" who flamed out at the collegiate level, when everyone was their size or bigger, faster and stronger, not to mention, nastier, which I found to be the most critical trait, at least on the defensive side of the ball as an ILB(Mike). Sticking to golf, and though he did not make it on the Tour, he did get a few exemptions, not to mention four invitations, to Play Augusta in April, though he initially didn't make his collegiate DIII team, however through sheer force of will focus
  11. You're spot on For lack of a better word, his childhood was Brutal Cheers RP
  12. Ole Sam "got it" from Paul Runyan, lol Sam never forgot "lil Poison" or that beating that he took in '38 or out driving Mr. Runyan that day on one hole by 102yds(342yds to 240) and losing the hole( an eagle 3 to a bird 4), lolol. He brought that round up the last time that I ever spent with Sam up in Pittsburgh, and then he had the [email protected] to say that he "got over it" Yah, just like he got over his US Open nightmares, lol Stay Well Brotha RP
  13. Apologies for the delay in responding BV, as I never saw your post or I would've responded promptly. Regarding notifications, I had a lot of problems with the system changeover, though their origin was more me and my IT incompetence than the board Regarding how the USGA would've responded had it been Hogan instead of Sam, and actually it was Pete, Sam's Bro, who made many more comments than Sam that Hogan was the USGA's "boy," and there would not have been nearly the uproar, nor would Jones have made the public comments that he did, which both Pete and Sam believed were influential
  14. Hey Brotha, I hope all well and apologies for bein late to another party though what's new, lolol Regarding Sam and those Staff drivers, you nailed it cuz he hated their drivers, never ever Played em and he actually would carry 15-20 of em in his car trunk and he'd call it "S&S time," for "sign & sell," after he'd Play and fans would accompany him to his car or even when he'd drive up to Pittsburgh and over to Pete's course/driving range and Sam was like the Pied Piper as the guys would follow him to his car and he'd open the trunk, start pullin out drivers and signin em wi
  15. Invites???? Seriously??? F*CK that Seriously, two of the best weddings that I've ever been to, my Buds and I weren't even invited, lol Two of the greatest nights of my life and I didn't know a soul when I entered that ballroom cept for the two idiots who accompanied me As long as I have a location, I'm good With Hawk & I, ya only need 18 invites I hope that you and yours are well Bro RP
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