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  1. Lolol, Bro, Maddie just asked me: "Where do you get all these rankings that you spout off all the time??" hahaha, between you and I, I just make em up Seriously though, for Ams, I always use Nathan(currently #1004 world wide, #237 Senior Am) or Sean(currently #1812 world wide, #412 Senior Am) as a barometer then guesstimate from there and for Pros, I just combine the total number of Card carrying members of the various Tours then lump guys like the Hackster somewhere in a grouping after all the card carrying Big Dogs, alternates, next up, etc. Maybe that kid in the Ryder Cup thread is correct, I'm full of sh*t! It's actually quite scientific, lol Stay Well Brotha and thanks for responding RP
  2. Granted, this did not occur on Tour, though Jhared Hack is a mini-tour Player, probably one of the top 3000-3500 Players on earth, and no, at 6339yds, along with a Par 72, the Las Vegas Golf Club ain't exactly up to Tour standards, however a 57 is a friggin 57, and that is some SERIOUS golf!!! He made the turn at 10 under(26)!! Hack carded 10 birdies, 3 eagles and a bogie during a skins match for the 57. He won a measly $220, lol. That is a shame that he wasn't in a big game It's not like the Hackster doesn't have game as he spanked both Rickie and Dustin in match play as a 17yo Am to win the Uber Prestigious Western Amateur(2007). He then turned professional and spent a few years on the Korn Ferry Tour though he's had no status there since 2018. To augment his income, he combines caddying at Shadow Creek along with giving short-game lessons while still playing in mini-tour events in the Nevada/Cali/Arizona area and state opens. These are the kind of Players that @Obee, @isaacbm, @rangersgoalie, @nikegal and @Shilgy are speaking of when they talk about just how deep the talent pool is out there!! Stay Well My Friends & Have a Great Week RP https://www.golfdigest.com/story/jhared-hack-shoots-57-mini-tour-caddie/amp
  3. Yessir, I had a World Class Teacher, actually Three If I'm lyin, I'm dyin Brotha Have a Great Weekend RP
  4. First, I deeply appreciate @Hawkeye77's, @TiScape's and @dosman's comments and posts! Thank you all very much Secondly, as I stated earlier, I have no problem with BSH's comments/posts as he stated his case, reasoning and opinion in a mature gentlemanly manner, to which I attempted to respond in kind. His thoughts aside, I absolutely agree with him that we should be able to question or comment to someone regarding their Truthfulness and integrity if we in our hearts doubt them, as long as it is done in a mature adult like manner, which, at least from my view, BSH did. That said, I think that the mod's have done a superb job, not only in this thread however all over he board. Being a Mod in other forums, with none obviously being the size of WRX, though in the 40k-70k range, and the most difficult part is deciding if and when to step in. Look, the bottom line is that I am a strong willed personality(real world or virtual, lol), I'm out front when I have something to say, and if someone chooses not to believe me, so be it, as long as they don't cross the line to nastiness when expressing their belief.. It's one thing to call someone out from behind a keyboard & screen protected by the safety & anonymity of a fictitious avatar and fake UN, however it's a totally different game to get nasty and personal while doing it, which BSH did not do. My thoughts are, if I cannot read, digest and respond to BSH's views and posts, or anyone else for that matter, with a clear head and direct truthful answer(I'm working on short and concise), whether I am believed or not, I have absolutely no business being on this or any other board. I do not need, nor would I expect, a Mod to intercede as long as no one crossed the line, which BSH most certainly did not. In ending, @SamboRoll, your post above me had me LMAO Very Nicely Played Thanks Brotha, I needed that Regarding the USA, I would love to lose my bet and have them win, and as Dos stated, the US absolutely has a chance and "on paper," they should defeat the Euros easily and by a AT LEAST a few points. I just believe that old wounds, ESPECIALLY mental wounds, die hard!! Especially when senior Leadership is nonexistent! Stay Well My Friends RP
