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  1. Sorry about that. Guess I better learn how to read.
  2. You forgot to add in increased profit margins. Maybe, prices will be reduced once the cited world issues go away. There's also a bridge in brooklyn...
  3. Just saw this srixon Qstar tour 3 dozen for $50, free ship at budget golf. Expires tonite
  4. No offense taken. You are correct but then again so am I. Just observing the steep price increases the last 2 years. Guess I'm not the typical consumer.
  5. Nope, whatever works is good for me. The only complaint I have is the oem greed exhibited by their prices.
  6. Got the following response from Britt at Golfworks outlining new stuff: We have a lot of projects in the works, but in the current environment it is difficult to know for sure when they will be available. What I know as of today is this: 1. New M-Series Max Wedges are now suppose to ship to us the end of December. Was the end of October, but got moved back. 2. We finalized and approved production of the new KE4 Max Irons last week. My best optimistic guess is that first availability will be late spring or into summer. It is an Ultra Game Improvement, weight adjustable iron that we are really excited about. 3. We are waiting on final complete 3d models of the TS3 Forged Progressive Cavity Iron. Once the 3d’s are approved, they will go to producing the final metal samples before production. Best estimate on availability if metals are approved, once we receive, would be late summer. 4. TS4 Forged Players Blade iron is still in 3d CAD development. Late summer or fall 2022 most likely. This is a muscle back with some cool tech that should appeal to all the “pure blade” guys out there. 5. We have a new KE4 TC Pro Driver in the works that was sent to the factory this week. Little more of a “Players” driver than the current TC, but should still appeal to a broad range of players. Late summer to fall if we are lucky. 6. KE4 Max Premium CNC milled multi material putter – Very nice high end design we are really excited about. Just gave the go ahead to begin prototypes this week, so late spring to early summer, hopefully. We have another Driver, a new set of fairway woods and an another iron on our drawing board as we speak. Goal is to get those out of here by the end of the year. Supply chain, and other factors ae making it difficult to get anything to market (from concept to on the shelf) in less than 9-12 months, and that is if you don’t have to modify or make many changes once development starts. Frustrating, but we are committed to developing new and great playing product. We are going to keep filling the pipeline, so new products will keep coming. We greatly appreciate the support, and patience
  7. If you referring to clearing the water with your driver on the 17th red course, you must have been in Bryson territory.
  8. Also love the tsw drm 52 wedge and XII putter. Now I am a official maltby fanboy.
  9. Heard from a good source (former employee) that Glen Eagles has been sold. I know it's not the greatest but I enjoyed going out there and using it as a 36 hole practice range. Gots to be one of the oldest in the south burbs.
  10. My findings are close to yours. - the sti2 irons are my gamers. - I agree the stw driver has the worst sound. Might try stuffing cotton balls in the head. - really like the ke4 tc 4 wood with the Fuji Vista pro shaft. - lukewarm on the ke4 tc 22 hybrid. Still up in the air what I should do with the black ptm irons. Either reshafting or selling. Have the maltby pro series (stiff) which are too stiff for me.
  11. If I'm not mistaken, the te 3 iron has been unavailable for quite some time.
  12. We must have caught Rancho on a good day. Service and conditions were excellent. Being from Chicago, guess we are less picky
  13. Played Rancho mañana today. CPO but course is in very good shape, including the greens. Beautiful course, imho.
  14. Played Rancho mañana today. Cpo but greens were in decent shape. Really nice course. Any suggestions for tomorrow closer to Scottsdale and South of $100.? Played starfire, to hum course compared to BM.
  15. Was scheduled to play Harborside, last time was prob 18 yrs ago. We cancelled due to rough weather forecasted early pm. Refusing to let players to play through is definitely a mind boggler. That being said, I have a buddy who hates let play thru and he is a very good golfer. He claims it ruins his game. I just chuckle. Methinks he is OCD or he is too macho. It's probably the former. Last week at Gleneagles on a par 3, a threesome was still not on the green when I got to the tee box. After they putted out, one of them dropped a ball to attempt a long putt. They definitely saw me on the tee box. Luckily, course was somewhat empty, so I skipped in front of them. Prior to the par 3, I was in the fw for at least 4 holes waiting for them to putt out. They acted like I wasn't there. Oh well!
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