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  1. While I agree with your thoughts on this, there are some guys for whom their chronological numbered age is just that... A number Then there are others for whom that number represents a badge of honor, a link to an era, and ultimately, ala Tom Watson(Whom I think the world of and respect greatly), a lead ball around their neck. For Freddy, except physically, where he's a massive train wreck, his age is nothing more than an irrelevant number. As any of the regular members know, I've never been a big, or even little, fan of Freddy, however that said, he does not act his age, he still Plays off-season games with a lot of these guys, including Dustin, Harris & Tony Finau, who I believe to be three of the older members of the team, and his personality is such that, when he chooses to, he gets along with guys of ANY age. He also was a 3-Time victorious President Cup non-playing Captain, the last in 2013, so he knows what to do, when to do it and most importantly what not to do, what NOT to say and when to keep his thoughts in his head, which is not easy for any of these guys, especially the younger ones who every thought ends up on some social media venue. All this said, I would have to agree with ya that Freddy's ship has sailed. Jesus, I posted a positive post about Norman, I'm defending Freddy, WTF I liked myself better on meds Great post Stay Well RP
  2. Well, I don't know about anyone, cuz I believe that there were a few in the mix who would screw up a wet.... ah, forget it, you're right Have a great day Brotha RP
  3. Oh Dear God Only in golf, would this be considered "ruthless," Had this been said in any of the football locker rooms that I had the privilege of occupying for the better part of 17 seasons, we would have b**** slappedthe clown that said it THIS is what's wrong with the game today!! Its gotten so barbarous, brutal, ferocious &.... RUTHLESS!!! I'm not even gonna comment on the author of this article as he is employed by the Man Hey, it's Tuesday morning, I'm bored and it's just sinking in that I pissed away $2500 this past weekend and didn't even have fun doin it!! Now THAT is ruthless Not to worry, I've endured worse "STEP ON THEIR NECKS" "RUTHLESS" Thank the Good Lord above that one, Tiger is injured and unable to lead this pack of Barbarians, and secondly, that metal spikes are banned, or this woulda been a friggin Blood Bath!! Fairways Greens & Fair Skies 4ever My Friends️ RP
  4. I actually think that Zack, if he gets the nod, will do a nice job. Two Players that I would not have thought were Zack fans, and I'd have put money on them NOT being Zack fans, though please bear in mind that I lost $2500 on this Cup, indeed spoke highly of him. He'd be a solid choice, and screw Shedloski, he stole that "absof*****lutely" from me as I used that in a post on the board the first week that I joined here, when he was still in diapers Putz Cheers RP
  5. Did they invite Ben back in 2001 following the most exciting comeback/victory in my lifetime??? Did they invite Zinger back following his "Podinator" performance which snapped a Euro THREE Cup Victory streak, was THE largest US margin of victory since 1981 and was the first time since 1979 that the US had held the lead after every session of play??? Did they invite the Love Dog back following the US's first Victory in almost a decade on the heel's of Tom's debacle(2014) where Phil couldn't place a drive in the fairway to save his life however he single handedly destroyed a locker room(stated by a Player in that locker room)??? They wanted to make Ben the President of the PGA and Zinger the Prez of the USGA for Chrissakes Yet neither was in serious consideration for an Act II! Besides, most guys are friggin idiots on a good day, and following an emotional victory, they'd give away their wife & first born if the right offer crossed the tablle No, Strick will not return Stay Well My Friends RP
