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  1. How much pressure are you applying with that right thumb running down the shaft?
  2. Briefly had a set Steelhead XRs and they looked like crap, I wont purchase Callaway until they start chroming or find some finish that holds up.
  3. Just throwing it out there as I fall into this trap trying to swing hard, I sometimes skip the whole wrist hinge thing which is kind of a big deal, as Noodler commented previously. Take a few easy swings and get that right wrist bending.
  4. Turn your shoulders with your arms and you'll crush the ball. You got tons of power if you turn the big upper body muscles with your arms, get the torso and upper body involved.
  5. Do you feel anything at all in your legs during your swing?
  6. Play video at 0.25, the instant it hits 0:05 your back swing is done. Turn and hit. Your butt sticking out so far might be making you stand up, doesn't look athletic to me, I don't know. You need to find your athletic stance that gives you a turn with no standing.
  7. Shortened it up a bit. Few wedges in the basement after work, sorry about the all black I went straight down to the dungeon. Tried swinging it around, think I'm a bit to vertical for that. Any critique is welcome, due to shoulder its all up and down. Struggles creep in on face closure for 5 iron, 4 hybrid and my woods. Thinking of maybe coming ott on the long clubs and hitting some big fades instead of blocks, is that an idea to practice?
  8. Looks like you have melded a flat back swing and an upright down swing. Ever tried to go with an upright back swing?
  9. Good move if you have range of motion issues with shoulders, c0ck and turn and let the arms get wide with a big body turn.
  10. Call Cobra Tuesday morning at 10:30 on the dot and ask them, I think they only have one dude answering calls and the wait time is horrendous if your not the first caller.
  11. I have a set of F9s, the 5 iron has a 5 iron shaft, the 6 a 6, etc.
  12. Could try to speed up that back swing.
  13. Make sure the weight is proper for your strength and tempo. I went around the merry go round with GI irons swinging them terribly for years until I finally realized I can't swing and maintain my balance swinging 85-95 gram shafts. Get some lead tape and mess around until you find your ideal weight, or get fit like I should have done.
  14. All hands and wrists in the back swing, its the only way I can get to the top. I have no idea what they do during the down swing.
  15. I hit 38.25 better than 37.6235321572727. I'm confident in my 38.25, I stand tall and deliver.
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