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  1. Sometimes I get a text and it says there's something I need to go do. Could be hole 1 or 18.
  2. Digging your toes in trying to stop your right leg and hip moving forward?
  3. Been playing Gmax in swampy fall Michigan. These clubs send divots 50+ yards. Mud is no match for the G.
  4. You need to stop doing that back swing and see a pro. You're just wasting money and putting needless stress on your joints practicing that swing on the carpet. Don't mean to sound harsh but first move extending your hands out that far is a path to nowhere.
  5. I tee it low, top of the ball is top of the crown. Always hit the middle vertically, horizontal is a different story. Have my ping set flat, loft it to open. It just works for me.
  6. Do your super duper outside takeaway twice as fast as your currently doing.
  7. 5'7, Ive tried 43.5, 44, 44.5, 45.25, 45.75. dispersion is the same. So I hit the 45.75 for the distance. If I have a big miss, its gonna be a longer big miss.
  8. Release pattern perhaps? I tend to square up the face with my hands, rather than rotating.
  9. Squats, pull ups, thousands and thousands of pull ups. My grip strength is off the charts from hanging on that damn bar.
  10. I've had the OS 4 in my bag for over a decade. Great hybrid.
  11. Cobra F9, super low cog. These clubs send the ball to the moon. Can still find new sets.
  12. I've got 9 grams running under the grip of my irons, I think I could have fit 18 easy. Standard grips.
  13. New to me, G410+. The 3 degree flat setting works. Grip and rip.
  14. Stop trying to make a nice, smooth, balanced swing. Hit the s*** out of the ball dude. Come on, 125 yard 7 iron. Get those arms moving. HIT IT
  15. I go to the range quite a bit, I don't hit off the mats though. The grass on my range looks like Verdun, it's more difficult than real golf.
  16. I think your thinking to much about this. No one cares how you grip the club.
  17. Can anyone pin point on the face of GI irons where the +20 yards happens? Id love to hit that s*** every time.
  18. Mats suck, your brain really doesn't want to make a proper swing off them. Better off getting a large bucket and hitting 90 drives as hard as you can.
  19. Get the driver right, you can find good deals on something better and way more up to date than i25. Scrounge up a bit of extra cash and get a G400 or G410 driver. Its worth it.
  20. Ignore it, its got personality now. Name is Snake.
  21. UTX is wonderful, what feels better to you? I like the way the lamkin feels when my right thumb squeezes it at impact.
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