  6. Great post!! THIS is a US Team to be proud of and to build on, not only because they won in such dominating fashion, though make no mistake, this is a beating that the Euro Members on that team will NEVER forget, however these young US Players don't have the scars, mental pictures and memories from the recent US Ryder Cup defeats, ie., 2014/2018, where their locker rooms were made for TV reality sh*t shows and their Play lackluster. They came to Wisconsin with no positive mental pictures/images to draw on "under the gun," and it didn't matter as they made their own, and they've made enough to last em a life time, much less the next decade!! As TL stated, there is a great core of young guys who have now "been there done that" and regardless of who joins the 2023 team & beyond, I expect this younger nucleus to be on that Team or jockeying for a spot on the Team for the next decade. I never doubted their ability and talent. I just didn't expect them to respond mentally as they did, and I though that Brooks and Bryson would be a negative influence. I was sorely mistaken as they obviously helped with the young guys. That said, I'm sure that now that both Bryson & Brooks have hoisted and drank from the cup, that their opinions on the Ryder Cup have changed, or at least in Brooksie's case, he can now better understand why the Ryder Cup occupies the place that it does in Professional Golf, and why it beats the sh*t outa late morning naps I'm really happy for that Team, their support staff and their families!! Hopefully, this experience sheds a different light on the Cup for B&B cuz they are in a position to lead a nucleus of Players with the physical talent that the US Team hasn't had this century and going back to the at least the mid-90's. Sam stated that there were only three times in his Professional Tour career when he got chills down his spine, one being on the first tee at Augusta when his name was announced, the second was on Friday Morning on the first tee of the first session of the Cup on American soil when his name was announced, with the third being when he walked up the 18th FW on Sunday afternoon of his single's match in the Cup. I don't say this in a nasty or negative way as I cared for Sam a lot(I Loved Pete, told him so and he replied in kind, though my feelings for Sam didn't rise to that level). That said, Sam was THE most self centered egotistical narcissistic Tour Boy that I've EVER met or spent any time with and while he could be kind hearted and fun to be around, well, I'll leave it at that. My point being that if someone like Sam, who's ego put G&G's to shame and was me, Me, ME could get that emotional/excited about the Ryder Cup, there's hope yet for the guy that needs his naps above all else along with the Guy that wants to moonlight as a Long Baller!! I think that they're both gonna be kickin someone Euro *ss for years to come Spot on comment TL My Best RP
  7. My Post-Cup observation: Not having Tiger, Phil or any of the "old guard" on the team was THE single greatest stroke of genius, intentional or not, by Captain Steve Stricker. Yes, Phil was an Assistant Captain, however an Assistant Captain when the Captain is in the room is akin to having a vice-president in the room with the CEO present. Their presence is in body only as their influence, impact and importance is minimal with them basically there to be seen and only heard from if spoken to. Trust me, had Phil been a Captain's pick, it woulda been about Phil and I believe that as a Leader, well, he IS NOT a leader, and he can very quickly be poison to a locker room. Whether intentional or not, by including Phil though minimizing his role to basically that of a glorified cart b*tch was brilliant by Strick, whether intentional or not!! To not have Phil involved at all and sitting at home, well, when Phil feels slighted, has time on his hands and media available and only too glad to listen to his every often self serving comment, that creates distractions that this Team did not need. In speaking to another Tour Boy today who is fairly close to Steve(Steve and his wife stay at this Guy's place in Orlando when they go south over the winter) and while he agreed with me on this topic, he's not so sure that it was intentional as much as Steve wanting to include FIGJAM though not believing him worthy of a Captain's pick. Regardless of the thought process behind it, THIS was THE greatest Captain's selection of the 2021 cup. Other than this thought, every other one of my thoughts this cup weren't worth a sh*t Well, they were worth $2500 to other, far brighter Gents than I, lol Stay Well My Friends RP
  8. Didn't age well at all I commented in the other Cup thread and it hurts too much to have to post any more than this Stay Well Brotha RP