  5. I have always been skeptical when I've witnessed, read of some incredibly rare and potentially Iconic action, event or individual or heard other classify it as such, as when I was younger, the word "Icon" or any derivatives there of was virtually never thrown around, as men like Walter Hagen, Byron Nelson, Sam, Ben Hogan and a few others were referred to as Legends, and when I asked my Teacher about this, Pete, Sam's older Bro, responded that it's a "sport" and sports have "Legends," society has "Icons," lol. I was young, impressionable and took everything that he said as gospel, as my Grandmother, a 4-Time State Am Champion and his former Mixed BB Partner herself, said that I should, lol. That said, I believe this Lady to not only be an Icon, she is one of THE foundational Pillars in the Ladiies' Game. Her appearance in this year's US Senior Women's Am as a Player and Competitor is the cherry on top of the icing, with that icing being her shooting her age, 79, in the US Senior Women's Amateur event in 2018(bottom pic), on the cake. https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2021/07/28/joanne-carner-82-us-senior-womens-open/ Stay Well My Friends RP
  6. That is fine if you do not believe me, though it was not AT the last Ryder Cup, it was prior to it, as initially it was actually through Maddie who had met and befriended Justine and the relationship started at Oakmont at the Open, though the dinner that I spoke of earlier was in Houston, not Pittsburgh, about a month later. As far as knowing "every tour pro," no, not close, though through my Teacher of 32+ years, the only Teacher and older Bro of one of the most Iconic Players of All-Time, in combination with belonging to and being a 4-Time Club Champion of what's considered one of the top-2 "Players' Clubs" in town, behind only Oakmont, along with winning what was at the time the biggest Inter Club MP event in Western Pennsylvania(bag tag pictured below, trophy in avatar) along with being integrally involved in the golf side(Past Chair or CoChair of virtually every golf committee at the club along with having Co-Chaired committees along with my Oakmont counterpart at ALL of the Majors at Oakmont from The 1983 US Open(committee member) through the 2010 US Women's Open(Committee Co-Chair), prior to my health issues. The fact that my father was considered a world-class surgeon and was Chief, Renal Transplant Services, 1974-1998, at Presbyterian University Hospital, University of Pittsburgh, when they were unarguably, indisputably and unequivocally, THE premier renal and general transplant program on planet earth, until they disbanded the band after a 24 year run when it's Director of the Transplant Program, Thomas Starzl, MD, retired, as my Father and the other Service Chiefs went their own ways, most, going to other Teaching Institutions , though my Father stayed in Pittsburgh and concentrated on his second "love" if you will, surgically eradicating bladder/prostate cancer for next 21 years, didn't hurt my exposure to prominent individuals. From the sports world to corporate America to the entertainment/music industry, which is ironically how I met Mr. Palmer, who was referred to my Father, though Madison had met and knew him prior to my meeting him as she met him through our Teacher, Pete Snead. Yep, the story about us waiting alone in my father's office for my father to come over from the hospital following surgery to see Mr. Palmer is true too, lol. He was in his golf shirt, boxers and socks when he heard me in my father's carpeted hall hitting putts as he kept 3-4 putters in his office along with a lil incline ashtray/cup. He asked me if indeed my mother had left(my mother helped out at the front desk and my father scheduled Mr. Palmer on an "off" office day for the obvious reasons and my mother did leave after I arrived). He threw his loafers on, chose the Bobby Locke Salenger blade, I the 8802, and we putted for about 15-20 minutes till my father arrived. It was also Madison who got Mr. Palmer's signature on my Gamer 8802(pictured) a week prior to his passing while we both were inpatient at Shadyside Hospital, he on my father's service, while I was one floor up on the cancer service. So, between Pete, my father & Madison(Michelle Wei and Stacy Lewis were ALL Maddie & Patrick was initially through Madison, lol), combined with my personality, well, it's been a hell of a ride, a ride that I sureTF wouldn't have ever even fantasized about nor ever believed if someone had told me then what my future experiences would be, lol That said, I fully understand someone that doesn't know me, my family, Madison or our back grounds saying "WTF" and "You're full of sh*t," so it's no biggy. I get it and am good with it. I appreciate you being a gentleman non-believer However, for the sake of the rest of the guys in the thread, some who may believe me while others may not, and again, I understand that you ain't buyin it, so let's let it lay & let the thread get back to its topic, well at least until I come spinning around the corner and off the rails with another rant Fairways Greens & Fair Skies 4ever buddy️ RP
