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  1. For sale: Mizuno A-301 putter Near new condition. Used a couple times. Stock condition. No modifications. I wasn’t too keen on the stock Mizuno grip, thus replaced it with a Ping grip. Includes the Mizuno head cover 33 inches $100.00 I will ship UPS, will include photos of the packing, and will provide the UPS tracking number once the items are shipped.
  2. FS :: EVNROLL ER6 (SOLD) / Mizuno A-301 (putter) / Garmin S20 (SOLD) The Mizuno putter is still available. All three items are in near new condition. They are just sitting in the office. It is a bit of a waste if equipment is sitting unused, thus these items need to find someone who will put them to good use. I will ship UPS, will include photos of the packing, and will provide the UPS tracking number once the items are shipped. The Garmin S20 will be included at no cost if you buy both putters. EVNROLL ER6 (SOLD) Near new condition. Used on two occasions. Stock condition. No modific
  3. Both wedges have been sold. I am selling sold a 51 degree and a 57 degree Miura wedge. As of 5/31/16, the 57 degree wedge has been sold. It is no longer available. As of 6/12/16, the 51 degree wedge has been sold. It is no longer available. The 51 degree wedge is still available. Both wedges have been sold. Neither is available. Both wedges have KBS shafts and NO1 grips. The wedges were purchased from and assembled by Club Champion Golf. Both wedges are in great shape. Price for each wedge is: $125.00 each [$250.00 for both]. The price includes shipping. I will ship vi
  4. I am selling my set of Ben Hogan Ft. Worth irons. These irons were purchased last year when released by the new Ben Hogan company. I am selling the irons because I am not playing much golf these days and these irons are too nice to be sitting in a corner collecting dust. There are a total of ten irons. The lofts are: 22, 26, 30, 34, 38, 42, 46, 50, 54, 58 The shafts are Nippon Modus 3 Tour 120 stiff flex and are soft-stepped once. These shafts were installed by the Ben Hogan company when the irons were originally ordered. The grips are Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Standard. Installed last
  5. Hey everybody, Thanks for the interest in the irons. They have been sold. The PM responses to the posting were almost immediate. I never expected such a reaction. I will update the post later this evening with notice that the irons have been sold. Thank you for all of your interest.
  6. [quote name='Titleist_242' timestamp='1407210470' post='9859651'] Is this guy responding to pms for anyone? [/quote] Am a bit overwhelmed by the number of PM(s) and interest in the irons. Am working through the replies. Sorry for not getting back to everyone yet. Thank you for all the interest in the irons.
  7. [quote name='boywonder' timestamp='1407208322' post='9859405'] What's the color code on them? [/quote] Sorry for the obvious oversight --- the irons are black dot. Standard length, loft, and lie.
  8. SOLD: Near new Ping S55 3 iron through PW and Gorge SW Black dot. Standard length, loft, and lie. Picked these up early in the season and barely used them. Played two rounds with them and had them on the range on a couple of occasions. These irons are near new. KBS Tour 120 shafts. Stiff flex. Soft stepped once. Preferred method of payment is PayPal. Buyer pays shipping. I will ship via UPS and will provide the tracking number once the irons have shipped.
  9. [quote name='Zach Heusser' timestamp='1400357229' post='9314831'] If you would like to purchase a wrx logo bag please post in this thread and we will get in touch with you. Thanks Zach [/quote] I am interested. I will purchase one. Please let me know what needs to be done to place the order. Thanks. Regards, Robert
  10. SOLD::: Miura blended set -- 4-6 CB501, 7-PW Tournament Blade, KBS Tour Regular shaft, NO1 grips Only the irons sold. The wedges are still available. The irons (4-PW) sold for $700.00. I have decided to sell my Miura’s. Got them last year about this time from Club Champion Golf. Bought them new. The fitting and assembly was done by Club Champion Golf. The irons are lightly used, have been well cared for, and are in great shape. It is a blended set with CB501s in the 4,5, and 6; tournament blades in the 7,8,9, and pitching wedge, and the New Wedge series in a 51 degree and a 57 de
  11. [quote name='bwhitish' timestamp='1384771017' post='8165676'] K.J. Choi played G15's for a few tournaments. [/quote] Are there any irons that KJ has not played? I am not knocking him at all. I think it is so cool that he plays a lot of different equipment. It would be great to be able to play at such a high level and have access to all that great golf equipment!
  12. @lumberman2462 ... BB's being great on the range, but difficult on the course is my concern. That's why I'm leaning towards just getting the 6 iron BB to practice with on the range. Thanks for the reminder / sanity check.
  13. I, too, have been considering the Baby Blades! Am thinking I will get a 6 iron to see how I like them. If nothing else, they will be great for working with on the range. If the 6 iron works well, then I'll go ahead and get the 7 thru PW.
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