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  1. Anyone spot what's going on besides getting older? Slowly turning my basement into a hitting area. Face on you can see the reaction of discomfort. VID_20220111_123020089~2.mp4 VID_20220122_125106991~2.mp4
  2. Its a blur, im looking at the scoring line on the club as the swing starts.
  3. My left foot is flared 100 degrees down the line. Works for me, no idea why. Randomly tried it during a fit of frustration and the 3 putt has mostly gone bye bye.
  4. I have the same grip, I've been told quite a few times by range weirdos I hold the club wrong. Its the only way I can swing without feeling like I'm tearing my shoulders to shreds. Feels natural.
  5. Constant movement, I look at target and waggle waggle waggle, look down on ball, right thumb on off on off on SWING
  6. Sounds more mental or you have a terrible grip rather than your a physical weakling. Post a picture of your grip.
  7. Finish the back swing. Only thought that keeps me going or getting back on track. Every shot think to myself. Finish the damn back swing.
  8. Right eye perceives a hooded club face at address as square. That's it.
  9. Make sure you do a lot of experiments with your legs on this journey. Open and closed by different degrees, mess with foot flare, stance width, wide to narrow. Have you read stories of people making a similar golf journey? Those clubs may be an awful fit weight and length wise for a one arm swing.
  10. No one here knows how high your actually hitting it. Might seem to high to you after your swing changes, but the ball flight may be awesome, it may not.
  11. First things first, don't ask random internet people if you're hitting your 180 yard 8 iron too high.
  12. Why didn't you bump the thread you made a week ago about your swing instead of starting a new thread? Or post in swing comment forum?
  13. Could be camera angle, looks like your rear foot is several inches behind lead. Nothing wrong with closed as long as you know your doing it and take into account how the ball is going to start. Before you start drastic changes make sure your aiming where you think your aiming.
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