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  1. Yah, I thought the same thing Bro, and said so to Madison, who became good friends with Michelle and she said that Michelle was in a much better place than Tiger EVER was because she was at peace with herself, her achievements to date(2012) and her place in the world, regardless of what the future held. She told us in 2012 that as a child she had visualized herself(shot for shot, round for round and major for major, all 16 of em) winning 16 Majors(Patty Berg has 15), having a wonderful husband and two Beautiful children, a Boy and a Girl, and she would live happily ever after, lol. She giggled a few times when she said this, though I could tell when she would look away from us, staring off above us, that she was no doubt visualizing those past Dreams and while there obviously would have to be adjustments made on the Tourney side, she also said and I am quoting this, "I will win a Major before I'm done. I'm too good not to." The thing was, as light hearted and sorta girlish as she was in telling of her early dreams, goals and visions, she flipped the switch, as the greatest competitors do, regardless of whether they be Am or Pro, or regardless of the sport, when she made the comment of winning a Major and stating that she was "too good" not to, as she turned dead serious, her tone dropped and she had an intense look in her eyes. She also seemed to be speaking to Madison more so than me as they were talking of competitive golf, Guys versus Gals, yada yada yada and I was eating as many nachos and guacamole as I could without appearing to do so and lookin like a pig as it was the best guac that I'd had in years. Maddie even kicked me under the table as in "slowTF down ya pig," lolol. Madison and Michelle spoke about her life, how hers & Tiger's early lives had paralleled each others, though she took a left where he took a right and he took a left when Michelle went right. She didn't specifically mention Tiger's Mother, though Maddie couldn't help but notice that Michelle spoke often of her Mother, a former South Korean Amateur Champion, as the competitive driving force in her early life, with her Father being the "softer" of the two. It came as no surprise to Madison or I when Michelle won her first Major two years later, the US Open, THE Major to win for an American Female Pro if they win only one(or a Male Pro for that matter, though I'd take the Masters cuz of the annual dinner, and yah, I'd have Mexican from Agave Azul), nor when she got married and had a Beautiful lil Girl. Michelle has had the same type of physical setbacks as Tiger, minus the car wreck, and if she can regain her health and stay healthy, I see no reason why she can't add to her 5 LPGA Championships or 1 Major. However, if she does not and she never wins another Tourney, Michelle is happy and at peace with herself, something that I believe that Tiger has had an issue with and chased his entire life, and I'm not convinced that he's caught it and is at peace, though he has been force fed a few very large negative doses of reality. After further thought, and Madison filling in the gaps that Father Time, meds and lost brain cells have erased, I think that Michelle's mind set is just , while it ain't Tiger's, though really, who's is or ever was? Jack and maybe Hogan(That's a big maybe though his comeback from the wreck was impressive)? While Michelle didn't approach Tiger's record as a Pro, she did win 5 LPGA Tourneys along with 1 Major, plus she was one of the Premier American Players for over a decade, Playin on a decades' worth of Solheim Cups(5) along with being chosen as an Asst. Captain for the upcoming Cup(It's yet to be determined if she'll be a Playing Asst). I think that if ya had Tiger at one end of the scale, the young Phenom who lived up to the hype, and then say, Fast Eddie Pearce on the other end of the scale, the Am Phenom who SI anointed as the "next Jack," who wilted like a rose in the Arizona summer heat as a Pro, or that poor b*stard, Ty Tryon, who might still be mounting another comeback, Michelle would probably be somewhere in the middle. While she may not have lived up to the hype, very very very few ever do, however she won a few including a Major, has a life time's worth of memories and a few lifetimes' worth of friends and acquaintances, including her life-mate,along with having a gorgeous lil child, and at the end of every day, she is cool with the Gal lookin back at her in the mirror However, the icing on the cake for me is that friggin turn with the square hips, lolol Three Bills Bros, three bills And a smile that could melt frozen butter!! Stay Well Brotha RP
  2. Bro, one, I hope that ya know that I was just messing around as I would if we were sittin around the table at the 19th Be it the real world or virtual, yah, I'm an *sshole, though I like to keep it light off of the course, lol. Besides, you're one of my fave members and I'd never ever take a serious shot at you on the board. I didn't mean to get Pepper all wound up. Jesus Pep, Shilgs ain't one of these entitled clueless newbs, lol. He's at our table Brotha Well, you guys don't have to worry about me as I can't grip the club for longer than 5-7 seconds without tremors occurring, can't get off of my left side(I was thinking about tryin the S&T though Maddie said "don't even think about it," ) and rarely, if ever, hit the same spot twice in a row on the club nowadays On another subject, I Played a number of rounds(pre-medical meltdown) with Michelle and damn, can she smoke a golf ball. Seriously, she's the first female that I ever saw, much less Played with, that could take it 3 bills+. When she winds up, it's ridiculous, lol. I stood FO when she hit and her shoulder turn with minimal hip turn(as noted in pic) is beyond impressive. It's obscene, haha. This is one LPGAer that can take it deeeeeep when the urge strikes her. She said that she took it 300 for the first time on a course at 13yo, though no one believed her or her father, who was her caddie at the time, until the following year, at the age of 14yo, when Michelle not only took it 307yds on a measured hole, she also shot the lowest round ever shot by a female in a PGA event, which stands to this day, with a 68!! FWIW, Michelle