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  1. Can't comment on the Powerbilts Presently using the sti2 irons. They are very forgiving. Assuming you got the correct shaft that fits your swing, my guess is you'll be pleased with the sti2s.
  2. I'll let you know. Just have this irrational thought that the ptms will be the perfect clubhead for me with the proper shaft. Hope springs eternal.
  3. I have the maltby pro series (r flex) in the sti2 irons. Great combo for me (aging golfer, 15 capper). Also have same shafts but in stiff flex in black ptms. Find them too stiff. Have to make a decision - reshaft or sell the ptms.
  4. Played Elbel Park for 1st time yesterday. Great hidden gem, imho.
  5. Sparky, totally agree with your comments about the STI2 IRONS. At least for this mid teens hacker, hard to imagine a club much better.
  6. From where I sit, one mentions a DTC golf club, every golfer I know doesn't have a clue. In their minds, if it ain't a major oem, it's got to be a knockoff. Fyi, my golf circle includes mid single cappers to God knows cappers. We'll probably never know for sure, but something tells me Maltby is doing alright financially. Who knows? Maybe the large oems are strongly against the idea of DSG widely distributing maltby products.
  7. In gw custom shop, a premium steel shaft and premium grip custom fit will hit you up for $700 ( 4 thru pw). Comparable Callaway, Titleist and tm are around $1200 and I'm not sure if this includes fancy grips or shafts. Some Titleist sets are $1500.
  8. https://www.golfworks.com/matlby-ts-series-assembled-sets/p/matsas/ $450 plus a gap. And a $30 shaft built to your specs
  9. But compare that 680 to major brands. For 680, you might get half a set.
  10. Maltby equipment is no different than other brands in that their equip may or may not work for an individual. If they do work, your bank account stays a little more flush.
  11. Got mine about 2 months ago. Took alot of practice sessions to dail it in. Now I can't believe what a great lag putter I'm with it. Just got to put a smooth stroke on it. Easier said than done.
  12. Nardo Gray Fwy 5-6, All original with headcover. Aldila NV Blue 70 shaft in regular Flex. Excellent shape. $90 plus shipping in conus from 60565
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