  7. I' Nope, every single one is spot on, and the details come from over 300+ notebooks similar to the soft subject notebooks that are used in HS, that I started keeping in 1985 the year prior winning my first club as my Teacher told me to keep a detailed log of my practice routines and competitive rounds. That turned into basically a diary a few years later that I kept up through my last season prior to my first health issues, then it became a social diary. Madison and my former BB Partner had them bound and gifted them to me for my 50th Birthday. There are many that will never see the light of day or this board. If I'm off, Madison has and will correct me. If you or any others choose to not believe them, that's fine, to each their own. Thanks for responding, RP
  8. Bro, I just noticed that you started the thread Right hand to God , I never look at who the OP is or their OP so as not to be influenced Sometimes my focus can be myopic, and I can be such an *sshole, lol Stay Well Brotha RP
  9. That's a great question as knowing Patrick a lil, and I'm goin back to just prior to the last cup as Maddie and I were out with he and Justine and we were talking about the Cup, the team aspect of it and how, even though most of these guys would never wanna go out to dinner with Patrick(or Justine, as when Patrick said that, she chirped in, "or me," and it was funny as hell as it came out of left field, which she would do often. She's funny, witty and sharp. Don't believe everything that ya read), every one of them who wanted to win, and winning was their number one goal, would want him as a Partner. He flat out said "No one on that team is better than me at 'crunch time' in the Cup. NO ONE." He used "crunch time" as I use "under the gun." You don't have to be a Mensa to know who his second emphasized "NO ONE" was referring to, lol. Bear in mind that he was also referring to the Ryder Cup. He also said that he loves the fans and that they are second only to his teammates, as far as who he's Playing for, which did not surprise me at all. He really does appreciate his fans and those that have stuck by him through all of the bullsh*t and noise. However, just as he uses those that cheer him on to pump himself up, I myself think that he feeds off of those that jeer him, boo him and shout obscenities at him to fire himself even more, focusing all of his energy on his next shot to shut their mouths and allow him to give his trademark "shhhh" gesture or hand to ear as in "I can't hear you," lol. Please remember that we were having that talk pre-Cup though he spoke of "leaving the ego at the door" many times and said that winning was his only goal and that he didn't have to like his Partner, and he never once mentioned a particular name, nor did Justine. Looking into his eyes, he was serious, focused and honest. Say what you will about Patrick Reed however he put a collegiate team on his back and carried them to not one but TWO NCAA Championships and then he basically put the 2014 Ryder Cup team on his broad shoulders and did the same. His intensity and focus in his eyes is contagious and anyone sharing a locker room with him who would not kill to Partner with him is either absent a pulse, absent a competitive bone in their body or they are too insecure and shouldn't even be in the same locker room as Patrick Reed. He said a few times "if we leave our egos at the door, we will be fine, if not, the Euros certainly will and that will make for a long three days." The last time that he said that, he said, "if we leave our egos at the door, we will be fine, if not......," his voice trailed off as Madison and Justine arrived back at the Table and he didn't finish the statement, he smiled, took Justine's hand and said "let's go Play some pool." The problem has never been Patrick Reed, Jordan Speith, Phil or any other Player that you'd care to mention. They are the Players and yes, this is a single Player's game however for three days it is a TEAM game, and having Played a true team sport for 17+ years, it starts at the top, with the Head Coach, or in this case, the Captains. No, he cannot go out and hit the shots for them, though as I've chirped ad nauseam on this board, as recently as that 4~ cap/British Open thread, that at this level, it not the world rankings, it is not the home track advantage and it is not the raucous fans. It is