  9. Nah, regardless of how the matches went, I never chirp during the matches cuz it ain't over till it's over, and even though I'm not supposed to, I'm big into karma, and someone with far more power than I has a way of shutting up those that gloat, especially when there is time on the clock or holes and rounds to be Played, lolol That said, I hadda sick feeling Friday night and the thing is, when you jump out like the US did outa the gate, especially with a young untested team like the US, which was the more talented team, the confidence and self believe that they may not have had Friday when they teed off, and whatever mental edge that the Euros might have enjoyed on Friday was greatly negated on Saturday morning and based on the US showing that their Friday performance was no fluke, with a friggin 6 point lead heading into Sunday's singles, well, it was all over. That is last 7 singles matches were IRRFRIGGINRELEVANT was incredible to me I haven't seen a performance like that since the Cup was up the Road at Laurel in 1975, when the US buried Europe, 21-11. That was also my first time that I volunteered at a Tour event as a bunch of us Jr. members from the various clubs were "runners," lol. Be that as it may, these US kids' grit & mental games matched their talent, and I was betting on that not happening, lolol The Euros better dip deep into their Players' pool and come up with more than aging legends, cuz these young guys have the game and now that they KNOW that they can do it versus hoping that they can do it, well, put it this way.... I don't see myself putting $2500 on the Euros in 2023 Instead of seeing Lee, Ian and even Sergio as signs of the weakness of the talent pool, I saw what I wanted to see, even though Lee on his best day under the gun has the mental game of a mindless idiot, he has been a formidable Ryder Cupper, Playin on seven Cup winning teams(20-18-6). Oh well, lol I'll be in touch Brotha Very Nicely Played Fairways Greens & Fair Skies 4ever️ RP
  10. I don't whats no funnier, Brooksie's comment or Sergio's reaction Cheers RP
  11. One of the 2-3 Greatest Amateurs of All-Time and THE Greatest child golf Prodigy ever was invisible in HS and had the nickname of "Erkel" in college, then he became a male 'ho as a Pro. Go figure, lol The only Guys who would've been "big guys" in HS are the ones that Played TEAM sports, ie., football, basketball, baseball, etc. Cheers RP
  12. Yah, they had some excellent Players go through there, as almost half of em went on to get college scholarships. Jim Suttie was a friend of Pete's and though I never met him, I answered the phone a few times when he called the Pro Shop to speak with Pete. He had a great program as he had 6-7 AA's counting Zinger, though Paul was a 2~/3~ cap when he walked on. Jim Suttie has always been one of the top 20-25 Teachers in the country however he just has never had the big PR machine behind him. I think that his most amazing feat as a community college coach was that his teams won 25+ college tourneys competing against the big 4-year programs from the ACC & the SEC. Pete left me part of his golf library, one book of which was a signed copy(for Pete) of Jim's Book, "Your Perfect Swing." Jim sent it to Pete a few weeks before he passed in 2006 and he never got to read it however he thought the world of Jim as a Person, Player and Teacher. Great post! Thanks for responding Stay Well RP
  13. FWIW, I looooove when a geriatric five foot nothin guy drops an F-bomb or two on a big brawny long baller, especially with that sexy welsh twang, lol Fairways Greens & F-Bombs 4ever️ RP
  14. First, Paul Aziinger went further with less than most Tour Players who got a card, much less one who spent 300+ weeks inside the World's Top-10 along with bagging a Major, Playin on 4 RC's(2-1-1) and Captaining one(1-0), startin his career as a walk-on at Brevard Friggin Community College before getting a ride to Florida State, where Koepka also Played. Second, there is absolutely no doubt that Brooks Koepka has the drive, talent yada yada yada as his four Majors in a four+ year period demonstrates, and he very easily could have had two more, one a green jacket. It also demonstrates that he drills down and focuses when he wants to focus, he Plays when he wants to Play and he wins when he wants to win. Anyone that has done what Koepka's done under the gun, on Golf's biggest brightest stage, the US Open, and he has practically owned the tournament that Sam said was THE only tournament that he ever Played in that he had to consciously remind himself to take slow deep breaths in, who has spent 47+ weeks atop the world rankings is in a league with very very few Players who have EVER Played the game, much less his current competitors. However, to only have four other wins over that span, with his talent, focus, discipline & ability, well, as I stated, he Plays when he wants to Play and he wins when he wants to win. Regarding Paul Azinger, he is one of THE most respected former Players walkin this earth and I assure and will guarantee you that Hal's comment was not nor would it EVER be directed at Paul Azinger. Paul Azinger has "been there done that" as a Tour Player, as