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  1. Getting real sick of this weather. Golf seems so far off in the future here in the Chicago burbs.
  2. They definitely will work with you. Strongly suggest you give them a call. Ask to speak with Mark Masters. Knows his stuff.
  3. I would play Wolf Hollow in Lena vs. Macktown. Its a prairie style course. Nothing great but decent enough. Another one in general area is Park Hills course in Freeport.
  4. The DBM PTM heads were always sold as a set. Not sure why.
  5. Not saying its a great course. But when I visit inlaws place in Plymouth, I do enjoy playing the Round Barn Golf Club in Rochester. Course is literally in middle of town, offers both tree lined and open holes. Usually in decent shape and challenging for a mid teens handicap. Staff is friendly, just a good vibe. Alot different than vibe in Chitown burbs. Also, did I mention cheap$$
  6. propman

    Maxfli Tour

    Not the same ball but Golfworks has the u6 tour ball for $20.
  7. I go the bolingbrook driving range alot. If I may ask, what did this clown look like. Would like to know so I can avoid him. You can pm me if you feel more comfortable. Thanks
  8. Take a look at maltby clubs. Lots of info on this site. Right now you can have them custom built with a good selection of shafts and grips. Presently, they are running a 20% off sale. Nice thing about them you can pick individual irons you want i.e. don't have to buy a 4 iron if not needed. Their TS1, TS2 and PTM models are getting high praise on this forum. These heads are forged and you'll save some coin to boot.
  9. They got a 20% sale on their custom shop clubs right now. Great deals to be had.
  10. You are correct. Tried their site just now and are out of stock.
  11. Now GW has the TS1/TS2 sets with the kbs105 shaft in regular flex for $399.
  12. Here you go. Can have them altered for length, lie and loft. Free assembly. https://www.golfworks.com/maltby-sti2-iron-pak/p/pma0317/
  13. As an alternative, check out maltby wedges on golfworks site. Pick any head, shaft , grip and chances are you'll save some coin.
  14. No expert by any means. The TE/DBM models have very little offset and are very good for sweepers. I have a TE set and also a set of PTMs.
  15. Thanks for the response. I wish GW would move on it a little quicker. Bought it on Saturday and still has not shipped.
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