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  1. Selling a Callaway Apex 2 Hybrid 18* with an AD DI 85x shaft. This comes with a headcover an a like new CP2 grip standard size. Asking 175$ shipped.
  2. Oh I just wanted to change some colors on a new putter like a newport 2 or something
  3. Hey , I was trying to buy a new putter and have it customized but on the custom shop it doesn't have an option. It just wants me to send a putter in. Is there anywhere I can buy a new putter and have some custom work done to it? I did see a few Ebay sellers that were offering this but wanted to see if there was anything I was missing.
  4. I just got this jacket and only thing I don't like is when I bend over it puffs out in-between my arms.. annoying but I guess this happens with all zipper jackets?
  5. These don't fit me that well so I am going to let them go 230$ shipped
  6. anyone have a code I could use? thanks
  7. and it was hacked.. email sent out
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