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  1. [quote name='j.a.' timestamp='1437241545' post='11973368'] Great story Richard. Thanks so much for sharing it. Cheers [/quote]Thanks so much JA!! I hope that You're having a great season down under Cheers Bro My Best, Richard
  2. [quote name='Mr. Bean' timestamp='1437159744' post='11967840'] [quote name='wadesworld' timestamp='1437148661' post='11966634'] [quote name='larrybud' timestamp='1437096600' post='11963652'] Right, because even on a forum with the most obsessed golfers on the planet, only a handful of us got 18/18. The fact that a book of decisions is even *required* to help interpret the rules suggests how out of whack they are. Hell, the fact that there's even a Rules forum on this board filled with Q&A shows how out of whack they are! [/quote] Sigh...here we go again. Ok, Larrybud, hit us with an example of your simple rules. [/quote] Success comes before Work only in a dictionary. [/quote]My like was not directed at Larry at all but at this statement- So true, so often ignored though in the end, that's less peeps that I've gotta go through, lol Very Well Played!! I hope that You're having a Great season My Best, Richard
  3. [quote name='llamont' timestamp='1437234418' post='11972886'] [quote name='Forged4ever' timestamp='1437225860' post='11972234'] [quote name='wcbjr' timestamp='1430159379' post='11452375'] Can't name the first white person, either. [/quote]The first White Man to win a Professional Tournament would have been Willie Park Sr, who competed against 7 other Pros at The Preswick Club in 1860. He had a score of 174 across 3 12-hole rounds. The following year the competition was opened to all competitors and it was the first of what would become The Open Championship. It was won by Old Tom Morris, who beat Mr. Park by 4 strokes and he and Young Tom would go on to win nine of the next ten Championships. Thanks for droppin in WC! Have a great season Fairways & Greens My Friend, Richard [/quote] [email protected] Richard!!! You never cease to impress. You know your history. Hope you are well and take care ;-) Loren [/quote]Thanks much Loren but I had to look up the particulars, haha I knew it was Willie Park Sr and that it was Preswick and that the Morris's took 9 of the first ten Open Championships however the exact date, number of Pros and scores I had to look up- HaHa, Bro, I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, I'm surprised that I remembered Preswick, lol, though long term memory is different from short term Thanks for dropping in and I hope that you're having a great season As Always, My Best, Richard
  4. [quote name='wcbjr' timestamp='1430159379' post='11452375'] Can't name the first white person, either. [/quote]The first White Man to win a Professional Tournament would have been Willie Park Sr, who competed against 7 other Pros at The Preswick Club in 1860. He had a score of 174 across 3 12-hole rounds. The following year the competition was opened to all competitors and it was the first of what would become The Open Championship. It was won by Old Tom Morris, who beat Mr. Park by 4 strokes and he and Young Tom would go on to win nine of the next ten Championships. Willie Park Sr. is the top two pics below- Thanks for droppin in WC! Have a great season Fairways & Greens My Friend, Richard
  5. Hey Duffster, like Mitch & Belug's, just checkin in to say Hey!!! I hope all's well with You, Your Better Half and the Little Dufster Miss You Bro & thinkin of Ya!!! Fairways & Greens 4ever My Friend, Richard
  6. Saturday July 18, 2015 Yep, it was a rough day at the ranch however Matthew's stripin the ball and just waitin for a few putts to fall and Mikey V is primed to make it a great weekend. Though he now calls the Midwest his home, he made his bones in Pgh/W Pa and has that Burgher attitude Enjoy the weekend Gals & Gents Fairways, Greens & May Many Putts Fall, Richard
  7. HaHa, I didn't think it was thread worthy, lol Oh well, I don't agree with him anyways- Again, I'm a day late and a dollar short Well Played Bro!! Have a great season Fairways & Greens My Friend, Richard
  8. [quote name='Medic' timestamp='1437001913' post='11956276'] Anyone else notice how, whereas some pros had countless "swing changes" through the years, other greats of the game (Tom Watson) stayed with what worked for them? And they found (and maintained) success as a result. [/quote]GREAT Point!!!! Most of the Champions from earlier eras! Have a great weekend Bro Fairways & Greens My Friend,
