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  1. I believe the new ownership has raised rates significantly ($70/hr now from $35 previously) but this is second hand knowledge as I haven't been there since they changed the name. The monitors were only ok as far as tracking stuff. I really only used it for spin, ball speed, and distance so it was ok, but I also did the PGA superstore deal and have gone there almost exclusively over the $40-60/pop at the stable.
  2. looking for OEM. used ok but don't want anything beat up. I think I have a ferrule Thanks
  3. I was out there too. We teed off at 10:10. Left after 9 though. Had too much to do and the wind was pretty brutal. They are definitely in "winter" conditions out there on the greens. Pretty beat up IMO.
  4. These were played one round by the original purchaser and one range session by me shafts are a little too light for me 1 deg strong from PXG Lamkin Z5 std grips Can’t get this build from PXG any more. excellent condition. $sold shipped. No trades
  5. I've seen 50% off golf pride at Golf Galaxy on Black Friday in the past. Might be worth checking this year
  6. My buddy who is also a member said about the same thing for winter rates. I think it's more if you just cold call for a time, and I think I read that they only open up times 24 hrs in advance to non-members who aren't playing with a member, and I think the "public" rate may still be over $100 in winter. Worth a call in if you haven't played it. Personally, I really like the course but having played it a bunch of times, I wouldn't spend over $125
  7. I've got a 9:30A at Ute Creek this Saturday if WRXers want to join. Currently 2 spots open. Looks to be decent weather for this time of year. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
  8. I played out there on the 30th and thought the greens were rolling as good as they ever have. It was a pretty nice day except for the breeze picking up with wind into on the 16-18 stretch home which is not short without the wind. Hoping this weather keeps up and I can get out there again the 20th. I like that course for the price up here.
  9. I think it was discussed earlier in this thread but Callaway was great about sending me weights. I'd give them a ring once you sort out which ones you need.
  10. I went from a 9 deg MAX LS to a TD LS 9 deg. Based on distance seen on the course, I'd say the TD LS is slightly lower spin. My experience was that the MAX LS is more forgiving with off center strikes but it comes at the expense of sound and a tiny bit of distance. The more I hit the TD LS, the more I'm finding the middle so hopefully the forgiveness aspect goes away the more I play it. The better (dare I say dreamy haha) sound of the TD is something I get to experience on every shot. That's my TD LS story, and I'm sticking to it... at least for the rest of this season. I am playing the Ventus Blue 6S and it's an awesome combo. I have a brand new Ventus Black 6S that I'm too lazy to list in the BST just yet, so if anyone is interested, hit me up.
  11. I think the TD has a flatter lie so it looks a little more open (fade or straight bias) than the others but I played the Max LS for a couple months this summer in between the std speed and my TD LS so can’t recall direct comparison from std speed to TD LS. I liked the std speed a lot but talked myself into the forgiveness of the Max. It was definitely more forgiving at the expense of some yards and sound (IMO). I came across a deal on a TD LS and fell back in love with the deeper carbony sound of that over the Max so that’s where I sit currently. Playing with Ventus blue Velocore which I’m pretty convinced is the best shaft available for my swing. I have a Ventus Black I’m trying but think it may be too low spin with the TD LS. to answer your question, my understanding is that the extra weight up front (sub zero esque) is the primary difference. The head shapes between std speed and TD are very similar from what I recall and I don't believe the TD has a higher toe.
  12. I hope it works out for you. I MUCH prefer the sound of the std speed and TD to the MAX LS. Please report back even though this is the TD thread I like to hear about other people digging the Speed family
  13. I think the std lie on the TD is flatter than the other Epic Speed models. I went directly from a MAX LS to the TD and the TD was flatter for sure, even in the draw setting. I played a few TM drivers with twist face and always thought they looked open because of the toe section. My Swing Speed is about the same as yours and I played 9 deg SIM at stated loft. Currently playing TD LS at stated 9 deg loft and it's a nice window for my swing.
  14. my experience... Coming from the MAX LS, the TD was noticeably flatter lie. I only have experience with the 9 deg model but launch has been similar between the MAX and the TD where the std speed that I played before the MAX was a little higher launch, causing me to play it at -1 on the adapter.
  15. this worked perfectly. Thanks for the heads up!!
  16. had 2 great rounds with the TD and decided I was going to keep it and sell my MAX LS. Once I had the MAX LS boxed up and headed out, I had a really tough time with the TD the next round. I realize it's mostly operator error, but I missed the forgiveness of the MAX last round.
  17. anyone have experience with aftermarket weights? I've had some of the eBay ones strip and I definitely don't want to deal with that. Just looking to source an 8 or 10 gram
  18. I landed on my driver for the season. It was very close but I’d rather have someone here benefit from this beauty. Prices are OBRO and no trades at this point.MAX LS head only $sold with HCVentus Red 6S untipped plays 45.25” in MAX LS head $sold shippedstock MMT 60S butt trimmed to play 45” $95 shippedI will work a bit on a package deal with either shaft. Both shafts have mid size Lamkin Sonar grips in near perfect shape. The shafts are essentially new / MINT condition and the head is in excellent condition. Probably 10 rounds on the head. Feel free to request additional photos or ask questions. Thanks for looking. I will remove the Sonar and include any grip of your choice from what I have. Photo of grips is a pretty current selection.
  19. TD LS kicked my MAX LS out of the bag and I didn't think that was going to be possible. Sounds and feels amazing. I will say it's not quite as forgiving as the MAX but I'm sold.
  20. Velocore is 4” to the ‘E’ which should mean no tipping as I believe the TM tip adds 1/2” from end of raw shaft tip.
  21. Payment sent for New Motore X F1 7-S 70 Gram Stiff Flex w/ LamkinCrossline with Cobra Connect and Cobra Adapter 41.”-$50
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