was 6'0" at the age of 14yo, and she added an inch to stand 6'1" as an adult. She has the most "guy like" swing of any woman that I've ever Played with. Her move is incredible and there are only a handful of Ams on this board with a move to match. You can take that to the bank Gents(I'm not talkin just winding up & blastin it, I'm talkin landin it in the short hair) Well, that's about it Brotha. I just hope ya know that my stuff was said in jest oh yah, one last thing~ I agree with Obes that there are far too many clueless chops claiming that a legit LPGAer would destroy a competitive scratch(Please remember that my definition of a competitive scratch is a Plus Player, of which I was one, that Plays to that Plus under the gun). The reason that I call em "chops" is cuz they are guys who have not "been there done that," as any guy who has, KNOWS that not to be the case. Would they win every time? Come 'on, don't be a moron too. Of course not!! However, they would compete, they would win a few and they most certainly would hold their own in any match, and I'm speaking from the same tees, as Michelle, Madison(Maddie won't ever say it though she was a +4.1 to +4.2 during the 2011-2012 seasons. Now she sux and is a chop at +2.2) and Stacy Lewis, when she Played, did. Thanks much for reading this rambling word wreckage Fairways & Greens 4ever️ RP No
  3. We are on the same page regarding our thoughts on a "scratch" being able to compete on the LPGA Tour, lol. It's kinda funny cuz most of the guys chirpin that stuff ARE NOT, NOR HAVE THEY EVER PLAYED AT/COMPETED AT SCRATCH/PLUS, EVER!! The only ones that I could see having a chance are those Scratches/Plusses that were past deep Plusses(+4 or lower) who were formerly Elite collegiate Ams or Pros, like @isaacbm, basically, guys for whom, life got in the way and they travelled north to scratch versus Ams who travelled south to Scratch. Stay Well Brotha RP
  4. Great call @Obee!! Oh, @Shilgy's is a first ballot WRX HoFer under the "Goal Post Moving(GPM)" category!! The amazing thing is not that he does it, as that's a mandatory skill for any WRX regular, however it is that most are not even aware that he did it, as if they look away from their screen, then when they look back to respond, BOOM, instead of 110 to the pin from the middle of the fairway, they've got 136yds, from the second cut Way to take a stand Obes!! I love ya Shilgs, but you're a Putz, and hell no, Jack didn't have an easier stroll down the fairways than these entitled brats have today "Depth of Field???" Next thing ya know, Shilg's is gonna be including the Player's Caddie's and first born son in the mix Lovingly RP
  5. I knew what ya meant Brotha, lol And I've Played in a couple of Pro Ams Stay Well RP
  6. On a serious note, this is actually the whole crux of the matter, as to what exactly is a "scratch golfer," as I believe that the definition is different from golfer to golfer. Just for those not familiar with my mindset, thoughts or posts, when I speak of "scratches" and "Plusses," I am speaking of "competitive" Players in both categories, or as some like to say, "traveling scratches" or "traveling Plusses." I do not put "competitive" in front of those nouns as in my former golf world, there were nothing but "competitive" Scratches, Plusses & Pros, much like Obe's world. Poseurs, like former Tiger nemesis, Josh Scobee, who was what we referred to as a "club" Plus, didn't last but one round at my club Obes brought up a great point in that while I did indeed shoot around "scratch," my GHIN, aside from Beefeaters, was +2.8. When asked, I always replied that I was a "Plus," only saying the exact number if asked. So, as David stated, one has to clarify exactly what their definition of a "scratch" Player is. Fairways & Greens 4ever My Friends️ RP
  7. I enjoy these threads "Scratch" "Legit Scratch" What, versus, say an "illegitimate" scratch "Traveling Scratch(this one kills me)" "Retired LPGA Players" All that we're missing is that elusive illusory ephemeral "4~"!!! I loooooooove this place Please don't ever chang my Friends RP
  8. Nah, while I would agree the majority of the time, however when @Hawkeye77 states that he doesn't care, he really doesn't give a sh*t Stay Well My Friends RP
  9. So would I Brotha, so would I Cheers RP
  10. Apologies as I was responding to Mark's post, though I didn't mean to post this and accidentally hit "save," lol. I can't find the "delete.". At some point today/tomorrow I'll finish this. Haha, one thing that has not happened across the past decade is that I've become more IT savvy. I'm still an IT *sshole Stay Well My Friends RP
  11. First, Congratz, as 23 Clubs is incredible!! Strike that, it's friggin obscene Secondly, your golf committee/board should set a schedule, stick to it, and that is it. If the individual cannot adhere to that schedule and the scheduled matches, then, regardless of who they are, they forfeit the match. End of story. The tail should NEVER be allowed to wag the dog!! Finally, it is not bragging if ya do/did it~ It is merely stating fact Again, very nicely Played Fairways & Greens 4ever My Friend️ RP
  12. Superb Post!!! Thanks much for sharing What you learned was probably Sam's most spoken bit of advice to Ams, whether it was on the line, on the course or at the 19th. He ALWAYS told Ams to take one more club than they initially thought, then just take their regular swing, and he also told Ams more times than I could remember, that unless they had hit "tens of thousands(yah, he used the word, "tens," lol) of a particular 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 swing shot, to ALWAYS take the club that allowed them to take a full swing, when playing "under the gun," his phrase for playing under pressure. You've had some great experiences and a lot to be proud of Continued Success Brotha RP
  13. Nah Bro, you and Norman got nothin in common!! You seem like a real good guy with a lot of heart Norman's a d*ck All the Best RP
  14. Now THIS is somethin to be proud of!! Congratz Brotha RP
  15. Hell Yeh it counts!! Congratz Brotha!! Anytime that you're the last man standing, you've got a lot to be proud of Very Nicely Played May that be the first of many more RP
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