about the Captain & Asst. Captains who get their Players to check their egos at the door, focus on the task at hand and their next match and next shot, regardless of who their Partner or opponent is. At this level, regardless of the format, location or field, the difference between the Champion(s) and the rest comes down to ONE variable... MENTAL!!! In this area, the Euros OWN the US!!! There is NO ONE who gets this more Patrick Reed. He has been here before. He, and only HE, has put teams on his back and carried them to Championships and Victories. In a competitive situation, and I do not care what the arena, Playing field or what the sport or activity is, you ALWAYS want the Guy/Gal who's "been there, done that" and walked away a Champion on your team, in your locker room and by your side. Again, superb question Sambo!! Hey, I've laid $500 on your boys and if Phil is chosen, I'm layin another five on em, lol Fairways Greens & Fair Skies 4ever my Friend️ RP
  10. Though I've only responded for her once in the years that she's been on the board, and this is just a flyer, though it is neither, lol. One, she doesn't troll and two, she's sharper than me, and I ain't lunch meat Brotha That said, and my respect for you aside, as you're in my top sphere of most respected members on this or any board, I agree with her and disagree with anyone that believes for a second that a legit 4~ could compete against say, James Braid. This may go to the fact that all that I read(and I can't speak for Madison on this) was the title, NOT the OP, so if there were stipulations, caveats, etc., I missed them. I told her not to post in this thread as she's a Professional, and as such, she is speaking to a mind set that 98%+ of Ams cannot understand, unless they are in that less than that 2% group that are legit Plusses, Elite Ams and have competed against both other Elite Ams and/or Pros. It's definitely one of those things that if one hasn't "been there done that," then there is no friggin way that they can draw from their prior experiences to have the mindset, mentality & mental game that she is speaking of on a golf course under the gun against an Elite Am or Professional in either money golf or tourney golf. I took it, and in talking to Maddie, I know that she took it this way also, in that the OP was speaking of transferring a 4~ back to that time period, with him using that time period's clubs, balls, rules(please remember that the rules were muuuuuuuuuch stricter regarding relief(non-existent), etc. I don't care if there were eight Players, or what the day job of those eight Players were. If they were amongst the best Players in Scotland/Ireland, then a 4~ would have no chance. I get that if ya literally took, say James Braid's winning scores of 309, 318, 299, 300 and 291, that those actually fall into that 4~ish cap range, at least the 300+ scores do, however where I am coming from(and Madison) is that that Braid had the mindset of a National Champion, actually a 5-Time National Champion, and that 4~ that you're speaking of taking back to that time period, obviously would not be a 4~ back then(he'd probably be closer to 10-12 ~ IF he's a legit 4~ today) and Braid would unceremoniously kick his *ss, again, again and again for as long as he showed up, lolol It goes to MINDSET, MENTAL TOUGHNESS & CONFIDENCE and that my friend, is TIMELESS and CANNOT BE GIVEN, GIFTED OR BOUGHT!!! It may only be EARNED!! A Champion is a Champion, regardless of the rules, equipment technology, era, etc., and a 4~ from today, IS NOT A CHAMPION, I don't care if he's a 10-Time friggin Flight Winner, he would NEVER have a Champion's Mindset or Mental toughness or Confidence to plant the peg, no strokes, and Play a Champion!! They are not even REMOTELY qualified to play in their Club's Championship Flight Championship today for chrissakes, if it's a legit Player's Club The Play in nothing but Cap events, nickel & dime nassaus and against other 4- to 7~ cappers(at least at our Club, Oakmont, Fox Chapel GC, etc.) either gettin or givin strokes from the WHITE tees Now if you want to say that say someone like myself when I was in the game, a solid +2.8, 4-Time Club Champion who beat a future USGA National Champion(he would win that 5 years later) for the then most prestigious MP title in the western part of the state, or @Obee, an uber competitive and decorated So Cal Mid-Am could be transported back to 1880-1990 and be competitive, ok, I will entertain that. I am not saying that I could beat Braid, and I will not speak for David, as obviously this is conjecture and my opinion, however regardless