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  1. Lolol, Bro, Maddie just asked me: "Where do you get all these rankings that you spout off all the time??" hahaha, between you and I, I just make em up Seriously though, for Ams, I always use Nathan(currently #1004 world wide, #237 Senior Am) or Sean(currently #1812 world wide, #412 Senior Am) as a barometer then guesstimate from there and for Pros, I just combine the total number of Card carrying members of the various Tours then lump guys like the Hackster somewhere in a grouping after all the card carrying Big Dogs, alternates, next up, etc.
  2. Granted, this did not occur on Tour, though Jhared Hack is a mini-tour Player, probably one of the top 3000-3500 Players on earth, and no, at 6339yds, along with a Par 72, the Las Vegas Golf Club ain't exactly up to Tour standards, however a 57 is a friggin 57, and that is some SERIOUS golf!!! He made the turn at 10 under(26)!! Hack carded 10 birdies, 3 eagles and a bogie during a skins match for the 57. He won a measly $220, lol. That is a shame that he wasn't in a big game It's not like the Hackster doesn't have game as he spanked both Rickie and Dustin in match pl
  3. Yessir, I had a World Class Teacher, actually Three If I'm lyin, I'm dyin Brotha Have a Great Weekend RP
  4. First, I deeply appreciate @Hawkeye77's, @TiScape's and @dosman's comments and posts! Thank you all very much Secondly, as I stated earlier, I have no problem with BSH's comments/posts as he stated his case, reasoning and opinion in a mature gentlemanly manner, to which I attempted to respond in kind. His thoughts aside, I absolutely agree with him that we should be able to question or comment to someone regarding their Truthfulness and integrity if we in our hearts doubt them, as long as it is done in a mature adult like manner, which, at least from my view, BSH did. Tha
  5. I have always been skeptical when I've witnessed, read of some incredibly rare and potentially Iconic action, event or individual or heard other classify it as such, as when I was younger, the word "Icon" or any derivatives there of was virtually never thrown around, as men like Walter Hagen, Byron Nelson, Sam, Ben Hogan and a few others were referred to as Legends, and when I asked my Teacher about this, Pete, Sam's older Bro, responded that it's a "sport" and sports have "Legends," society has "Icons," lol. I was young, impressionable and took everything that he said as gospel, as my Grandmo
  6. That is fine if you do not believe me, though it was not AT the last Ryder Cup, it was prior to it, as initially it was actually through Maddie who had met and befriended Justine and the relationship started at Oakmont at the Open, though the dinner that I spoke of earlier was in Houston, not Pittsburgh, about a month later. As far as knowing "every tour pro," no, not close, though through my Teacher of 32+ years, the only Teacher and older Bro of one of the most Iconic Players of All-Time, in combination with belonging to and being a 4-Time Club Champion of what's considered one of the top-2
  7. I' Nope, every single one is spot on, and the details come from over 300+ notebooks similar to the soft subject notebooks that are used in HS, that I started keeping in 1985 the year prior winning my first club as my Teacher told me to keep a detailed log of my practice routines and competitive rounds. That turned into basically a diary a few years later that I kept up through my last season prior to my first health issues, then it became a social diary. Madison and my former BB Partner had them bound and gifted them to me for my 50th Birthday. There are many that will never see
  8. Bro, I just noticed that you started the thread Right hand to God , I never look at who the OP is or their OP so as not to be influenced Sometimes my focus can be myopic, and I can be such an *sshole, lol Stay Well Brotha RP
  9. That's a great question as knowing Patrick a lil, and I'm goin back to just prior to the last cup as Maddie and I were out with he and Justine and we were talking about the Cup, the team aspect of it and how, even though most of these guys would never wanna go out to dinner with Patrick(or Justine, as when Patrick said that, she chirped in, "or me," and it was funny as hell as it came out of left field, which she would do often. She's funny, witty and sharp. Don't believe everything that ya read), every one of them who wanted to win, and winning was their number one goal, would want him as a
  10. Though I've only responded for her once in the years that she's been on the board, and this is just a flyer, though it is neither, lol. One, she doesn't troll and two, she's sharper than me, and I ain't lunch meat Brotha That said, and my respect for you aside, as you're in my top sphere of most respected members on this or any board, I agree with her and disagree with anyone that believes for a second that a legit 4~ could compete against say, James Braid. This may go to the fact that all that I read(and I can't speak for Madison on this) was the title, NOT the OP, so if there wer
  11. I wouldn't pick Phil just cuz he's a locker room cancer and while I love him as a Player, and has been pointed out many times above me, aside from his lightning in a bottle weekend, this year has been garbage on the whole. Plus, he's not a leader, which in and of itself is ok, cuz not everyone has what it takes to lead and motivate others, in fact, the vast vast majority of men, regardless of their lots in life, do not possess this ability. What I would never tolerate from Phil is his b*tch like passive aggressive manipulative behavior when he doesn't agree with a decision or doesn
  12. US, big favorites???? Bro, you willing to lay $500 on that??? Fairways Greens & Fair Skies 4ever️ RP
  13. Bro, you're a faaaaar better man than I cuz I couldn't bring myself to respond to that post unless literally, my, Maddie's or Ava's life were on the line Absent that scenario, I would do what I did, read it, say "WTF did he just post" to myself, reread it just to make sure that he posted what I thought that he posted, which he did, I then chuckled to myself, and moved on, as there is absolutely nothing that I could say in response to THAT post Seriously, WTF Bro, he's dropping stereotypical quips that the clueless drop But this is why I Love
  14. Hey Bro, I hope that your back is quiet and you're having a nice season I agree with ya though Maddie pointed out to me that you cannot expect someone to understand or even comprehend something they have absolutely no real world actual first hand experience with, which 98%+ of these guys or any group of guys have none Hey, it makes for entertaining reading Stay Well Brotha RP
  15. WhyITF you always gotta bring that match up???? It took me two weeks to get over it and my BB Partner was so pissed at Pete cuz he said that he "ruined" me, lolol The worst part is you always say that you were in HS at the time, like I was hangin around your school or cheerleading practice like some perv Lovingly Me
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