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  1. Please PM your PayPal and I'll take the Pures off your hands.
  2. I'm taking Adam Scott, his swing to me is the best in the business and can adapt to many, many things.
  3. Shafts showed up today and look great! Great seller, much appreciated.
  4. I'm actually myself just getting back into golf after having some wrist surgery and missing a long time and I completely agree with inthefairway. Take the time that your wrist needs or you will continually get back to the same point you were when you went to the doctor. I let it build up for almost a year and ended up having enough damage where they had to cut me open and spend a good amount of time not doing ANYTHING. Good luck and hopefully you heal up quickly.
  5. Any grip installed on the RIP's? I'm interested in both together if possible.
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