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  1. OK I am finally ready to pull the trigger, looking for 4-PW but could settle with 6-PW, have to be in good condition, ideally red dots. Would consider head only, let me know what you have!
  2. Forgive me if this question has already been asked in addressed in previous forums, but I cant seem to find it. I recently got fit for the Ping Blueprint at Modern Golf (to my surprise) and WOW the look, feel and performance was unreal. That said, I only hit and compared the 6 iron (with multiple shafts) against most of the current blades (620MB, ApexMB) , cavity backs (620CB, ZX7, ApexCB) and players improvement irons (T100, Apex Pro) on the market but the Ping i59 wasn't in the fitting drawer yet. I have held the i59 7 iron and it looks very similar at address than the Blueprint (minus the added groves) however I haven't seen or read many direct comparisons regarding the performance (launch, spin, feel, turf interaction and forgiveness) between the two. I have no issue sticking with the Blueprint 6-PW but I have heard and would agree that the 4-5 irons can look a little "knify" which had me wondering if the i59 would / should match the performance profile of the Blueprints in the longer irons. Yes, I know that they would be technically more forgiving and less "knify" looking, I am more interested in the performance aspect in regards to making a combo set. On another thought, would or could I assume that the i59 could perform very similar than the Blueprint through the bag (4-PW)? Curious to know your experience between the two...WRX lets hear it!
  3. Idea shelfed for now
  4. Idea shelfed for now
  5. Neither did I, I asked the same question to Ping...hope you straighten out your issue!
  6. The adapter weighs 3ish grams, the head weight specs on the ping site include the adapter weight. So based on that I would think your Max head weight is standard
  7. I love that set up...with the Ventus Red too...very cool
  8. What were you spinning the SIM prior to switching to the LST? And I assume you added 10g of hotmelt and reduced the weight in the back? Otherwise it would one heavy mofo!
  9. Exactly the comments that peaked my interest! Similar spin but you chose the LST, I also need to hit more fairways, I've heard the opposite opinion a bunch about the max being super straight...which leads me to believe the LST performs best for higher speed players, hence mostly every tour player swapping to the LST this year. Think the LST is likely the direction I will take!
  10. Couldn't agree more about the SIM, great driver, on the shaft front I have a bunch to test including a Ventus Black 6X which I assume will be a winner based on the minor testing I have done to date. Ultimately, I have the distance and speed, I want / need to hit more fairways which is why I am going in the direction of Ping. I think I have always know the answer to this being the LST, your opinion pretty much reaffirmed that! I will test the TSi3 later on this spring/ summer but I need a gamer until then, I mean I could game the G410 LST I have in the meantime...but new s*** is cool.
  11. I know there are a lot of posts discussing the G425 driver line up but none specific to high speed players. For those high speed players that have tested both the G425 Max and LST, beside the sound what did you like best? I’ve read some reports of the Max having similar spin numbers to the LST, I know this will vary from player to player but I’d love to hear your experience. Also heard lots about lowering the spin with 10g of forward hotmelt and a reduction of the back weight to 17g, seems like a hassle but something I would be willing to listen to...or is the LST just good enough. I prefer the look of the Max at address, something about it just makes me feel like I can bomb it. I know changing the MOI via hotmelt will change the forgiveness a bit...anyways I digress. A little background, I pretty much live at 115 MPH on the course (118-120 going about 95%) with a fairly low AoA 0 to +2. Good iron player, hit driver well but my launch is typically on the low 9-11 which typically has my spin around the 2500-2600 mark in my SIM 9* with Tour AD IZ 6X tipped 1”. Left is my miss...hence the transition to Ping...love the adjustability and stability. Live in Ontario, golf is currently illegal due to a stay at home order due to f*cking COVID again...I would love to test myself...but I can’t at the moment...help me WRXers!
  12. Sim Ti and it’s not even close for me
  13. Wow that’s a bad a** scale!
  14. Any chance you have or anyone else has tested the hotmelted Max vs the LST? Another WRX'er suggested that he has has some experience with builds by lowering the spin by adding 10g of hotmelt forward toward the face and adjusting the rear weight accordingly, but no specific numbers or players reactions. Curious if anyone has any results testing a hotmelted Max vs LST on spin, forgiveness and playability comparisons?
  15. Hey I was hoping to revisit this after a couple months of fittings and testing. You noted that the spin on the Max was moderate for you, in your opinion (which I respect the hell out of) what would need to be done via hotmelt / weight replacement to get the spin on the Max within a reasonable range compared to the LST? Curious if you knew the secret recipe for forward placed hotmelt vs weight for MOI. I prefer the look and forgiveness of the Max over the LST, by doing these adjustments would it significantly reduce the forgiveness? Obviously I know it’s subjected but if you could offer your opinion based on your experiences I would appreciate it.
  16. There isn’t a difference in the type of weight, all sizes are transferable between the Max and LST, however the LST come stock with a 17 gram Tungsten weight were the Max comes with a 26 gram weight. Just in case you guys cared lol.
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