of the clubs, rules, etc., I, David and other Legit Successful PLUSSES have the MINDSET, Mental Game & Confidence to compete. We may not win, however the stage, and I don't care if it's in front of thousands or in a friggin goat pasturein 1890 with only the goats and caddies present, nor the game, stakes or competitor would EVER overwhelm us. A 4~, provided that he's NOT a former Elite Plus Am or Pro who's cap has gone north due to life getting in the way, well, a regular legit 4~ would be like a child Playing amongst Men. I'm not being arrogant, just stating fact and ANY Plus or Pro on this board that has had a 4~ in their group would say the same. With a tournament or money on a shot against either a Plus or a Pro, a 4~ couldn't even control their breathing, much less their club head & ball. THAT is the mindset that you could transport back to 1890 or ANY era!! One does not just gift Mind Set, Mental Toughness & Confidence under the gun!!! James Braid EARNED those five National Championships and the Mindset, mental toughness and confidence that came with them, and you're gonna seriously tell me that some 4~, and I don't care if he's a 10-Time Flight winner, is gonna plant it with James Braid and compete with him???? Brotha, if you were anyone else, you know what my next acronym/post woulda been The bottom line with me, and I known that Madison agrees cuz we had the same Teacher, and that is that you can give someone strokes, equipment, etc. however the ONE thing that CANNOT BE GIVEN, is a Player's mindset, mental toughness and Confidence!! Not to disparage any 4~'s, cuz I've Played with the best 4's around, from Pennsylvania to Florida and New York to California and they couldn't compete with any of us that were Plusses or Pros And you're gonna tell me that those 4~'s could go back in time and compete against much less beat James Braid???? Sorry Brotha, I ain't trollin but I also ain't bitin, lol What I want is for either a LEGIT Plus or Pro to tell me that my above thoughts are off base!!! A PLUS or PRO!! I just noticed in your post that you mentioned taking today's equipment back to that time period and if that's the case then this is hands down unequivocally THE dumbest thread that I've seen in my 9 years on the board, I'M the idiot for even responding IF that is what the OP posted then forget everything that I've posted as I would not even have responded to such a thread if I had read the OP instead of just the title. If you're just talking about taking a 4~ back to that period, dropping him in with him Playing their equipment, rules, etc., then as far as you & I go Brotha, we're just gonna have to agree to disagree on this one, lol I hope that you're well and having a great season Richard
  11. I wouldn't pick Phil just cuz he's a locker room cancer and while I love him as a Player, and has been pointed out many times above me, aside from his lightning in a bottle weekend, this year has been garbage on the whole. Plus, he's not a leader, which in and of itself is ok, cuz not everyone has what it takes to lead and motivate others, in fact, the vast vast majority of men, regardless of their lots in life, do not possess this ability. What I would never tolerate from Phil is his b*tch like passive aggressive manipulative behavior when he doesn't agree with a decision or doesn't get his way. As he is as old as some of these younger Players' Fathers, for better or worse, and in this case it would be the latter, his influence is counterproductive destructive and that of a Loser, not the individual Champion that he is when it's all about Phil. Unfortunately this is a golf locker room, not a football locker room, so none of the older Players ever slammed his *ss off of a locker when he was a younger member, and his behavior was tolerated. If he makes that team, I'm upping my $500 on the Euros to $1000 against the US, lol I don't care if the US has 9 of the Top-10 Players on earth in that locker room. For three days every two years that doesn't mean jack-sh*t, as the US has proven over & over & over across the last 20 years, lolol Ian has a 14-6-2 record and he's never been in the Top-10 yet he OWNS whomever he or he and his Partner Play, most of them Top-10 Players!!! Gettin their *ssed handed to em on their home turf is gonna be acid in that gaping wound As always, just my .03 worth Cheers RP
  12. US, big favorites???? Bro, you willing to lay $500 on that??? Fairways Greens & Fair Skies 4ever️ RP
