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  1. Selling a Callaway Apex 2 Hybrid 18* with an AD DI 85x shaft. This comes with a headcover an a like new CP2 grip standard size. Asking 175$ shipped.
  2. Oh I just wanted to change some colors on a new putter like a newport 2 or something
  3. Hey , I was trying to buy a new putter and have it customized but on the custom shop it doesn't have an option. It just wants me to send a putter in. Is there anywhere I can buy a new putter and have some custom work done to it? I did see a few Ebay sellers that were offering this but wanted to see if there was anything I was missing.
  4. I just got this jacket and only thing I don't like is when I bend over it puffs out in-between my arms.. annoying but I guess this happens with all zipper jackets?
  5. These don't fit me that well so I am going to let them go 230$ shipped
  6. anyone have a code I could use? thanks
  7. and it was hacked.. email sent out
  8. grabbed one... lets see what happens haha
  9. ​What is your home city/state? Clark New Jersey What is your current USGA Handicap? 10 Which golf ball(s) do you currently play, and why? Pro V1 because they are the best and feel great off the tee and around the green Why would you like attend this one-of-a-kind experience at Titleist? I would love to see what goes on at one of the best golf companies.
  10. I tried Mark out and it didn't go well... everyone is different. Monte is coming to NJ soon and you should go to his clinic and maybe a lesson. I was thinking about going to see Jason Carbone but haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  11. What do you think of this guys? looks like the lettering is mostly gone
  12. Just arrived via FedEx and I am not sure why? Maybe I entered a contest? Anyone else get a box?
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