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  1. payment sent for Mint Pulled Dynamic Gold 105 S300 with VSS 4-PW- $105
  2. It would be nice to have a rating system for buyers and sellers but I see how that could open up a LOT for interpretation. Also, the search was a little better on the other platform.
  3. Purchased last week from a member here. Played 9 holes by him and a small bucket by me. I really like them but probably need black dot. just want to get my money back $SOLD shipped conUS
  4. Definitely glad to have the reputation back. I haven't sold anything since the new (old) version but I'm already getting used to it. Glad to be back and thanks for the opportunity to score a really nice flat stick. That's exactly the style I play!!
  5. Watched the Masters last year with some friends at a cabin in Grand Lake, Colorado. Great food, top shelf scotch, and Tiger for the win. Amazing combination. thanks for the opportunity WRX!!
  6. payment sent for New Pulled True Temper S300 4-PW Shafts- $50 Thanks again. Cheers!!
  7. This shaft served me very well. No tipping (overall length shown) so you have a lot to work with if you need to try some things out with tipping or butt trimming to length. Callaway adapter and STD size MCC align grip with 2 wraps . One very small scratch hard to pick up in photos but other than that it’s like new. $200 sold shipped continental US
  8. I play a Tensei PW 60S and have a Ventus Blue 6S on the way. Will try them both this Friday outdoors.
  9. Played 2 rounds with Mavrik. Ranges closed at both courses so zero practice shots yet with this driver. Far more confidence inspiring TO ME than the SIM and hitting it as well as my M5 on its best days. Already put the Tensei Pro White in it and it will be in the bag all season for sure. Last Callaway driver I hit with any real decent results was the Epic when it came out and even that wasn't much better than M3 at the time if I remember correctly. For my swing, this thing is a beast. Std Mav playing at N/-1 or D/-1 45.5" with an 8g weight replacing the stock 5g. Kinda took a risk on this buyi
  10. I’m not sure if the OMG was directed at me because I had a different experience with SIM than I did with M5, but ok. I’m playing twist face in my gamer M5 and it works as prescribed. sounds like the Mav at 8 degrees is a good starting point.
  11. Just popped on a Mavrik Standard 9 deg to go up against my M5 gamer. Currently playing Tensei Pro White 60S in M5 9 deg lofted 1 click down from std (8.34* I guess). Have to wait until Thursday to hit the Mavrik. Bought a HZRDUS Smoke to try in the Cally before switching the adapter on the Tensei. I had pretty good luck with the Smoke in the M5 before the PW so hoping I can get a good sense for the head with that shaft. Question to anyone who may have compared these 2. How is the launch of the Mavrik relative to stamped loft? I have a pretty high AOA (like 4-5* up) so I still get plenty of la
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