  13. Bro, you're a faaaaar better man than I cuz I couldn't bring myself to respond to that post unless literally, my, Maddie's or Ava's life were on the line Absent that scenario, I would do what I did, read it, say "WTF did he just post" to myself, reread it just to make sure that he posted what I thought that he posted, which he did, I then chuckled to myself, and moved on, as there is absolutely nothing that I could say in response to THAT post Seriously, WTF Bro, he's dropping stereotypical quips that the clueless drop But this is why I Love Ya~ Not only are you a word class Player(yes, you are still amongst THE Elite Ams on earth), however you are a true Gentleman. I put you in the same class as Nathan and Sean, and even though both are USGA Champions(6 Titles Between em), if you were Playing either of them for $1000/hole I'd bet on you all day every day 7/365 on any track on God's green earth️ For those of you wondering why I would lay $1000/hole on @isaacbm, it's quite simple and I've been chirpin this since the day that I hit this board~ They are World Class Ams, one, a 3-time Walker Cupper and 4-Time Masters Invitee, however NEITHER has ever Played for the roof over their head, the car in their garage or the clothes on their backs. Isaac has!! Even you idiots should understand how tight one's scrotum gets when you're standing over a 5' three hole rider($1000/hole x 3= $3000). Like I said, I'll take Isaac all day long on that putt Regarding some "Pre-TW" Players who could plant the peg in ANY era, emerge as a Champion, among the very best in that era and any one of these guys would totally annihilate a Trinedale or whateverTF his name is under the gun in a Major, and I'm only goin back to 70's and probably missed a few.... Tom Watson Gary Player Raymond Floyd Curtis Strange Billy Casper Al Geiberger Hale Irwin Gene Litler Johnny Miller Payne Stewart Lanny Wadkins Corey Pavin You kids are cute though, lol This board is for entertainment and you do make me LMAO For that I thank ya from the bottom of my heart Stay Well Brotha RP
  14. Hey Bro, I hope that your back is quiet and you're having a nice season I agree with ya though Maddie pointed out to me that you cannot expect someone to understand or even comprehend something they have absolutely no real world actual first hand experience with, which 98%+ of these guys or any group of guys have none Hey, it makes for entertaining reading Stay Well Brotha RP
  15. WhyITF you always gotta bring that match up???? It took me two weeks to get over it and my BB Partner was so pissed at Pete cuz he said that he "ruined" me, lolol The worst part is you always say that you were in HS at the time, like I was hangin around your school or cheerleading practice like some perv Lovingly Me
  16. Bank on it!!! Fairways Greens & Fair Skies 4ever My Friends️ RP
  17. Yah, Mathias Schmid at +2(T59) though he's in the books with that 65 Cheers RP
  18. My post was based on me believing these yahoos that he had a degree, lol Forget Bryson, I'm the *sshole I hope all's well Brotha RP
  19. Jesus Christ, I thought that these guys knew what they were talking about when they said that he had a degree I should've know better than to trust them and not verify it as fact myself, lolol I am a f*ckin yahoo for not verifying it myself When I state something, I've checked and verified it to the point that I'm totally and % confident in it's validity and correctness. Am I ever wrong? Yea, though very rarely However yesterday was one of those rare times when I stated that Tiger's only mental coach was his Father, Earl. That was incorrect!! Jay Brunza, PhD, who also doubled as Tiger's caddie when he won 2 of his 3 USGA Boys' Amateur Titles and all 3 of his USGA Mens' Amateur Titles. Brunza was also on the bag in Tiger's 1 US Open and 2 Masters appearances as an Amateur. Many thanks to @tacklingdummy for assisting me in extracting from head from my *ss and classily pointing out the error of my statement Hey, I'm human Stay Well Brotha RP
  20. This is just a superb statement and spot on!! Having taken dual BSc degrees in Chemistry & Physics(and Bryson if he carried above a 3.4-3.5 GPA), I knew exactly enough to qualify me to sit in graduate level Bio Chem and Bio Physics classes, and hopefully my academic foundation would have been enough to pursue TRUE knowledge in those academic disciplines, however I wanted to go on the business side, so I took my MSc in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon's Graduate School of Industrial Administration(Now the Tepper School of Business), though your comment regarding a BSc in one of the sciences as basically nothing more than a ticket to the academic dance to begin actually learning something that will possibly