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  1. I played a set of MP20 HMB all last season and then picked up a combo set of Apex 19 with the Catalyst 100 shafts. They were really great. I play to a low 9.x HC so pretty similar to you. First 2 rounds with the combos went 85, 80 so very pleased with those results for a new set out of the gate. For no good reason, I hit the apex 21 with the elevate shafts and ended up finding a great deal on a new 4-AW set. I went in to the PGA Superstore last night and hit the MMT in the apex 21 and I'm sold. Love the feel of graphite in the std Apex heads. Personally, I feel the std Apex (pretty compac
  2. payment send for New Apex Pro 21 A Wedge w/ MMT 95 Gram Stiff Flex and Callaway Golf Pride Z Gip- $125
  3. I would have to look at my range logs but on course was actually pretty similar to my eye. The catalyst were in apex 19 so not sure if that made a difference
  4. $SOLD shipped Excellent condition 9 deg head with never used headcover face and crown are perfect small scratch in lines under the ‘MAVRIK’ lettering on sole. See photos no trade interest
  5. If I didn't already have a time, I'd love to join. Good luck and please post if the opportunity ever comes up again. Would be great to play with some local WRXers.
  6. for what it's worth... I purchased a 4-PW of Apex 21 set pretty much standard across the board and decided I wanted the AW to match. Callaway site said 5-7 days to ship. I ended up ordering for the same price from Dick's and it shipped out the next day. Weird
  7. payment send for New Pulled MMT 95 Stiff Flex 4-PW w/ Callaway Golf Pride Z Grip- $100
  8. looking for std loft lie with stock elevate 95 ets shaft. let me know. thank you
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