Major Winner, as a Ryder Cup Player(2-1-1) and as a Ryder Cup Captain(1-0). Hal was referring to most of the commentators who either Played the Tour for a minute and then disappeared off of the face of the earth or all of the media hacks who've never Played for Pay on golf's biggest stage, the PGA Tour. I, and I'm sure that most that know what Azinger is referring to, do not look at it as "taking shots" at Koepka as much as telling him what he needs to hear, whether he likes it or not. There is no more qualified individual in Professional golf than Paul Azinger to telll Koepka this. Actually, Koepka is my favorite current Player cuz I followed him over at Oakmont, watched him hit balls by himself for almost two hours and then he went to the putting green for an hour and his focus and discipline was insane. He did not address ONE ball without going through his PSR, and this was almost three hours of practice. I only recall one other Player who had that type of focus and discipline like that and it was Vijay. However, as I stated before, with Jack, Tiger, Hogan, Sam & Tom Watson, just to name a few, that drive and PASSION was not selective. They wanted to win every single time that they Planted the Tee, and it's not that he does not want to win, I just have to ask where the focus and especially the Passion is that allows him to bear down, grind the field down and win or be in virtually every Major that he's Played in in the past 4+ years. If he is going to Play, that includes the Ryder Cup In my opinion, he has the talent, skills and potential to be one of the All-Timers, as in Top-10 All-Timer, however he's gotta bring it more than 4-5 times a year. That takes more than talent. That takes more then drive. That takes more than discipline. It takes a deep seeded Passion for the game and competition, anyplace, anytime and against anyone, regardless of the format. Oh, and it takes some luck, though Brooksie should be fine there cuz if ya notice, the mediocre and poor performers rarely if ever get lucky. Usually the guys at Koepka's level get lucky, as luck is nothing more than the intersection point of preparation & performance and Brooksie definitely prepares and performs when he wants to. None on Tour do it better!! Regarding Paul, I'll never forget when he won the 1994 Frank B. Fuhrer Jr. Family House Invitational, that I've spoken of previously, which was at the time the most lucrative two-day 36-hole non-official Tour event in the country(the one where Fuzzy basically disinvited himself by refusing to don a tie for the awards dinner, telling Mr. Fuhrer in the Pro shop, where he was going to buy Fuzzy a tie when he informed Mr. Fuhrer that he didn't bring one, "I'm not a tie kind of guy." Wrong statement if ya want to return,, as Fuzzy obviously did cuz he called Mr. Fuhrer incessantly at the end of that year when his invitation didn't come, only to have Mr. Fuhrer refuse to take his call or return his calls. He tried to get through to him through his Son, Frank III, a former Tour Boy and 3-Time AA at UNC, and then through our HP, as the event was held at our club. No dice, lolol. Ole Fuzzy never Played again, lol), with the pictures on the "Winner's Wall" looking like a World Golf HoF tribute, as Sam presented the Winner's check and trophy to Paul and in his introduction, as this was in 1994, after his Ryder Cup appearances though well before his Captaining the 2008 team, and Sam said that while Paul might not have been the most talented Player to ever Play the Tour, as he wasn't close to the most talented in the field that day, which drew a lot of laughs cuz Sam dead panned it with a straight face when he said it, lolol(7 of the 1993 Top-10 Money listers were in the field, including N. Price, G. Norman, B. Crenshaw, T. Kite, B. Langer, R. Mediate, L. Janzen, & D. Love, to name a few) he would take 12 Paul Azinger's and Play any other 12 men on earth any day, any place any time. THAT sums up Paul Azinger!! Yes, there are some guys who have not "been there done that," and they don't deserve to be listened to in ANY scenario, be it athletic, professional or social. Then you have guys who have "been there done that" however they turn into mentally broken down bitter middle aged or old men, and they don't deserve to be listened to either. However Paul Azinger, has not only been there done that, he stood atop the mountain🏔 as both a Player AND a Captain, and if there is any former Ryder Cup Player or Captain who has the respect and ear of any Player with the dream of standing atop that mountain, and hoisting that trophy this upcoming Sunday, only a fool and an *sshole would not listen to Paul Azinger. Regarding Brooksie, it's more about Passion than drive because I don't believe that there are two other Tour Boys as driven as him. It just comes down to keepin that flame lit every time he plants the tree. As always, just my .03 worth Thanks for responding Stay Well Brotha RP
