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  1. Hell, forget the Korn Ferry, as all that ya have to do is look at what the USGA force fed Oakmont in exchange for future Majors, lol. Stay Well AJ All the Best, RP
  2. It's really no different Bro, from a competitive focus standpoint!! I was taught visualization by my LB Mentor at the age of 15yo, my freshman year in HS, and while I had a nice soph & Jr. year, it took me till probably 3-4 games into my Sr. year before the light clicked on and then it was like I was on auto pilot. The great thing about golf is that ya don't have fans, coaches and other Players screamin at ya when you're addressing the ball. Your ability to focus and visualize should be the biggest benefits that you bring from your Baller days. Then, it
  3. I myself do not believe that there is any advantage to be gained or sacrificed in putting based on one's height, as long as the individual has 100% confidence in the putter in his/her hands. As long as one has what Pete & Sam referred to as "C&T," ie., Confidence & Touch, one has a shot at being a "decent" putter under the gun. Throwing a 67 down shows that unless you were knocking down pins and tappin in for birds, you have C&T, it's just a matter of having the focus and mental discipline to putt, swing & score consistently Have a Great Week
  4. "Great" is such a subjective word and classification however I can say that my putting was considered the best part of my game, I spent over twice as much time, probably closer to three times on my putting, as I did on the line and the only part of my game that I spent more time on was my mental, where over half of THAT was spent on putting, lolol. Yah, I believe that some of it is natural, however the most critical part is mental and confidence, and that is only forged in granite by reps, mental and physical, and for me, or the three men who influenced my putting, it was not about
  5. Norman is 6', MAYBE, lol I'm 6'2" and he was at least a few inches shorter than me Stay Well, RP
  6. Yah, I shoulda talked to my father about it before I posted this as he played with Sutton, my dad's 6' and he said that Sutton MIGHT be 6'1", lol Thanks for the correction Cheers RP
  7. I haven't read through the thread however I know that at 6'5"-6'5 1/2", George Archer is the the tallest to take a Major('69 Masters) and then I guess you'd have Stewart Cink & Hal Sutton at 6'4" who both grabs Majors~ Anyone that takes a Major I'd classify as a "Great" putter Oh, and Tiger ain't 6'1", lol. He MIGHT be 6', MAYBE. Hey, what's an inch to an inch and a half, lol. He'd still be a great putter if he was 6'6". Fairways & Greens 4ever My Friends️ RP
  8. The most important "position" in golf??? The position of your mental game prior to steppin on the first tee Cheers RP
  9. AFTER ya master the Mental game, THIS!!! I never heard Pete day this as he didn't want ya concentrating on scores and numbers while you were tryin to bust your , however I remember hearing Sam say this in my late teens and he said it many many more times over the years~ THREES If @isaacbm hasn't posted in this thread, then there's no one in here that knows more about what it takes to bust 70 than @b.helts! Very Nicely Played Brotha Stay Well Gents RP
  10. As good as one's physical game is, their MENTAL GAME must be superior to that!! Trust me here~ YOU WILL NOT BREAK 70 UNDER THE GUN without a mental game superior to your physical game All the Best in Your Journey RP
  11. Don't worry about hijackin the thread, lol. There is no such thing in one of my threads No, never even close to Tour level, lol As my Teacher often said, I was a football Player masquerading as a Player, lol I was a good competitive Am, at my best, between +2.8 and +3.2. My biggest break was having the Grandmother that I had, a 4-time State Womens' Am Champion and former Mixed BB Partner of Pete(Hary Wilford) Snead, Sam's Bro. She taught me the game starting at the age of 7yo, then she dropped me off on his doorstep figuratively speaking at the
  12. Hahaha, think of averaging THREE HUNDRED & FIFTY TWO YARDS PER DRIVE(351.90) for a round of golf WTF??? Nice post Cheers RP
  13. He's also pretty witty, lol. He Played at the club a number of times, in both charity events and then he came to see Pete in the late 80's to do some swing work and we'd all grab a cart in the evening and go out on the course, play 4-5 holes then jump to another part of the course and play 4-5 more then pack it in. So this one evening, Sam had come up to see Pete, so it was Sam, Pete, Lon and myself and we finished up and went into the men's card room for a pop and we were sittin at the table and there were two other tables right next to ours where we all used to sit and then there
  14. Hahaha, that's a Classic!!! For the Youngsters, who in the last year or two found out that there actually was legitimate golf Played Pre-Tiger, let me take ya on a lil walk back to 1979, US Open, Inverness Golf Club, 1st round and a guy, one Lonnie Hinkle(He preferred "Lon"), who was a journeyman at the time, came to #8, a dogleg par 5, and in the first round Looking n Played a 1i tee shot through a gap in the trees and down the adjacent 17th fairway, leaving him a 2i to the green. Well, there was no friggin way that the USGA and the boys at Inverness were gonna l
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