change the world and benefit man kind if one chooses to pursue a Masters and then Doctorate!!! As a former DI collegiate athlete(football), I can relate to Bryson being lauded for his academic background, intelligence and intellectual savvy as compared to the average DI golfer, DeChambeau is a friggin Einstein, lolol. In reality, he is just another guy with a college degree who's tone of certainty far faaaaaar exceeds his actual knowledge base, which, FWIW, he's never ever used in a real world application. He also seems to believe his press clippings, which is a very dangerous and potentially self destructive mind set. Lets hope that he GrowsTFup before it really costs him Again, superb post Stay Well Brotha, and don't worry, the Brownies are on the way up and it's gonna be a loooong year for ole Ben & the Boys down here, lolol My Best RP
  21. Woooohoooooo!!! I knew that someday, some way in some manner that I'd rub off on you And your Mother had the stones to tell Dave, "no way she ever picks up his language," lololol I cant wait to show them that post Nice post BTW!! Ya gotta admit, it's exhilarating to let loose with your opinion, even if you're the only one chirpin it and it may get ya reprimanded if the GM sees it Hey, aren't you supposed to be on the line with that clinic??? Lovingly RIchard
  22. Not to jump into the middle of a hair splitting contest however to have a mental coach at 13 friggin years old is YOUNG in my book Cheers RP
  23. Yah, actually, all that he did was swear or yell something distracting when Tiger was over a putt or in his backswing and he also dropped things within Tiger's peripheral vision when in address and he also would push his bag over, which apparently upset Tiger more from the standpoint of Earl potentially scratching or dingin his irons up than any noise that they may have made, lol. A funny thing happened with Pete when he was working with Madison and this was before I was in her life however he had her at one end of the line at his driving range/goat track hittin his drum before and during her swings. Sam was at the other end of the line hittin wedges, so there was probably 18-20 slots between em(it was an outdoor range, not bays or any cover). So about 10-15 minutes in, Pete's ball shagger, a local HS kid, walks up to Pete and Maddie and says, "Yiur brother said he's gonna come down here and kick your *ss and put his wedge through that drum," lolol. Pete of course was ready to send the kid back with his message, though Madison knew both brothers well, and actually broke up a fist fight between them in Pete's shop a few years before and the story of that lil dust up even made the rounds up at the club however I had no earthly idea at that time who the "cute lil blonde" was who broke it up. So Maddie said that she had had enough and was heading into the shop, leaving Pete there with his drum and the kid. Out of spite he hit it a few more times then he too headed into the club. Though Sam had maniacal fo us under the gun, noise actually bothered him when he was down on the line and he'd either ask kids to please move down the opposite way from him or he would move if he only brought a few clubs down. I loved him though he was sort of a diva. Madison has a lot of stories of being the go between him and Pete when they'd get into a tiff, which was 2-3 times a year, lol. Anyway, I hope all's well Bro and you're having a nice season My Best, Richard
  24. There are waaaaaay more "outliers" than are being given credit for in this thread, however you have to bear in mind that one, 98%+ of these guys do not Play at your level(or mine when I was in the game) and secondly, 98%+ of them do not Play with or against the guys that you do and I did, so their "sample" size and type would be nothing like ours. Though I've only mentioned two, there are probably 3-4 more over at Oakmont. One is a former Three Time Collegiate AA for the Tar Heels, the #2 Am in the USofA his senior season and a Walker Cupper, who Played the Tour for a year and a half before he shredded his shoulder and two mediocre surgeries later he was done as a Pro. He put the sticks away for 7-8 years then got reinstated, and he went on to win his second PA Am Championship a few months later, and he didn't hit a drive over 250yds(his words). Prior to his shoulder injury, he was 280-290, with a low 280+ average. He said that post-injury he was 240- 250, TOPS, with the majority in the 240-245yd range. Now granted, this was 1993-1994, I forget the exact year, however I was putting the ball 30-35yds past him all day long however he hit nothing but ropes