  15. I agree with Zinger!! He "gets it" and he always has!! There are certain things that can be taught, coached, drilled & instilled into someone. Passion, Drive & Heart are not three of those things. They also are not selectively brought to bear~ One either has that passion and drive to win each and EVERY time that they step onto the course, court, field or ice, or they do not~ Cheers RP
  16. Hahaha, Bro, small world!! The Cotton Club opened my second year in ChiTown and was the hottest place in town for over a decade as the Bears & Bulls Players hung out there. A good friend, Dan Rains, a Bears back-up LB who showed me around his college(Cincinnati) back when I took my college recruiting visit, then I competed against him one season in college, we remained close and we lived together in ChiTown for two years. We used to run around together and we'd drop in late night at the CC, and a bunch of Bears, including Otis Wilson, the All-Pro LB in front of Dan who took him under his wing as a protege, had their own area. Otis & the Bears had the same rock star status coming off of that Super Bowl as Michael would have and I loved it cuz we could getta good buzz on and never open our wallets cept to tip and we didn't have to wait in the 1+ block long lines. As ya said, they had a disco/dance area, jazz along with R&B area and then they had an open mic night on Wednesdays. Both R. Kelly and Bernie Mac got their starts at the Cotton Club. Unfortunately, though it was hot as hades through the 1980's and 90's, with the residential creep on Michigan Avenue, and the changing demographics, it closed in the mid 2000's. Damn Bro, you brought back some great memories, well, at least the ones that I can remember Regarding Magic, Michael & Larry, well, you're talking about probably 3 of the 5 most competitive Players ever to take the court and I wouldn't expect one to concede even one game in a seven game series, much less concede that he could not beat the other in a series for all the marbles, lolol. It's safe to say that the best team of all of those title teams for each team would be 3 of the 5-6 greatest teams ever to Play in the NBA. We can leave it at that Stay Well Brotha RP
  17. These kind of discussions go nowhere because to flat out state that "If Jordan started in the same year as Magic and Bird, he would not have won any Championships" is ludicrous because if Jordan had the teams that he had for Threepeat I & Threepeat II, he would have given Bird's Celts & Magic's Showtime crew all that they could handle. Would he have walked away with six titles, much less two Threepeats? Most likely not, however to state unequivocally that Michael & the Boys wouldn't have walked away without at least one title is a tad myopic, or the opinion of a Celts' or Lakers' fan I had season tickets for Michael's first three years in ChiTown prior to coming back to the Burgh and those teams absolutely sucked, lol. If you put Bird or Magic on any of the teams that I watched, they wouldn't have made much of a difference, if any at all. They had pedestrian Players that would either have not made a Championship Team's roster or they'd be at the end of the bench, seats 9-12, lol. Michael's first Championship in '91, ChiTown took out a Pistons team that was one year removed from a title. You don't go from winning a NBA Title in FIVE games(4-1, Trailblazers) the prior year, along with a 50-32 regular season record that season, as the Pistons had done, to "too old" in one year I'll grant ya that he might not have had 6 in Larry & Magic's hay days of the 80's, though I do believe that he'd have had 1-2, as those Bulls teams were loaded. Michael definitely had a different personality and a different locker room & on court presence, however his teammates were also different personalities from Magic's Lakers and Bird's Celtics, lol. It's easy to sit back, especially from an arm chair or bar stool, and with 20/20 visions and the comments of former teammates AFTER THE FACT, however when he was under the gun, Michael did what had to be done to motivate, cajole or drag his teammates across the finish line. Though I Played football and not basketball, I'd share a locker room and huddle with a guy like Jordan any day all day 7/365. If you show up ready to Play and leave it on the field, court or course, ya got no problems As always, just my .03 worth Stay Well SM RP
