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  1. Little bit of spring cleaning means new toys for fellow lefties. Happy to provide more pictures upon request. Shipping included in prices below (+$10 to Canada), $10/club off if you buy 2. Presented in reverse chronological order: 1) Odyssey White Hot #2, center-Shafted: Solid condition for being a gamer, no noticeable dings at address and the face itself is clean. Plays at 34", looks like my original grip, nice houndstooth pattern. Really great putter, once gave me a 26 putt round. No headcover. $64.99 OBO 2) Cleveland Precision Forged REG.588 58*12: Still a ton of life left in these grooves, great action on the ball. I'm just too used to a lower bounce, so reverted back to a 58*08 $44.99 OBO 3) Titleist 910H 19*: Diamana 90g "low-mid" stiff shaft. Same condition as I bought it off here a couple years ago. Could never get the feel of it, guess I'm not "player" enough. Clean at address, face is impeccable. Comes with stock headcover. $54.99 OBO 4) Taylor Made V Steel 3 Wood: Dynamic Gold Lite S shaft. Pretty clean at address, the photo really exposed a skymark I didn't know was there. Love this line of clubs, probably my favorite fairway metals ever (even though they get scratched like crazy). I still own its brother, the 5W - it's fantastic. Giving the 3 up for someone who wants a good-control option off the tee or has a 600 yard 5-er they're trying to eagle. Comes with neoprene headcover. $39.99 OBO Happy Masters
  2. $70 for the apex and I'll take it off your hands right now.
  3. [quote name='borgore23' timestamp='1374675235' post='7529072'] Nice pictures..... [/quote] Click on them, they'll expand.
  4. Hot damn. Wish I could justify for that Bettinardi, but just purchased a Never Compromise Gambler. Let me know if you can get down to $150 shipped and I'll be forced to consider harder.
  5. What are the markings on the bottom of the hybrid? Just typical range rugburns? Also, it's a little fuzzy in the photo, but is the crown clean of sky marks?
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