  9. [quote name='Wknd_Warrior' timestamp='1437098293' post='11963794'] [quote name='mshills' timestamp='1437046179' post='11958568'] Furthermore, I'll always think of Stewart Cink as the man who killed Santa Claus. [/quote] lol Stewart himself said that no one but his parents were rooting for him, and even they probably had mixed feelings. Look at it this way, he did Tom the honor of giving it his all. There was nothing better he could have done than play his best. I say he did the game proud and If I was in Tom's place I'd expect nothing less. You're right though, he did kill Santa. [/quote]I spoke to Tom Watson and Bro, his comments mirrored you second paragraph!! He said that Stewart Cink, and in my opinion, they don't get any better than Stewart Cink as a Gentleman, and he was almost apologetic to Tom. Tom said he looked him in the eyes and told him that he(Tom Watson) gave Stewart everything that he had and the better Player won. And yes, Tom Watson used the word "Player." The capital "P's" on me- I got a knot in my throat when he told me this cuz we were sitting at a table, the two of us, and he was looking down at his iced tea while he said this, as though he was actually thinking back to that day- There are only two times in my life, any sport, that I actually got mentally/psychologically vested in a game/contest, and both were PGA Tourneys- The '86 Masters with Jack and That day with Tom- And for those of you that bad mouth him, if you sat across from the Man and talked with him, not as some idiot fan, but as a Man, You'd like him- He's made mistakes but he's a Class Act- And the Game was Better for him having Planted his tee As Always, My Best, Richard
  10. Damn, I got all misty eyed and nope, it wasn't the meds- No one did it better!! Fairways & Greens 4ever My Friend, Richard
  11. Please, allow me to throw my hat into the ring of idiocy http://www.golfdigest.com/blogs/the-loop/2015/07/tiger-woods-is-totally-complet.html?mbid=nl_071715_daily_hitlist&CNDID=32585851&spMailingID=7914352&spUserID=OTA2MTc2NzU5MzkS1&spJobID=722277514&spReportId=NzIyMjc3NTE0S0 I'm on meds, lol, I've got an excuse, LMAO Fairways & Greens My Friends, Richard
  12. As Blade said above me, a quality set of clubs can be put together for half that $1000 number- I purchased 14 clubs that I played for 4 rounds(1 week) and spent $507 and that could have been $50-60 less had I bought the Cally blades vs. Mizzy. I splurged Hell, I played football and didn't have to buy anything, cept my gloves(I wore em wayyyy before they were en vogue ) and maybe my mouth guard, I forget who paid for that And as Sean said, and as an avid skier, I drop much more, about twice what I spend on my golf clubs/bag, and the NSP gave me my Parka and wind shirt, which saved another $400-600. You wanna talk about droppin some coin, my Bro's son was a hockey goalie. Boy, that equipment wasn't cheap, lol. Fairways & Greens My Friends, Richard
  13. [quote name='rogolf' timestamp='1436918042' post='11950052'] Imo, those that jump around the course have absolutely no status or priority and must wait for openings. It would not be permitted at the semi-private course that I play and would result in a complaint call to the golf shop to handle. [/quote]Same at our club. #1, they could never ever get out during the day, any day(we're closed on Mondays). I used to grab a cart in the evenings and sometimes Madison or my Bro would join me however probably 75% I was by myself- It was probably 5:30-6ish after I'd putted and don't short game work on the practice tee. I would get at least two holes between me and a group and if need be, sit and let a group play out. I never recall being pushed from behind though I would've just gone to another hole. I'm my eyes, that was rude and you and your Bud handled it like the Gentleman that you are Have a great end of the season 4Gots and welcome to the board. Nice thread!! And ROG, I hope that you're having a great season!! Fairways & Greens My Friends, Richard
  14. [quote name='rpaige88' timestamp='1437156996' post='11967568'] Loving the look of these. Still hoping to see a new MP-64 though. [/quote]They will have one, rest assured- Though they've expanded the MP line, the MCB(63/64) was their top selling irons and a staple with the Staffers- Have a great weekend RP(I Love the initials, haha) Fairways & Greens My Friend, Richard
  15. Yep, Zach's grindin!!! C'mon Ross, 4 more!!!!! HaHa, I've got the Lady next to me in IVs rootin for Zach and she hates golf, LMAO, but her only Grandson's name is Zach and the nurse is pissed at me cuz we're not supposed to have our phone out and cuz I do, "everyone else has ignored the no-phone rule," LMAO. I always get blamed for this s*** Stay Well My Friends, Richard
  16. Well, Mikey is ready to leave his imprint on this tourney and Mathew's plantin it tomorrow so he can just go out, swing free, throw darts, run some putts and have fun!! Zack need another bird, two to be safe and Ross,You know that You're due Bro!!! You've gone low here before, let today be a replay!!! Yep, it's gonna be a good weekend!!! Have a great weekend Gals, Gents & Aggs Golfingly Yours, Richard
  17. Yessir, Matthew's makin his move and Mikey V's Smokin!!!! Cream!!! Always!!!! Fairways & Greens My Friends, Richard
  18. How is it a step back, it looks like the exact same material the 59s have. And my 59s have held up great and the Ti muscle has a great looking finish on it I actually think the 59s were/are stunning in their appearance and I've got a Bud who's played em from day one and they're still in top notch shape~ I love the minimalism on their face back. Nice post 70!! Stay Well Bro :) All the Best, Richard