  18. I realize that I drop in every now and again, claim some comment is the latest greatest post since sliced bread, yada yada yada, however the Texster's thoughts are spot on!! The fact that his thoughts and opinion mirrors mine is just icing on the cake!! Have a Great Weekend My Friends RP
  19. Bro, I got $2,000 on the Euros counting my $500 with @CasualLie, and I'm definitely gonna put more down over the weekend This is gonna be beautiful!!!! Greatest Ryder Cup of this century, though if Brooksy makes amends with the idiot golf savant and then gets to catch some mid morning, early afternoon 's, I'm probably screwed https://thespun.com/more/top-stories/golf-world-reacts-to-brooks-koepkas-honest-admission/amp Seriously Bro, we couldn't make this sh*t up if we pounded pintsat the pub and went brain dead Stay Well RP
  20. You both are spot on, as he's got ALL of the physical tools and talent to dominate, much more than e has and more so than many of the guys who are ranked above him!! I'll say it again as Berger is a prime example of what I constantly chirp about though it is rarely mentioned on this board, unless it's one of @rangersgoalie's or @isaacbm's posts, and that is that at this level, under the gun, it's MENTAL!!! THAT is what separates the very top Champions from the Bergers of the Tour and THAT is what Berger is lacking. One round, one shot, one putt, Under the gun, for all the marbles??? C'mon, would you lay you monthly mortgage on him???? Great posts and superb point Tates Stay Well RP
  21. From our exchanges on the board, I can tell that thoughts are similar to mine in a lot of areas and while I didn't want to come out and say it, I figured that you would donate it to a worthy program. The First Tee locally is similar as Maddie & I used to do a lot of work with em however we didn't like the direction that they were taking the local program as it greatly favored the country club kids, so we dropped away. The AJGA program is great here as is the LPGA-USGA Girls Golf program. Anyhoo, sounds good My Best, RP
  22. Sounds good Here's the deal~ If you/USA wins, I'll send ya the $500 via PayPal as that's the only internet payment system that I use. If I/Euros win, I'd like you to donate the $500 to a Public, not private, Junior golf program in YOUR City/area, and the AJGA, First Tee, PGA Junior League Golf or LPGA-USGA Girls Golf programs are fine if there are no local independent programs. Also, the donation is to be in YOUR name, not mine. If you're amenable to that, then, game on If not, no harm no foul no problem Fairways Greens & Fair Winds 4ever My Friend️ RP
  23. Hey Brotha, I hope all's well You wanna take the US for the 5? Cheers RP
  24. As far as any perceived home course advantage, and the effect of all of these supposedly uber insane US fans, at least this century, over the past almost 20 years(19+), the Euros have won twice out of four attempts on US soil, at Oakland Hills & Medinah, while the US has not won a single time when crossing the pond, goin ZERO FOR FOUR!! Hell, they've only won 2 times in 9 matches this century Based on past performance, all that those idiot US fans succeeded in doin, according to both the record book and the Euro Players' comments afterwards, was to piss them off and unite them even more as it went from just givin a beatdown to the 12 Americanos to beatin down an entire nation, lolol Yah, that US "13th man" has been killer Regarding TW showing up being worth "several points," yada yada yada??? Look, I love Tiger as a Player and competitor however in the Ryder Cup, he was barely worth his own weight, much less "several points," and he has never done sh*t as far as motivating or leading his teammates to do anything more than underperform in his presence Along with Tiger's ability and performance never really transferring to the Ryder Cup stage as a Player, as a motivational force and leader, well, his performance has been nothing short of abysmal. Other than basically standing in the gallery, or sitting in front of his locker with his head down, whichever brings a more graphic visualization of an invisible man to your mind, while Phil basically single handedly tore a team apart, Tiger has never had a positive, rally the troops, win one for the Gip effect on his teammates as a Player. As a non-Playin non-swingin gimp gaited observer??? On a "battlefield???" It's a friggin game Played on a country club track️ Whats next, Tiger's gonna rally the "warriors"??? Care to lay $500 on Tiger & the Boys? As always, just my .03 worth All the Best RP
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