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  1. Perhaps. I have the original G in a 5. Its super fat. I quite enjoy it. Sounds funny, goes far and is ugly as sin.
  2. Its supposed to look clunky, you bought a club called a crossover.
  3. What did you settle on? I love the CFS. I don't know if it's the big booty G irons or the CFS, feel is great.
  4. Nail polish always seems to wear off very quickly when painting the numbers on my wedges.
  5. Chrome, straight lines, square look. Shiny things make me happy.
  6. The sole or filling the backside or scoring line?
  7. This is strange, page 2 of a Titleist iron thread is nothing but Ping talk.
  8. Agree, ruined my swing for a season trying to mess with my wrists. Now just focus on putting the club where I want it and it just happens.
  9. I got my elbow tendonitis from using midsize grips for a season, switched back to standard and it went away. Maybe experiment with grips as well.
  10. Its that feel vs real thing everyone here likes to talk about. I video myself a few times each summer. Slow smooth back swing vs fast, each swing ends up being about 1 second. One feels good, other terrible.
  11. Don't doubt your feeling, send them back.
  12. I have a ton of Lamkin REL Ace Gen 3, my favorite grip. You can still find them for 3 bucks a piece if you know where to look.
  13. Everytime I hold a midsize in my hand it feels so good, standard feels skinny. Best ball striking happens with standard. Go one club at a time.
  14. The 12 buck Foot joy glove I get from dicks is awesome. I wash it with it on with dawn soap after every round. The thing is a beast.
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