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  1. Sweat bands and rain gloves, rotate the glove every 6 holes.
  2. I played the yellow Prov1 last year and enjoyed it. Ran out and went back to white. But just got my 4/3 deal this year in yellow and having a hard time getting used to them this year. Don’t perceive any performance issue, just seem to prefer white this year. Oh well, will play these til I run out.
  3. My Titleist carry bag works just fine on my clicgear 3.5. I also have the Bag Cozy, which helps, but still not a problem without one if fastened in properly.https://www.clicgearusa.com/collections/clicgear-accessories/products/clicgear-bag-cozy
  4. I ordered mine the first week you could, still have not showed. Ordered thru my pro shop, who has gotten 10-12 other orders, but not mine. Yellow maybe?
  5. ProV here as my main, but I seem to find a lot of ProV1x’s and play them til I lose em...
  6. I have been wearing CodeChaos for 3 months in all conditions, and have yet to slip. This has been surprising, but welcome, as I do have slipping in other spikeless shoes from Adidas, and Nike. If they had a little more padding in the forefoot, would be perfect.
  7. 2 man best ball, second ball breaks ties.
  8. I would suggest the Ping Pioneer cart bag. Would have it myself if it came with 4/5 dividers, not a 14 divider fan.
  9. Anyone else had an issue? I have had my navy/white one 3-4 weeks and already have a paint chip off on top of white section right on the leading edge. Disappointing. Also noticed some wear on the black weights on the back. Always stays in head cover and sits in top section with driver and 3 wood. Definitely not being banged around but handled with care. Any experience with TM customer service? Thanks for reading.
  10. https://www.budgetgolf.com/nike-air-max-1g-spikeless-golf-shoe-white-game-royal-neutral-gray.html
  11. For an alternative option, checkout this deal at Costco on an Orvis Hybrid. Picked one up for $18 while shopping for everyday use. Wore it on a whim while golfing last week - it is perfect! And will save you a ton... https://www.costco.com/Orvis-Men's-Sno-Bird-Hybrid-Jacket.product.100414272.html
  12. Nice write up. Considering above + i210s. Appreciate your insight
  13. purdy

    Best wind ball

    Thanks all, appreciate the replies and guidance.
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