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  1. Mind telling me more about how you like the ZF? Really interested to try this!
  2. I am currently demoing this but probably need to try a heavier stiffer version than 60 6.0. Thanks!
  3. Great call, the newer 130 sounds right up my alley.
  4. Looking for a few shafts to request in a fitting. Some shafts in the past that I’ve gotten along with well are: Fubuki K 70 UST Elements Chrome 7T Aldila Tour Green 75 Aldila 2KXV 75 Aldila RIP Phenom 70 (Favorite) Seem to like stiff butt and tip with softer mid I would say? I’m currently demoing a HZRDUS RDX Blue and like it but probably too light and soft (6.0 60 gram). Is ventus blue worth trying? Thanks!
  5. Where you guys ordering from and how much are they asking for a 4-P set? How is turn around time?
  6. This is a set of 690.mb in excellent shape, grooves still have plenty of live (see photos). They have been bent 2* flat and the original owner removed the shaft bands. Also the 3 iron has a different grip. $old!
  7. Thanks but already have the new 965 set I wanted. Feel free to make an offer on the set.
  8. Changing to Z 965's from these, which have only been used for a couple rounds. There are virtually zero nicks or dings as can be seen in the photos. The soles have what I consider shop wear. $849 if new, asking $419 shipped CONUS. Specs: -5-PW -Nippon Modus 120X -Standard Length -1* Flat lie -1* weak loft -Golf Pride Tour Velvet .580 Ribbed (+2 wraps under left, +3 wraps under right)
  9. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1632380-raw-ping-stealth-glide-20-wedges-pics/ Maybe it’s just me but doesn’t look any different or raw. Guess that answers my question.
  10. Anyone try to dip these in a CLR bath and try to remove or dull the finish to raw? I'm not crazy about black wedges but do like the softer 8620 steel than the regular Glide 2.0.
  11. Had the Aldila 2KXV Blue for most of last year
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