ALL day long, whether it was a driver, 3i or 5i and his short game was still Tour caliber, again, which 98%+ here cannot appreciate cuz they have never played with or against a legitimate "Tour Level" short game Player, as was his putting. Long story short, he dispatched me 4&3, and I was two over par after 15 holes from the BoB's, which were at 6950yds+ on a USGA Major track. The other guy is a retired attorney, past 2-Time Club Champ, who I finished runner-up to in one of em and in his other Victory, he beat me in our "Elite Eight" in MP, on the 24th hole, to get to the "Final Foursome, which was at the time a 72 hole final, though it was switched to 54 holes, then 36(The kids are soft today). He NEVER hit a ball over 245yds, won both of his Clubs from 6950yds+ and went to his Fla home in the dead *ss heat of Summer in the mi-90's to prepare for the Champion's Tour Finals Q in December, which he had taken runner-up in the regional Q to get to. He finished T12, 8 strokes back of the coveted fifth spot and I think 15 off the medalist. My point was here was a practicing attorney, 2-Time Club Champion, +3.2 who competed against the finest 50yo+ Players in this nation, many of them Pros, with 20+ having teed it up in at least one PGA Tourney, and he didn't hit a ball near 250yds, much less past it. Now the naysayers are gonna say, "yah, but that was then and this is now," however please remember that we Played our Club Championship from 6950yds+, and trust me Gents, that 6950yds+ with razor thin fairways, 4-5" second cut and 13-14 greens was just as nasty THEN as it is today. He was competing at the highest senior Professional level on earth, so I gotta believe that the yardage was 6700-6800yds+ for the Champions Q. These are just the two that I competed against, though I know that Oakmont had/has 3-4 guys like our attorney. The former Tour boy belongs to both our Club and Oakmont. I know I myself HATED Playin against the attorney more than anyone, and I mean literally, anyone else. That includes The Past PA Amateur Champion and future USGA Champion that I defeated to earn that trophy in my avatar. Simply, even that USGA Champion made mistakes, he would hit 4-5 mediocre shots a round, though not "poor" by the average golfer's judgement, they were "off" enough to give me an opening if I Played my game and I knew to beat an Elite Am or local Pro in the Open Tournaments, that it would come down to 1-2 shots over a whole round. So while I would have to be damn near flawless, if I was firing on all cylinders, those 3-4 shots were all that I needed. The attorney??? He MIGHT hit 1, on a bad day, 2, unforced error or "mediocre" shots. Forget "flawless." I had to be [email protected] near PERFECT!! The attorney was a +1 to +2 when we butted heads in the Championships and I would much much rather have Played the bombers, like my Bro, who were takin it 300+ plus before the bats and super balls of today were around, cuz they were in that 4-5 unforced error shot range and I could beat that without having to be "perfect," because I too would hit 3-4, however in my mind, I didn't admit that to myself then, and it seemed to work for me, lolol. Hey, Jack told a room full of reporters that he'd never missed a 5' or less with either the lead or the Tourney on the line, when in fact there was a video of him doing EXACTLY that two weeks prior in a Champions Tour event when he'd missed a 4'er that cost him the lead and he would lose the Tourney in a play-off. In his mind, that putt, and any others like it, never EVER occurred. The subconscious mind is a beautiful animal if ya train it properly!! All this said, while you, the other Gent that you spoke of and the guys that I mentioned are definitely more the exception than the norm, at the Players' Clubs, at least the Players' clubs in the Burgh, there are a few sprinkled in every Players' SWAT that I've ever Played in. Continued Success Brotha My Best, Richard
  25. Thanks much for the links I was dead *ss wrong and stuff that I was giving credit to Tiger's father father for was all Brunza!! I shoulda known that any guy who sits there bangin cymbals wouldn't introduce hypnosis/self-hypnosis(though my Teacher, Pete, brought a drum and two drum sticks out to the line when I was 15yo and I asked him what it was for and he said simply, "the next stage of your development," lol. To this day I friggin hate drums, though Madison uses cymbals with a few of her students, lolol). Thanks again for posting and the education. Fairways Greens & Fair Skies 4ever My Friend️ Richard
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