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  1. Could be camera angle, looks like your rear foot is several inches behind lead. Nothing wrong with closed as long as you know your doing it and take into account how the ball is going to start. Before you start drastic changes make sure your aiming where you think your aiming.
  2. Try opening your stance. Every video you have posted is you swinging with the trail foot back.
  3. About D8, short shaft though at 43.75, 75 g. Feels good, 45+ might feel a bit weighty and mess with my swing.
  4. A steep iron swing with beaver pelts flying adds 20 yards and shaves 15 strokes. I enjoy playing alone.
  5. Try addressing the ball with square shoulders and do a full back swing. Pull that trail shoulder back more inline with the lead.
  6. All I care about is how I hit my irons. I can drive like crap, chip like crap, putt like crap but if irons feel good I'm happy. If all that stuff works and irons are terrible, I'm an unhappy camper. I just wanna hit irons.
  7. I flare both, stock shot is both flared just a bit with right foot back a few inches. I don't take it back inside, but coming down its definitely an in to out draw. I can't swing with either foot square, I can hit hit the ball fine from that position but I get a feeling in my knees telling me to stop doing that.
  8. Golf alone, on grass, at a muni, hit 5 iron shots into every green. Make sure to fix your divots please. Spend an entire summer doing this. Stop hitting irons off the mat.
  9. I liked the microsuedes quite a bit in early spring and fall, but the humid of mid summer they were not compatible with my gloveless hands. Feel great though.
  10. UTX standard in gray with a 9 inch strip of lead tape under them, bottom side where my fingers go.
  11. Experiment with your feet, open, closed, wider than you are now. You look fairly wide shouldered with feet pretty narrow. Playing around with how your legs are positioned can unlock accuracy and power.
  12. It always comes down to address and ball position for me. If it goes bad I usually catch it quick, ball to far forward and my right shoulder sticking way out on the line. Pull city. I'll hit a couple punch shots, then its all good.
  13. Grind until I figure it out. But I don't play year round. The seasons force me into a break and I don't winter practice. Looking out the window right now, winter has arrived early. Break time.
  14. Just listened to Watching The Detectives at least ten times in a row. The opening drums drags me in. He's got no heart.
  15. Its simple, the older irons are better. Don't give Ping 200 bucks per iron that you'll get in fall 2023.
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