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  1. TD LS kicked my MAX LS out of the bag and I didn't think that was going to be possible. Sounds and feels amazing. I will say it's not quite as forgiving as the MAX but I'm sold.
  2. Velocore is 4” to the ‘E’ which should mean no tipping as I believe the TM tip adds 1/2” from end of raw shaft tip.
  3. Payment sent for New Motore X F1 7-S 70 Gram Stiff Flex w/ LamkinCrossline with Cobra Connect and Cobra Adapter 41.”-$50
  4. The TSi3 was a pretty short experiment in Feb. Been playing the Ventus Red in Epic Speed MAX LS most of the summer and loving it
  5. I'm probably 95-103 depending on how hard I go after it. Tough to say on distance. I think it's at least as long, but because it's more accurate, I'm probably getting better overall distance from landing in more fairways.
  6. I have switched from the 6S Velo Blue to a 6S Velo Red and although I didn't think it could get better than the Blue (for my swing), the Red is definitely better dispersion. Playing in an Epic Speed MAX LS head at 9 deg where I played the Blue turned down to 8
  7. Just clearing out some shafts that weren’t the right fit for me. All of these are like new with one range session or so. no trade interest. Prices are OBRO and include PayPal fees Shipping will be added based on location At asking price I will include grip of your choice from what I have. Most are new or like new. Some std some mid I’m happy to butt trim prior to gripping. Smoke RDX Blue 70g 6.0 $SOLD Motore X F3 6S $125 SHIPPED Motore X F1 6S $SOLD
  8. 1. City and State? Denver, CO 2. Where do you practice (outdoors or indoors?) both. Outdoors when possible, indoors when necessary 3. Have you used a personal launch monitor before? I have an app that I've used a couple times to track ball flight. The indoor range I go to has a GC hawk that I've used frequently for gapping and testing 4. How could a Rapsodo MLM help your game? would like to see data for outdoor shots 5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? absolutely
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I looked them up. Very cool. In your experience does the all-fit adapter cover the same amount of tip prep as normal adapters or would you say it adds a little length to the tip?
  10. well, the SIM2 Max ended up being a non-starter for me. I have a ton of shafts built for my epic max LS head and just started with the stock Ventus 5S (non-velocore) in the SIM2. Spin was through the roof. Avg about 4k. I didn't see the value in swapping out adapters to help bring that back in line. Ended up bouncing between Ventus Red and Blue 6S (both Velocore) in my Max LS head and getting great results with both. Dispersion is a touch better with the Red but I will likely sell the rest of the callaway shafts.
  11. Bought this club for the shaft. Does not appear to have hit a ball includes OEM adapter $315 SOLD OBRO shipped to you
  12. No plastic but has never hit a ball Head and cover only $SOLD shipped stock Ventus Blue 5S $100 shipped no trade interest at this time
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