  19. [quote name='Grizz06' timestamp='1437060528' post='11959910'] my wife is a better player than I am (although we play to about the same hcp); she has much more than a bomb and gouge game... She insists on playing ladies tees although she'd be fine at the typical white tees. She kicks the hell out of most of my buddies and most of them love playing with her (as she also loves to party). My buddy "kevin" did walk off the course once after she out-drove him 5 holes in a row. my ex-wife was (is) stupid good (easy + handi from ladies tees) but like someone said earlier, it just wasn't the same and I never had as much fun because I was always making sure she was having fun and she was always making sure I wasn't having too much fun. I upgraded and I suppose, so did she . [/quote]Bro, great post and better stories!! I just can't, nor have I ever understood, guys like your Bud "Kevin" and their haunting insecurities, lmao- I mean, and this is just MY opinion, but I've always looked for a Woman that was better lookin(this ain't hard, lol), brighter and if they are a better athlete, so be it- I want someone who makes me Stretch- As a Man.... In this case as an athlete.... And as a Partner..... You obviously do the same!! We're the minority Bro But look at who we get, lmao Yep, we did ok!! Stay Well My Friend All the Best, Richard
  20. [quote name='nowitski41' timestamp='1436973852' post='11953698'] [quote name='Stick21' timestamp='1436973379' post='11953650'] One rule - Needs to be good, or needs to be hot. [/quote] Haha! My wife is hot so I guess she passes the stick test. [/quote]Madison passes Both- Hot's an understatement & she's a LPGA Class A-M, and while not carrying a cap card, plays to a +3.4 from the blues- She plays in the Inter-Club Swat when she can(-2 to Pros)- We were a Mixed Pro/Am BB team for 8 years before becoming a couple- I'd consider myself "a guy's guy" though I'd take a round with Her 7/365 over the Guys- This pic is her(along with my avatar) with her then oldest student at his 100th BD Party at my bar. My idiot buds were feedin him Jagameister and after every shot he would ask Maddie for a kiss. I cut him off at 4, not for the kisses, haha, but due to the fact that he was five foot nothin, a buck twenty- thirty, lol, and I didn't want him kickin in my bar The bottom pic is a costume party at my bar last Halloween- So yea, She's got stick- And the most endearing qualities to me(and I'm sure others) are that she's so kind(she had not charged this Gent since his 90th BD, giving him a year's worth of private lessons on his BD, though prior he always took group lessons), soft spoken(Others have said that I make up for the both of us ) and if you met her, she has absolutely zero aires. She is kinder than she is Beautiful Nah, if you're fortunate enough to have a Better Half who plays the game and would like to play with you, you should take that as the ultimate compliment and play with her, regardless of what you have to move around to do it, I don't care what her cap is. I played 27 holes with my Mother weekly in the evening cuz my Father wouldn't and yea, she's terrible, but she knows and abides by the Ettiquette of the Game, plays at a nice pace and I Love playin with her. My Father's a Putz- Have a great weekend Gals & Gents As Always, Fairways & Greens My Friends, Richard
  21. I played it 4-5 times a year in the Inter-Club Swat and we were ALWAYS 3:10-3:30 walking with caddie, cept for a few Guys in carts. Granted, everyone, 24-32 guys, were -2 to Pros, however their regular membership holds pretty true to that also. We also played a weekly "Moonlighter" swat, where we'd rotate clubs weekly and we'd all grab carts, basically the same guys and we'd tee off at 6:00 and we'd be in by 8:15-8:30. I will say that there were a few Players, one a storied Am, who played in the regular Inter-Club he and they felt rushed and passed on the "Moonlighters," because there was decent money on the games. We have the same policy at our club, and while neither us no Oakmont will, or at least I've never heard of making golfers skip holes, the unspoken "understanding" is that while it is not a timed speed round, four hours used to be the standard for a round of golf, and if you can't play to that standard, well, be you member or be you a guest, you can play in the evenings or when you are not holding up the field. We've never had an issue and anytime that someone has been "prompted" to pick up the pace, they did so and all was well. And no, ya don't have to move to PA to join, as the list is shorter for a "distance" membership, and the dues less, lol. Have a nice evening Gals & Gents Fairways & Greens My Friends, Richard
  22. Glad to see Double D get around in even- Nothing magical but I'd Love to see him plant the tee on Saturday!! He'll always be a Stud in my book!!! He looked at him, smirked at the glare and took it to him!! The best of memories!! Fairways & Greens My Friends, Richard
  23. [quote name='Nuggets' timestamp='1437071885' post='11961180'] Rickie Fowler looks like he got dressed in a ghetto thrift shop........ [/quote]LMAO, Bro, I just blew my nose minus the hanky, lol- I'm obviously uncouth, however Very Well Played, LMAO Enjoy the weekend Fairways & Greens My Friend, Richard
  24. Friday July 17, 2015 Fairways & Greens My Friends, Richard
  25. Now THIS is an MP Iron, lol A lot more muscle in the pad, enough for the "MP-5" to be stamped on the top-line. HaHa, I'm gonna need all of the help I can get when I swing em so this is good by me Stay Well My Friends All the Best, Richard
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